I’m BACK and thinking BLACK!

I hope you truly enjoyed your Christmas and had some enjoyable time with your family and friends! A little time-off for me was great…I feel revived and ready to start my projects for 2011 (even though we still have a week to go in 2010)!
Since the one year anniversary of living in our home is coming up in February, I feel like I need to get movin’ & groovin’ on some of the projects that have been brewing in my head for the last 300+ days. Major projects on my mind are: the master bath, kids bath, and possibly the kitchen ….Can you say WOW!! (O, and the basement) …am I setting myself up for doom?!?
Let’s chat about the kitchen first….I’m thinking Black Cabinets.
Did I really say, BLACK?
So these are my issues ~~
Is black too trendy? (I don’t think so if done right
Should I undertake this project on my own? (2 kids + 2 businesses = UMMM…sure, why not?!)
New countertops? (We have dark green laminate, so that’s a YES if we decide on black cabs
New appliances? (Another definite if you have black cabs….stainless would be a must ~ white would be too much of a contrast)
And the list of questions in my head continues……
So let’s take a look at some{BEFORE}pics…


I feel like painting the cabinets black could work quite nicely because the kitchen space is wide open to the dining area and living area (one of the many reasons why I love this house).  Darker cabinets would also coordinate well with the dark wood furniture and the warm paint colors.
I love the espresso, java, coffee color!!  (and to think, I already got my coffee fix for the day)
So my FEARS:
  • I sometimes take on a project, and then realize “I’ve cut off more than I can chew” (is that the right expression?)
  • Finish of the cabinets? ~ I’m thinking Satin / Eggshell
  • My style is transitional, and will black cabinets look to modern / contemporary ~ don’t think so

Another beautiful example of black cabs.  

Only difference is that we have wood floors in our kitchen versus tile shown here.

 Great idea to take off the doors and use baskets…I could definitely do that!
~ I’m getting excited!!! ~
 Beautiful kitchen by Layla @ The Lettered Cottage.  I was thinking white appliances against the black cabinets wouldn’t look good, BUT I think I’m wrong ~ it isn’t too bad….

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  1. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Hi Jenna! My Mom had talked about doing her cabinets black at one time, but I don't know that my Dad was feeling it! I'm partial to white {or rather, creamy with a glaze} cabinets. I'm hoping for that when we downsize. Jane at Finding Fabulous blog did her kitchen cabinets black and I think she had someone come in and do them for her. Hers turned out great if you want to look at her blog for pics.

  2. Bonnie@Creative Decorating says

    Go for it!!! If you look at my kitchen reveal, you will see that I painted my lower cabinets a satin black with satin polycrilic over them. They aren't modern at all as I have a French country style kitchen and distressed just the edges. However, before I distressed them they would definitely fit into a transitional room. Honestly, it didn't take that long to complete but it helps if you can dedicate a full weekend to doing them. I also didn't paint the inside of my doors because I figured they matched the interior of my cabinets. Personal choice but it saved a day of time. Here is the link to my after:


  3. Green Door Girl says

    Jenna the blog is looking AWESOME! :) Hmm I think the black would look really good, but in order to not have to redo everything, I might be willing to do a gel stain to darken the stain and get rid of the oak grain… my parents did that in their kitchen and it looks GREAT.

  4. Jenna @ SAS Interiors - Simple. Affordable. Stylish. says

    Thank you so much for forwarding the links and the suggestions!
    @Kathy ~ I love cream cabs with a glaze overlay and always thought that my dream kitchen would be just that, BUT I think with my open floor plan and adjoining decor, something darker might be better… (still thinking about it)
    @Bonnie ~ Thanks for sending the link to your transformation and for the info on the steps you took….great to know!
    @GDG ~ Great idea to use Gel Stain. Maybe that should be my first step to see how it would look!!

    Thanks again!

  5. rebecca catena says

    I am pretty sure benjamin moore has a paint that is self leveling to help hide the grainy look of oak once painted, or u could prime and use a oil based paint. I painted my kitchen island black but used a crackle medium underneath and randomly sanded to get a nice distressed look. I would do a satin, while all cabinets need to be wiped down, black shows more dust and then becomes looking a little murky becuse of the dust collection. With a satin it just seems to clean up better than a eggshell or flat black. Before painting dont forget now is the time to decide if your going to switch out hardware and what holes youll need. if you are going to spakle due to going from a handle to a single knob, better to sand now rather than later. You talk about glass, turn some of your existing cabinet fronts into glass, use your jigsaw and cut out the door and order your glass or go to Lowes where they will cut it for you. Mayb under your sink area use a tension rod and some of your favorite fabric to break up all the black. Again if your going to wait until spring why not post an add on Craigs List for the countertop you really want or search your design centers for display sales or demolition centers for reused material. Tile backsplashes couldnt be easier now that u dont have to use thin set anymore, homedepot has the sticky type paper in the tile isle that u apply then apply your tile and then grout, so simply and adds "BLING" to any kitchen. Cant wait to see your final project. Good luck!!!!