DIY: Photo Montage Creation

I have been wanting to create a photo montage wall for awhile (after recently doing one for a client), but just haven’t gotten around to it and didn’t know exactly where in my house would be the perfect spot.  UNTIL…just the other day…it came to me! The perfect spot is above my desk, where I can look up and see pictures of my beautiful family.  Of course, I created this montage during my daughter’s naptime…always the perfect amount of time to start and finish a project (clarification: a somewhat small project).  I think I’m going to change my blog name to Naptime DIYwhat do you think? Anyway, let’s check out the completed transformation.

{Photo Montage Wall}
Here is the completed photo montage wall.  This wall was truly created because I have SOOO many family pictures throughout the house and I had no more space to display them.  My daughter loves picking up the frames and walking around with them, and then of course drops them….I’m kind of tired of all the finger prints AND I’m afraid one will break and she’ll get hurt.
Anyway, ALAS…my photo montage wall!

{Arrange and then, Rearrange}
Arrange, and then rearrange your pictures till they fit to your liking…it can take some time.  When arranging my montage, I first had them more horizontal (as seen in the first picture) and it just didn’t work, so I kept at it,
UNTIL…  it was perfect! 

The wall as it was before the new picture montage (above my desk).
Transferring the pictures from floor (or table) to wall.
This part can be a bit tricky, so take your time! Treat your montage as one large picture, so it reads as one uniform collection.  To continue with this thought (of one large picture), I tried to keep the distance between each picture fairly the same, but this isn’t a must.

You have to start somewhere!  Starting always brings a little anxiety.  Pick a picture that falls on a center line ~ either horizontal or vertical will do.  I chose the top center picture since it was the closest picture to the centerline.
THEN ~ start to work off of that…

When I hang pictures, I just go for it…I’m kind of lazy and want to get the job done!  But, if you have ‘picture hanging anxiety’, trace your picture on craft paper and then hang the craft paper first to get the perfect position.  You can even position your nail in the perfect spot by using the craft paper before hanging the picture ~ see this example and this previous post on
helpful hints to Hanging Art.

{Photo Montage Wall ~ Completion}
I used a mixture of black and silver frames, 4×6 and 5×7 pictures, as well as color and black & white photos….My usual rule of thumb is to pick one and not to mix all three, but you know, it works.  It reads as one wall and I love it…of course, because it’s my family!!
Where do you display your family photos?  I’d love to see pictures if you have a similar photo montage ~ post them on my facebook page!


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  1. Reba says

    Great tips – I LOVE the grouping over the couch, it's asymmetrical layout is fresh looking, I also love the art. The other one looks great but I can't do that in my house because I'm too perfectionist – one pic would always be crooked and drive me crazy! If it would stay put I'd try it, but I know it won't! Looks great though.