Seven Series: Drapery Hardware

Drapery Hardware_3

I haven't put together a Seven Series in a really long time and after sharing my 10 favorite online resources for affordable curtains, I thought a post on great resources for drapery hardware / curtain rods would be the perfect follow up. What's a Seven Series, you ask?  7 hot & favorite … [Read more...]

Creative Vision Board: Inspiring & Vibrant Craft Room

Creative and Inspiring Craft Room Mood Board by @Jenna_Burger,

I've been working on some really fun client projects lately, and one in particular is a mega craft room / office space. The client recently moved into the home and instead of using the formal dining room for it's true purpose, they decided to transform the space into a totally functional craft … [Read more...]

10 Online Resources for Affordable Curtains

Affordable Curtain Resources_1c

Window panels can make (or break) a room.  Without, a space can feel bare, but with, a space can surely make a statement.  The finishing touches like curtains, accessories, pillows, are so important to give a space character, pop, and completeness.  Without the layers, a room simply looks blah and … [Read more...]

A Perfect Pair: Orla Kiely + Method Spring Collection

The Perfect Pair: Orla Kiely + Method for @Target -

I love sharing new products that I know you'll love.  The creative team at Method has paired up again with fabulous Designer, Orla Kiely to debut a limited edition Spring collection of new colors, patterns, designs, and best of all new fragrances for the home. Method available at Target has … [Read more...]

The Nitty Gritty Details of the Home Office / Family Room

Resources for Products in my Home Office / Family Room space by @Jenna_Burger,

What a week - it's flown by for me.  How about you?  I can't believe it's Thursday already (and Valentine's Day - Happy Vday).  I've probably been too consumed with reading all of your sweet, kind, and awesome comments from Tuesday's reveal post to even look up and see what day it is - … [Read more...]

A Newly Designed Home Office / Family Room

Creative Ideas for designing a Home Office / Family Room. Giant Inspiration Board by @Jenna_Burger via

It's REVEAL day! If you saw yesterday's post, you read all about the evolution (and the juice backstory details) about how this space has been in transition for the last 3 years.   Since that's outta the way, we can get right to the good stuff...  The fun and exciting 'after' pictures. Some of … [Read more...]

The Evolution of the Home Office / Family Room : The Backstory

Home Office / Family Room Evolution

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  For the past few weeks, we were surprisingly teased with seeing lots of exposed grass, but then got hit with 'Nemo' this past weekend.  Thankfully we were spared with only about 6" (nothing out of the ordinary for us), while others not too far away got hammered.  … [Read more...]

Overcoming Design Challenges and Defining Your Design Style

PicMonkey Collage_2

For many, decorating a home can often be a challenge.  Choosing the "right" color or piece of furniture can be difficult.  Or trying to cohesively integrate multiple spaces can be overwhelming. Have you ever asked yourself, “Does this work with this?” “I like this, but I don’t think it goes … [Read more...]

Nacho Surprise + Score BIG with Rubbermaid

Awesome Rubbermaid coupons at Target all through January

We are a football family. Come Sunday at 1pm from September to January, everything comes to a hault. And with football comes food! The Superbowl is only a few short weeks away and the planning of the menu has already begun (it's always kind of a spoiler for diets, but it's just one day).  It's … [Read more...]