Skateboard Shelves

I’ve been meaning to install shelves in my son’s room for awhile, but wanted to do something unique and different.  At four years old, he has SO many interests, but one of his favorites is skateboarding.  So when recently putting the finishing touches on his “space”, I thought making shelves out of skateboards would be the perfect addition!

DIY: Skateboard Shelves - perfect for a boys room, young or old! Super easy to hang & totally rad

Real skateboard decks can start out around $40+ and there was no way I was purchasing shelves for that amount (I admit, I am frugal)! THANKFULLY, I stumbled upon these mini skateboards at Five Below and just like the name of the store, they were $5.  SCORE!

To start out, I bought 4 mini skateboards that are 17″ long (they are shorter than a typical skateboard deck, but they function just the same).  They were perfect for the size wall that I wanted to put them on.

To make sure the skateboards were properly hung, I (along with my husband) used “L” brackets to install the skateboards to the wall. We used brackets that can hold up to 65 lbs….though, I really don’t think something that anything weighing 65 lbs will be sitting on these shelves ~ It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Now, the shelves are ready to be hung…
Once the “L” brackets are in place on the skateboard, they are ready to be hung on the wall. We positioned the skateboard on the wall (making sure it was level) and made a pencil mark of the holes on the “L” bracket.  Then, we put in the anchor ~ If there isn’t a stud (I don’t mean your guy…haha, bad joke, I know) behind the wall, your screw will not hold and your shelf will most likely fall out.  MY ADVICE: USE ANCHORS!

Then hang the shelf…

And the shelves are complete…

DIY: Skateboard Shelves - perfect for a boys room, young or old! Super easy to hang & totally rad


How neat!  Great idea to take off the trucks and wheels, and then hang the board on it’s flat on the wall.  Then add the simple shelving.

Great idea to add some style above the windows.  It gives the white, neutral room a POP of color!

Try regular wiring shelving as I used in my mom cave, and then put the decks on top…totally RAD!  (I had to add some skateboard lingo)

Look at this creative idea…use the skateboard decks as a show rack.

This is the skateboard shelf that is available at Pottery Barn for $70….  I’ll stick with my skateboard shelf for $5!

Do you have shelves in your child’s room?  Did you do anything creative

IMAGES COURTESY OF Home Improve Ideas, Family Fun, Jodeska

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Those turned out great! & great size too.
We did the same for my daughter bedroom. Shes 9 & is such a little skatergirl. We ended up painting them hot pink. And one of the boards she designed her own print. We ended up just collecting boards from Goodwill over the summer.

How cute! I have wanted to do the same thing for years. The picture you have here on the orange wall has been in my projects to do binder since I grabbed it from a magazine. I love how yours are decorated and that you for the tutorial. Great job!

Those are so great! I had considered doing those shelves with old thrift store skateboards but I think my son has outgrown the idea now … too bad. Yours look great and you lucked out with the price!

Love these!!! I need to track down some mini skateboards! My 6yr old wants his bedroom redone in a skate theme and these shelves would be *perfect*. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Thanks for sharing this! I have wanted to hang my sons skateboards as shelves for a long time just have not gotten around to it, but they look great so I think I’m gonna have to go for it!

Thanks so much for sharing, I couldn’t bring myself to buy those PB skating boarding shelves and went with a boring alternative. This looks great, thinking we’ll add those skateboard shelves after-all :)

Thank you for the tutorial on this! I picked up 3 skateboards for FREE from Freecycle a while ago with this project idea in mind. I’m running out for “L” brackets tomorrow! Thanks so much for inspiring me!