Paint Tips & Techniques: Essential Painting Tools

What a great week it has been, plus a giveaway…how much better can it get?!  To round out the SAS Interiors Paint Week, I’m going back…Way Back… to these posts.  Let’s take a look at these oldies, but goodies ~

Aside from estimating how much paint is needed, what paint is best to use, and what brush/roller is best for the project, you NEED to actually choice a color.  And what better tool to use, than this:

Sherwin Williams created this amazing tool ~ a Paint Visualizer, where you can upload a picture of your space and virtually see your room with other paint colors.

When planning to paint my bathroom, this tool really came in handy!  Here are some color schemes that I played with…

…and here is the result.  Thanks to the Sherwin Williams Paint Visualizer, it helped me choice the “right” color for my room!

Want to learn more about the Paint Visualizer? Read my Tutorial


I have another favorite Paint Tool…

It’s the Benjamin Moore Virtual Fan Deck.  You can see ALL the colors that Benjamin Moore has to offer, from the comfort of your home.  How Awesome?!

To learn more ~ Read my Tutorial

What a week it has been!  I’ve also been doing some SHOPPPPPING.  And look what I found…..

Drop Cloths for $16….CRaaaaaZY!

For that price I got a 6′ x 9′ piece AND 4′ x  10′ piece. WAIT until you see what I’ve done with them!!! This is Magic Material.  I know you think I’m nutso, but I’m really not.  After next week’s post, there will be NO MORE drop clothes in the store, because all of you will be running out to buy them!

Have a great weekend!  Any BIG plans?  PAINTING??

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