Creating a Photo Wall Display

I take alot of pictures and I like to display them (especially when they are of my family).  A few months ago I created a photo montage wall filled with candid pictures of our family adventures.

Creating a montage of photos can be a bit tricky (and intimidating) to figure out where to start and then how to balance the sizes and layout.  I came across these picture placement samples that I had to share with you!  It gives 9 wonderful examples of how to start / layout a picture wall.

These creative ideas are a great resource to use to give you a starting point.  Once you get arranging, expand or tweak the layout to fit the photos you have.

Picture Placement Ideas

Sometimes it’s boring to display 1 or 2 pictures on a wall…be adventurous and create a grouping ~ it’s much more interesting.  Tell a story with your photos!

Tips to create a photo display wall

  • The center of your photo display wall should be at eye level (between 60″ – 66″)
  • Use similar frames or matting, or display all color or all black & white photos
  • Vary the frame sizes
  • Introduce a focal point
  • Mix it up – display photos as well as signs and other unique wall decor
  • Before putting nails into the wall, layout all your pictures on the floor and move things around until your arrangement is exactly how you want it!  Then hang them one by one onto the wall

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Here are some real-life photo wall inspiration

The eye is drawn to the Richmond – Norfolk sign, making it the focal point of the wall.  It’s centered on the sofa and the surrounding photos are varied in size and content.

With the photos hung so close together, it  reads as one large picture instead of individual framed images.  This arrangement is a great way to tell a story of a family vacation, a timeline of your child(ren), or a specific subject.

This photo arrangement is a great casual look with simple black and white pictures displayed in like frames.  With the addition of other decor items, a sophisticated photo display is created.  What’s best about this wall? A simple shelf was hung to display the pictures – No nails are needed for the pictures.  The arrangement can continually be updated and changed without nail holes to fill.

Photos don’t always have to be for the wall.  Arrangements can be beautifully displayed on a dresser or piece of furniture.  Layer the photo(s) with other items, like books, candles, and a vase.

‘Picture Perfect’ display…simple frames and simple arrangement allows the beautiful colored photos to shine through.

Another stylish arrangement showcasing black and white frames of varying sizes.

One of my favorite photo displays is this wall created by the House of Smiths.  Using minimalist style frames of varying sizes, the colors and content of the pictures tells the story of this happy family!  By adding a few other decor elements, a gorgeous montage is created. (love the yellow and gray combination!)

Need some more photo arrangement ideas?

(click to enlargen)

Wall Display Template created by Melissa Davis Designs

Do you have a wall in your home where you display a grouping of photos?  How do you like to display your family pictures ~ on a table or on the wall?

Images Courtesy of Country Living, PT4P, Lillyrose, Pinterest

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  1. says

    What a great post! This is so informational and I know posts like this take some time to put together. Thank you so much for doing the prep work for me! Have a lovely weekend!

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Becca for the kind comment and I’m so glad to hear that my post on creating a photo wall display was very helpful. Hope you had a great weekend too… xo Jenna

  2. Trent says

    Many people like picture wall but not that many know how to place pictures. Your post is really instructive. I like it very much! Your webpage looks great, too. Neat, simple and stylish.

  3. Brenda says

    Just found your site thru Living with Lindsay (where you rewired a lamp – thx for that!) This post on picture placement was just what I’ve been looking for. I love all the choices you give! Nice job – thx for taking the time. I am curious, though, since you mentioned you take a lot of photos (I have thousands myself) how have you found to store the extras or doubles? Maybe a post on storage ideas?? I’m always looking for new creative ways to be organized. :-)

    • Jenna says

      So glad you found my site through Living with Lindsay – WELCOME! Other than the photos that I display in frames, I have (faux) leather photo albums that house all my pictures. If you’ve got more pictures that you don’t want to put in an album, but also don’t want to throw away, try getting a photobox from the craft store. I’ve picked some up from AC Moore for $2-4! Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by. xo Jenna

  4. Natasha says

    I was wondering what sizes each picture was in the photo of all the pictures at the top of this page? I want to do one just like this!! Please and thank you

    • Jenna says

      I don’t know for certain, but it looks like a range of picture sizes including 5×7, 8×10, and 11×14. I hope this helps! -Jenna

  5. Seema says

    We are planning to do up a photo wall and i had no clue where to begin and how… This article was really helpful

  6. says

    Great roundup of ideas, thanks for posting this.

    A great solution would be to check out a few products offered at We’ve had customers install the grid and get up their favorite family, travel, and wedding photos. We’ve even had corporate customers and businesses use CollageWall to design something beautiful for their workspaces and offices. Hope we can also inspire others out there to start displaying what they love on their walls!

  7. Vaibhav Arolkar says

    What a brilliant post? I have been scouting for someone to guide me on what goes into creating a wall which is dedicated to memories of college days, wedding etc. This article is just bang on. Jenna – me and my wife..we owe you a really expensive dinner and cocktail. My wife has been so low since she herself did not want to take the risk of creating something since we both were unsure how it would look after spending so much money. But this is really going to guide us in the right direction.
    Thanks a million..

  8. Lynne Greenwell says

    Jenna…I just came across your web page & am so excited to find a page that helps with photo gallery placement. My family just moved in to the home of our dreams that took over a year to build and I want to do a family picture gallery. We just got our photos back & I’m confused about how to display them & what sizes to have them printed! I have 2 family pics that turned out great & one of each of my 3 kids. My questions are: Do I hang both family pics so that I have an uneven number (5) to hang or 1 family photo & the 3 kids?? THEN what sizes to print them all?? My wall is 86″ across.

    I can’t wait to check out your other decor ideas since our home is new :-)

    Thanks for any help you can offer :-)

  9. Candy says

    Thanks for all the ideas. I’m kinda lost with how to display pics neatly.
    I am very organizational and can’t stand a jumbled mess. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jenna says

      I’m the same way Candy. If you don’t like many pictures on a photo display wall, create one with just a few – maybe 3 or 4 large pieces.

  10. says

    Hi Jenna

    This article is great and i love the layout of the first picture, this is exactly what ive been looking for. Could you please spare a moment and tell me the dimensions of the photo frames in the top picture? Thank you, Danny

    • Jenna says

      I don’t know the exact sizes, but I’d assume they are a variety of 11×14, 8×10, and 5×7. Good Luck with creating your photo wall!

  11. Kerrie says

    Hi Jenny. I love your website. It’s great. Do you give ideas on how to display photos if I gave you a size of the wall I have etc. many thanks kerrie

  12. laura@printing-instagram says

    awesome displays, thanks for sharing these! I blog about printing Instagram photos and tips and tricks to display them, it would be awesome if people could do these displays with their instagram photos too!

  13. Raluca says

    Hello! Thanks you for the ideas. I was happy to find instructions about displaying photos on a wall. However, I have a question: are the sizes of the pictures in centimeters or in inches? I hope it’s not a stupid question, but in my country we use centimeters and I just wanted to make sure. :) Thank you.

  14. Becky says

    Thanks for putting this together! I was wondering if you had any idea what sizes the pictures are in one of your emaples the one that you say “With the photos hung so close together, it reads as one large picture instead of individual framed images. This arrangement is a great way to tell a story of a family vacation, a timeline of your child(ren), or a specific subject.” —- this is exactly how I want mine to look but I wasn’t sure of the size! Thanks

  15. Naisha Page says

    I found an idea on here that I am dying to start. I would like to share when I m done. I hope I can do that and thank you for the inspiration.

  16. Raquel says

    I found your gallery wall templates very helpful, but not exactly what i was looking for. I have lofted high ceilings that go up in a 45 degree angle. I tried to use the template that looked like it was for stairs, but when i cut out my paper templates i found most of the photos were going up the wall too fast, which i imagine is perfect for stairs but not for someone who is in their living room stationary… any design tips for me would be greatly appreciated.

    -Thank you

  17. says

    Hi jenna
    The ideas you have are great and a new way for me to be looking at hanging photos, I have seen a really nice metal frame and picture pice of are which looks like 3D do you think if I use this as the focus point and my other frames around it? I have four larger frames 11/14″ maybe a little bigger?
    Thanks sammy

  18. betsy johns says

    I have several antique family photos different sizes and shapes need some ideas on arranging them on the living room wall


  1. […] However, many advocate a more involved approach, such as tracing the frames onto inexpensive paper (like wrapping paper), cutting out the tracings, then using painter’s tape to adhere them to the wall. With this approach, the paper can then be moved around until the perfect arrangement has been found, and the nails are hammered right through the paper. Remove the paper, and all you have to do is hang the photos! For pictures of this process and ideas for wall gallery arrangements, check out some helpful tips from Woodrail Dr. [image from SAS Interiors] […]