Foyer Progress + Painting Made Easy

As of 9:00 last night, the painting of the walls + the stripes are done.  Now that's a big checkmark off my list! I have one more element in the space that needs a last coat of paint, and then the painting part of the Foyer Remodel will be complete.  A few styling magic tricks to follow and the … [Read more...]

Organize, Protect, and Maintain Your Home + Giveaway

Do you remember the yellow paint color you used in the kitchen... three years ago? Or the last time you cleaned out the debris in your central vac system? What about replacing the batteries in the smoke detectors? Owning a home is a wonderful thing.  It's an experimental playground to … [Read more...]

Updating Interior Door Hardware

Simple and inexpensive updates often make a world of difference. Thanks to the kind folks at Schlage, I was able to update a few of my interior doors over the weekend, and what a change!  Not only has the new door hardware completely changed the look of the space, the ease and feel of the new … [Read more...]