Shedding Light on Lighting Fixtures

Since we moved into our house (a little over a year ago), I have slowly been updating the light fixtures – I haven’t wanted to replace the old until I found something new that I really LOVED!  Nothing is really wrong with any of the fixtures, but most are outdated and don’t fit with the decor.  Because the first floor of my home is an ‘open floor concept’, there are numerous ceiling fixtures and I hadn’t been able to find anything that “floats by boat” for the family room….until now.

The other day I was visiting Janell’s blog and she has this fixture in her home.

I asked her for the details of where she got it (thank you, Janell), and I instantly headed over to Shades of Light.  I LOVE the fixture she has, but it was over $400…a wee-bit more than I wanted to spend.  I searched and searched throughout the site and found this ~

It was less than $100 AND I felt like it fit better within the style of my home.

I still LOVE that other fixture and HAVE to use it someplace ~ Anyone want me to design their space around that fixture?

Here is the current fixture in the family room.  Too ornate and “not my cup of tea”….it needs a change!

This is the space where the new found treasure will be going.  The plan is to install it using the current ceiling box, then having a slight swag of chain so it’ll hang over the coffee table on center with the sofa.

And here is the BIG reveal

And a closeup

Isn’t the new fixture so much better?

What interior updates have you been doing this Spring?

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    • Jenna says

      Thanks Janell! I still LOVE the fixture you have and want to use it someplace, but I am happy with the one I got. Thanks for your help. xo Jenna

    • Jenna says

      Hi Margie, Thanks for visiting SAS Interiors. I got that rug at Target actually…it was a great find and they are still available! My rug has warm colors of green, orange, and red, but there is another style with cooler colors of blues. xo Jenna

    • Jenna says

      Thanks so much Meredith for stopping by SAS Interiors and for the kind comment. I am SO happy with the new fixtures…it makes the room look so different…it’s finally done!

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Madigan. I’m really loving how this fixture looks…it truly changes the space! Thanks for the sweet comment!! xo Jenna