Equestrian Design Elements

Equestrian Design_11

I feel so lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country that is surrounded by horses.  From the well-known natural mineral spring baths to the history of the Battle of Saratoga to the picturesque Victorian architecture, Saratoga Springs, New York is filled with health and history.  But what … [Read more...]

10 Top Bathroom Decor Styles


Bathrooms (as well as kitchens) are one of my favorite spaces to design!  There are SO many decor styles and so many options in creating a haven to bath.  The key to designing a beautiful bathroom lies in the attention to details and the goal of creating a cohesive space.  I've been asked by many … [Read more...]

The Parallels of Fashion and Interiors


Fashion is continually influencing the styles and trends that we incorporate into our homes.  From texture to fit to color, the parallels of fashion and interiors are uncanny. Looking at the rainbow of beautiful colors, let's enjoy the similarities between how we dress ourselves and how we dress … [Read more...]

Creating Multiple Spaces with Room Dividers

Happy Monday ~ I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I got to thinking the other day while walking around Pottery Barn - love that store - and noticed the way they used room dividers to create small vignettes within such a large space. Don't you think you could use a room divider or screen in … [Read more...]

Chicago: The City of Contemporary Eclectic Interiors

Chicago Interiors_4

(photos from my recent trip) Fresh back from my trip to Chicago, I was truly inspired by the cities Public Art Program.  It's adaptation to add abstract Art and cultural elements throughout the city started in the late 70s with a law passed that a percentage of building costs be put towards … [Read more...]

What’s Hotter than Honeysuckle?

Coral Colored Outdoors

Coral is smashing for summer! Coral is chic. Coral is casual. Coral eludes sophistication. It's such a cheerful color and is a great representation of happiness and joy. Coral is beautiful in a pattern or elegant as a solid. Coral is such a versatile hue, and when paired correctly, … [Read more...]

Make a Statement in your Space

Make a statement in your space. Be adventurous by adding a focal point to your room. Whether it be a vibrant paint color, a piece of unique artwork, a vintage piece of furniture, or a bold fabric, making a statement can change the entire look of a space. It's the center feature that … [Read more...]

Spring has Sprung: Yellow Inspiration

yellow interiors_1

The windows are open, The birds are chirping, The daffodils are blooming... I think I can say, with delight, that Spring has officially Sprung (finally! ...Pux Phil was completely wrong on this years spring arrival prediction!) .  The last few days have been amazing, and even though the snow … [Read more...]

Incredible Ikat


I'm always taken back when I see a pattern "make" (or sometimes break) a room.  Lately, I've been enthralled with patterns and there are certainly some beauties out there.  From my recent post on the chevron pattern and the DIY chevron rug I created, I'm sure you can tell that I'm a little obsessed … [Read more...]

Classic Chevron with a Twist


Each year, I am so intrigued how patterns and textures go in and out of style.  It's amazing to see "old  things" come alive with a new twist. My latest love is the chevron pattern.  It's simple, yet sophisticated layout has been around for years seen in architecture and textiles, and … [Read more...]