15 Must-Try Strawberry Recipes

This post has nothing to do with interiors. But don't go anywhere because it has to do with something really good.  Something that is a favorite of most during the late Spring & Summer...  STRAWBERRIES! Yummy, juicy strawberries straight from the vine are the most delicious treat ever - don't … [Read more...]

5 Ingredient Apple Dumplings

Happy Monday!  To start off the week, I wanted to share a yummy Fall recipe that I know you will enjoy. As a family, one of our favorite Fall things to do is apple picking!  After along day of picking apples, we always leave with plenty of filled bags. It's a family tradition that we love, but … [Read more...]

A Favorite Summer Dish

Despite the summer being more than half way over, I couldn't resist sharing my favorite summertime dish, Fresh Vegetables & Pasta. It's SO simple, yet SO scrumptious! With all the fresh produce from my local farmers market, this dish is a winner in my house!  With just a few ingredients (and … [Read more...]

Savory & Surprising Mac and Cheese

My good friend, Paula, mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she had this FABULOUS new recipe that I had to try.   Now I have to say, she is a great cook and everything she makes is delicious, so if she was raving about it....it had to be good!  I have to confess ~ I still have yet to make the … [Read more...]

7 Staple Ingredients to Fabulous Brownie Cookies

Today is surely a snowy day in many parts of the country.  I thought I'd share a tasty treat that I recently made for a get together with some girlfriends. I know it's a diversion from my {interior talk}, but once you taste these little joys of heaven, you'll be in pure … [Read more...]