How to Decorate a Mantel


Many of you know that I'm a Pinterest junkie.  From recipes to photography to gardening, anything and everything you could want to know about is on this amazing site.  Of course, for me, my #1 search is usually home decor and DIY.  The other day I stumbled upon this great pictorial on how to … [Read more...]

Fireplace Series 5: Mantels, Mantels, and MORE Mantels


From the history of fireplaces to giving them a makeover, it has been an enjoyable week sharing so many ideas about various fireplace designs.  Let's finish out the series by taking a look at amazing mantels.  With the fireplace being the heart of the home, the mantel is a great place to add your … [Read more...]

Fireplace Series 4: Give your Fireplace a Makeover


I had a reader recently write to me about her fireplace dilemma... Is it possible for this fireplace to get a makeover? I moved into my early 1900's home 8 years ago and I've always been stuck on what to do with my painted brick fireplace.  I'd like to do a complete makeover, but how?  Is it … [Read more...]

Fireplace Series 1: History of Fireplaces and Mantels

Ancient fireplace

Now that the Holidays are over and the Valentine's decor is packed away, it is time for my fireplace to get a revamp for Spring.  Because fireplaces can be such a challenge for homeowners to design and style, I am dedicating this ENTIRE week to the topic of Fireplaces.  Now is your chance to chime … [Read more...]