Seven Series: Capiz Shell Chandeliers

Is it really Wednesday already?  With the kids off for winter break this week, the days have been flying by.  Plus I've been putting the final touches on the master bedroom and have started working on the kids room.  I even was busy over the weekend with a big build project (here is a picture … [Read more...]

Seven Series: Wicker {for the indoors}

Even though priority numero UNO while on vacay last week was rest and relaxation, I wasn't without some of my favorite design mags.  I get flooded with magazines each month and usually only have time for a quick flip.  Thankfully while listening to the sounds of laughter and waves, I got to indulge … [Read more...]

Seven Series: Industrial Style Barstools

I'm on the hunt... ...for industrial style barstools.  This time it's not for a client, but instead for moi :) I've started a few blog series here & there throughout my blogging career, but sad to say that none lasted too long.  But, I'm starting a new one called Seven Series, were I'll … [Read more...]