A Favorite Summer Space

When I think of summer, the first thought that comes to mind is the outdoors — the beautiful great outdoors!  After a long winter of being cooped up in the house, I’m always ready to spend my summer days soaking up the sun and enjoying my time outside.

One of my favorite Summer Spaces is “nana’s house” – – that’s what my family calls it.  Actually, it’s a screened house on my parents property surrounded by the great outdoors.

It’s a little oasis in nature…

… a  place to sit and relax for hours reading a good book while sipping a favorite drink.

There are no worries or stresses….

… just pure bliss while communing with nature.

No matter what direction you look, you can see and hear the beauties of your surroundings – –



Birds (cardinals and goldfinchs are our favorite)…

“Nana’s House ” didn’t always look this pretty.  This is a before picture only a few short years ago…

The areas surrounding “nana’s house” are just as beautiful including gardens, quaint details, and the sounds of the great outdoors.

Thanks for taking a tour of on of our favorite Summer havens!


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  1. says

    Your Nana’s Place is the perfect place for a retreat. It looks so beautiful and so peaceful and I can imagine the birds singing outside. My favorite stencil are the classic ones particularly the Marie Antoinettes. Thanks for hosting, I enjoyed linking…..Christine

  2. says

    Perfect! I’ve had my eye on the Designer Series “Aspen” for months now!!! For our master bathroom with a large wall over the tub. It would be just so…perfect. Here’s hoping!!!

  3. ambermilburn says

    I’ve been a follower for a short while now. I’m loving the allover Damask patterns. I’ve got a bookcase that begging to be stenciled. amber

  4. says

    Hi Jenna, Nana’s House is truly a wonderful oasis! It’s charming and quaint and I would love to have something similar. Unfortunately, we live in a neighborhood with lots of covenants and restrictions. I’ll have to enjoy everyone elses!

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Sue for the kind comment! I also live in a neighborhood setting and don’t have a “Nana’s house” of my own….but thankfully it’s a short drive away!

  5. says

    Great Party Jenna!!! Love the screened porch – what a great place to hang out! By the way, I am now stalking you…I was already following you on Twitter and Facebook but now I’ve got you on Google Reader. Love your blog! Please don’t get a restraining order :) xoxoxo Angie

    • Jenna says

      O, please Angie….I’m following you and Carrie around everywhere as well. It’s fun to be a stalker (most of the time, lol). So glad you stopped by and thanks for linking up your project!! ~Jenna