How to Make Fake Flowers Look Real

Even though it’s technically Spring, it’s difficult to believe, with all the snow still on the ground here in NY.  Thankfully my mindset is already on pretty Spring flowers to get me through the final days of the long drawn-out Winter.  I’m continually changing and updating my Dining Room display depending on the season and holiday.  I love the look of fresh flowers (who doesn’t?), but sometimes an artificial arrangement is simpler and more practical to maintain.

When shopping for your arrangement, look for flowers that have a natural, “real” appearance and that hang similar to a real flower.  Vary the size and texture of the faux flowers.  If your chosen flower is in a bunch, separate it, so you have individual stems.  By taking apart the pre-made flower bunch, it’ll give you more freedom to vary the heights and  discard parts of the bunch you may not want to use.

Like always, it’s important to use the appropriate tools for the job! Wire Cutters are perfect for this project.

Let’s get started…

Start arranging your flowers just like you would if using real flowers.  I chose a vase with a small opening, but the look of the arrangement will depend on the size, shape, and opening of the vase you choice.   Hot Tip: If you decide on a vase with a large opening, make a grid using clear tape. This will keep the flowers in place and the arrangement looking full.

I scored this vase at TJ Maxx for less than $4!

Begin by placing a handful of the flowers in the vase.  Then remove and trim them one by one. Vary the heights and sizes to create a balanced arrangement. Remember, just like when arranging “real” flowers, it won’t be perfect and that’s the beauty of it.

With the busy lives we lead, buying and maintaining fresh cut bouquets is sometimes just NOT possible.  If done right,  an artificial arrangement can look just as beautiful and the enjoyment of flowers can still be achieved.

Here is my completed arrangement…

O, I forgot to mention, I made two…

And here is an overall photo of my dining space…

I’m usually a “real” girl, but fake can sometimes do the trick!

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  1. says

    I was just checking in to see what you are up to…and believe it or not i was thinking about going out tomorrow and buying some fake branches/flowers. My blooms from the yard are all gone and I needed something to relpace them!!! Thanks for the tips and ideas!

  2. says

    Thank you! From the bottom of my tacky little faux flower loving heart, THANK YOU!!!

    I cannot keep a living plant alive to save it’s life, but if I remove my fake plants the room looks bare.

    I think you are some sort of faux flower savant!

    Look forward to following you for more!

  3. says

    i’m 98% a real girl too. but there are times when faux works & your arrangements definitely work! love the yellow.

    what a score on the vases too. i’m going to check out our maxx.

    thanks for linking up to the FLING once again!
    it was a pleasure having you over.


    • Jenna says

      A 10″ space is tight, but try using baskets or some books layed horizontally. It’ll certainly jazz up the space!

  4. dianne says

    love you arrangements…..I’m off to find similar flowers……..don’t think dollar store type will be as nice as yours……….I’ll have to check out Michael’s and or Kijiji………or Value village ……….where did you get yours?


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