No MORE singing the Winter BLUES!

I'm feeling a little blue today with this cold, chilly weather. BUT I have a blue that will definitely cheer you up! This Arkansas residence, designed by the amazing and talented Interior Designer, Toby Fairley, is {Breathtakingly Beautiful Blue}.  The Hotel at Home style of living was desired by … [Read more...]

A Mix of Traditional + Contemporary = Transitional

Back in December, I was a Guest Blogger at Green Door Designs and wrote about my personal design style and aesthetic.  I recently revisited the post, and wanted to share it with you... I appreciate all design styles, but my personal favorite is a transitional look, which is a mix of traditional … [Read more...]

Faux Animal Heads For Your Interiors

I had definite mixed feelings on writing a post about using faux animal heads in our interior decor.  Thinking about animal heads, brings me back to my childhood when I walked into a  friends house, and was welcomed everytime by what felt like the wilderness.  Those poor little … [Read more...]

Making an Architectural Statement on your Ceiling

Happy Monday SAS Friends! I hope you had a great weekend.  Since it's winter and cold in the northeast, I've been tackling many of the projects on my never-ending to-do-list.  One {BIG}checkmark OFF the list was accomplished this past weekend.... It ended up being more than planned...when … [Read more...]

New Year, New Home: Beautifying Your Laundry

One space in your home that you (most likely) use ALOT is your laundry room {or laundry area or laundry closet or laundry nook} get the picture.  For me, I do TONS of laundry (more than I'd like to admit)   After the kitchen, the laundry room is most likely the second space … [Read more...]

The Perfect Union of Vintage & Modern

With the announcement this morning of our New Sponsor & giveaway by Ephemera And More, it got me thinking about {vintage}vintage accessories. vintage decor. vintage interiors.Vintage is a non-perfect, mix and match style of different looks, showcasing different eras.  The William … [Read more...]

Comfy Cozy Retreat on a Chilly Day

What a chilly morning in the Northeast.  I know it's winter, but for some reason, it just feels a bit colder today...probably because we're expecting some snow over the next few days.  This chilly weather brought me thoughts of sitting by a warm fireplace with a hot cup of tea while … [Read more...]

Wintry White Wonderland: Inspiration for a Wondrous Decor

With the BIG BLIZZARD of 2010 (ya, right...we only got 4"), I've been dreaming of WHITE (and black with the possible new project of revamping my oak cabinets ~ see today's earlier post on I'm BACK & thinking BLACK) and thought it would be fun to inspire you with a little Wintry White for your … [Read more...]

I’m BACK & thinking BLACK!

I hope you truly enjoyed your Christmas and had some enjoyable time with your family and friends! A little time-off for me was great...I feel revived and ready to start my projects for 2011 (even though we still have a week to go in 2010)!  Since the one year anniversary of living in our … [Read more...]