The Right Tools for the Girl on the Go

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Without a doubt, I can say I am a girl on the go. Owning + Running + Managing a small business takes a lot of time + effort and everyday brings on new challenges.  At the same time though, I know I'm on the path that was set out for me and most moments of the day don't even feel like 'work'.  … [Read more...]

Nature Inspired Holiday Decor

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Good Morning Lovelies - Happy Monday! I know, I know... It's only mid-November and I'm posting about Christmas, but believe me it's for good reason. A new article that I wrote is up on and it's about inspiring ideas for holiday decorating using nature. As the holiday season … [Read more...]

Budget Bathroom Renovation Reveal

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What a whirlwind of a week.  Renovation of the kitchen is underway, which is keeping me busy, but I had a few moments over the past days to sit + reflect + appreciate all the kind comments that were left on the blog + + Instagram & Facebook about the plan of action for the new space.  It's going … [Read more...]

Wonderful White Kitchens

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On the gloomiest of days, a white kitchen will always put a smile on your face! I am so excited to share that I am in the midst of designing a kitchen that I've always dreamt of AND it's for me! I've created beautiful kitchens for many clients & I am thrilled that I finally have the … [Read more...]

Pegboard Baseball Cap Organizer

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99.98% of men + boys I know have an extensive collection of baseball caps.  From teams they follow, to giveaways, to a gift shop purchase as a momento, baseball caps are a stable for most guys wardrobes. So then the big question arises...  Where do all those caps go?   How does one organize the … [Read more...]

Mad About Modern Macrame

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I am excited to share that as of just a few weeks ago I started as a freelance content creator for through their new program called @Home with BHG.  Increased work load, YES, but for good reason! So what will I be doing?  In simple terms, sharing + inspiring what I love... design and … [Read more...]

How I Organize Kids Toys


If I could, in an ideal world, I'd have a dedicated room just for toys.  Oh, and clean laundry. All tucked away behind a pretty closed door. Can't a girl dream? Since I don't live in fantasyland (or a huge house with endless rooms for that matter) + I want my kids to be where we are and be … [Read more...]

Burlap Candy Corn Pennant

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One day I'm writing about upcoming trends for the coming year, the next day I'm sharing a cutesy Halloween craft.  You truly never know what you're going to read next or what I'll be in the mood to inspire you with... always new + interesting! Halloween is just a couple weeks away and upon being … [Read more...]

Design Forecast for 2016

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image via Emily Henderson I am not one to follow trends (which is why I titled this post 'forecast' to share whats coming in a general aspect versus predicted specifics). I may follow suit on occasion and layer in a few trendy elements, but overall for my home and for client interiors I steer clear … [Read more...]

Choosing Art + Accessories to Compliment the Home

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It's pretty incredible + awesome what a fresh coat of paint can do.  Whether on the wall or on a piece of furniture, a new hue can instantly change the look & style. I love bright & bold colors, but I don't enjoy color overload.  In small doses it works. A vomit of too much color - not so … [Read more...]