Spring Wreath Inspiration

Before we get started, let’s all agree that wreaths are usually a feature saved for one special time of year ( I hear the sleigh bells ringing)…right??  WRONG!  A wreath is known as the symbolic meaning for “Circle of Life” and how perfect is this coincidence since Spring is the season of Rebirth.  After all, it has been a long cold winter, so let’s warm up our homes with this special decor icon.

Even though Spring is making a late entrance (at least in NY), I’m ready to create a new Spring wreath for my front door.  I didn’t have to go far to find some great inspiration.  With a little “hopping” around the blogosphere, I found some amazing creations ~

{Designed by Chance}

{Pretty Handy Girl}

{The Casabella Project}

{Scissors and Spatulas}

{Did Someone Say Party?}

{A Soft Place to Land}

Aren’t they all SO beautiful? …I think I’m going to be making a few Spring wreaths (I can rotate them on the front door every few days, CAN’T I?)!

{Kiki Creates}

{Nuestra Adventure}


{The Cellar Door Stories}


If you’re in love as much as I am, click on the links and take a look at the tutorials by these talented bloggers.

{Beyond the Picket Fence}

{Jane of All Crafts}

{Kim Castillon}

{Polkadot Bungalow}

{Mudpies and Marigolds}

{That’s My Letter}

{Green Door Designs}

{Felt So Cute}

{Blissful Whimsy}

{Pieced Pastimes}

{Tatertots and Jello}

{Kiki Creates}

Want something different? Introduce a front door arrangement using a bucket like {this or this}.  My friend Elaina created this and it’s beautiful!

How can you not be inspired after seeing these amazing wreaths?

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