Paint Tips & Techniques: My Favorite TIP & a Fabulous Giveaway from Small Wall

Today is very exciting! I am sharing my #1 FAVORITE paint tip, as well as offering a super awesome giveaway.

What do you do with your paint brush or roller in between coats?  Do you wash it with water, and then are left with a runny brush or roller the next time you use it? if so,

Problem solved!

There is never a time when you’re painting that you’ll be done with the brush or roller after your first coat.  Either you need to take a break OR you are waiting for the paint to dry.

Before I discovered this paint trick, I used to wash my brush/roller with water EVERY TIME to avoid hardening.  Then the next time I went to use the brush/roller, it was often still water logged and would make the paint runny ~ SO NOT GOOD!  So here’s the trick (It’s SOOO easy) ~

Put your brush / roller in a bag

1. Take a grocery store plastic bag
2. Put your brush or roller in the inside corner of the bag
3. Grab it from the outside and Twist
4. Secure it with a rubberband, clip, or simply twist it around and lay something on it.

Basically, you DO NOT want air getting to the brush, to avoid the paint from hardening.

NO JOKE – – I use this trick EVERY TIME .  I’ve had brushes stay in the bag for weeks when I haven’t gotten around to doing my final touch -ups (I know, crazy?!).

Happy Painting!

On to the Review & GIVEAWAY…

This review is 100% my opinion

A few weeks ago, Small Wall contacted me about their awesome product.  In turn, I said I’d love to share it with my readers.  Their Response? Absolutely!  They sent me a sample and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

What is Small Wall?

Small Wall is a product to assist in visualizing a paint color on the wall without making a commitment.  It’s a 12″ x 12″ non-porous tile that once painted will show you exactly how your paint will look once on the wall.  What’s great about Small Wall is that it has an adhesive backing, so it can be moved around the room/house.

The package I received included two tiles.  On the one tile, I used the paint color that is currently in my bedroom
(one of my favorite colors  ~ BM Texas Leather). I wanted to see how the paint looked on the tile compared to how it actually looks on the wall.  And it’s EXACT!

I applied the paint to the tile, just as shown in yesterday’s post ~

Then I applied the second coat and here’s the result shown on a wall with a lighter background…
…And here is a picture comparing the paint on the tile with the SAME paint on the wall….it’s a perfect match! My point: This product will give you the exact result of how the paint will look once on the wall.

On the second 12″ x 12″ tile, I used a new paint color that I’m thinking of introducing as an accent color throughout my house…a mustard yellow hue.  What do you think?  Once I’m done, I can easily remove the tile from the wall AND NO DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE ~ WOW!

Small Wall may LOOK like a typical piece of poster board, but IT IS NOT!  This product is non-porous; it won’t absorb paint or color, so the color representation is exceptional ~ And you saw that for yourself from the pictures above!  The panel WILL NOT warp or curl when dried.

Would you want Small Wall for your next project? It’s available at Sherwin Williams stores and participating Ace Hardware stores in North America, as well as  Price ranges from $5.99 – $7.99 ($9.99 at Amazon).

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  1. says

    Discovered your blog from your guest post (R2D2 cake). Love it. And love the paint tip about the rollers. Perfect. I hate the water-logged roller!

  2. shel says

    What a clever idea. We have two painting projects planned in the next month..our bathroom and the hallway stairs leading to our bedroom. I’m torn over picking paints colors and even paint finish for each since my last kitchen paint project was a disaster: yellow looked great in the can, not so much on my wall..yuck!

  3. says

    We’ll be painting our whole lower level next month and I am in the process of deciding on a color. I’ve been using foam core to try ut my samples but as you mentioned above, it curls and is difficult to lay flat on the wall. The Small Wall would be great for helping me decide on a paint color!!

  4. Andrea Skeens says

    Thank you for sharing this product. I have been tasked with repainting our ENTIRE house so I think I need 50 small walls! This will be perfect for me to try out complementary colors without committing in case they don’t work out.

  5. Andrea Skeens says

    I am also now a GFC follower of your blog. I’m so excited to read some of your previous posts and get lots of new ideas.

  6. says

    I had just heard about this product the other day! And was instantly fascinated…so count me in! We’re still painting our new house and have two more rooms to decide, so this would be great! Thanks….
    (I already follow)

  7. says

    Genius!!!!! I can’t tell you the time I have spent soaking and cleaning the brush in between coats!! I wish I had thought of this myself years ago!! Thank you!!!!

  8. Bridget from SoCal says

    Super tip! I once read in a home improvement magazine that one of those plastic potato chip cylinders works great for most roller brushes between coats too. Once empty of your snack, all you have to do is give the container a good cleaning to remove any oily residue left over. Slide the roller in it and close with lid until you are ready to finish your job…