A FRESH Start for the New Year: Attainable Organizing Ideas

I was doing a little shopping at Walmart yesterday and there were planners, bins, and calendars GALORE!  Everything having to do with {organization} was greeting each shopper as they entered.  For some, the thought of the New Year brings on new beginnings and a fresh start, BUT for others the thought of decluttering and purging brings major anxiety, which results in organizational failure ~ NOT GOOD!
So let’s {break it down}.  A while back I wrote a post on organization and here’s a recap:
Purge, Sort, & Shred ~ Remove everything from the space you are decluttering, whether it be your closet, desk, kitchen cabinet, etc. Have three boxes/bags ~ One for items to keep, One for items to throw away, One for items to donate.

Throw Away – This is huge.  If you haven’t used something in 6+ months, you probably won’t in another 6+ months, so throw it away.  If it’s in good shape, {SELL IT} on Craiglist or {DONATE IT} to the Goodwill or your local shelter.

Use Baskets & Bins – They hold everything from toys TO winter gloves, scarfs, & hats TO food.  You can find baskets & bins in any size, shape, and/or color to coordinate with you decor and function.

Central Command Center – Sounds a bit extreme, BUT it’s a must to stay organized!  Have one designated area in the house where the entire family can put/find everything that’s important ~ invitations, announcements, daily calendar, important phone numbers, etc.  An ideal location would be near the kitchen or mud room where it’s everyone’s first / last stop before coming / going.

Organize Your Entry – When you come home, you don’t want to see shoes, jackets, bookbags, and papers piled high.  You want an organized, calming space!  Set up baskets and cubbies for each person in your household;  Add seating and hooks.

Use What You Have – When organizing, use items that you already own.  Shop in your attic or basement (or anywhere in your house) for useful objects to store things in.
A Craft/Wrapping/Everything Spot – This is a must!  You need a place ~ even if it’s a corner of your storage room ~ for all your craft supplies, wrapping papers, gift bags, ribbons, paints, etc. etc. etc.  Even if you aren’t a ‘crafter’ this can be someplace where ALL your misc items can be organized and always be found!
Here’s my latest project (of many)

Get Your Kids Involved – Sorting, Organizing, and Donating are great lessons to teach our kids.  Learning by example shows children that you really need to stay organized and ‘clean’.  We’re always asking our kids to clean up their toys, so shouldn’t we?!  Donating clothes and/or toys, is a great way to show them how fortunate they are and that some kids don’t have as much.

Lastly, take your organizational transformation {DAY by DAY}
Getting your home in order is an everyday, ongoing process, so don’t feel the pressure to get it done in one day ~ because it ain’t gonna happin’!

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