Kitchen Makeover Reveal

FINALLY the day has come that I can officially say that the kitchen is complete! It feels wonderful to finally make the reveal – you’ve all been very patient and so kind with your comments!  After weeks of project posts and minimal pictures, here it is~

If you haven’t seen the kitchen before, here it is.  The cabinets were an orangey oak color with hunter green laminate on the countertop.  When we first moved into our house about a year ago, we quickly updated the cabinets with new hardware, but left everything else…until now!


When originally sharing the pictures of the kitchen in this post, I was kind of embarrassed.  Now I’m glad to have them because this space has made a huge transformation and it feels so good to say I did it all myself (with a bit of help from my husband too).  With my new kitchen space, I hope to inspire you to know that you can do it too!

Here’s another before ~

Okay, enough of the before… let’s get to what you’ve been waiting for… 

The Process & The Reveal

The process of this kitchen makeover started several months ago.  After contemplating the color of the cabinets and what to do with the countertops (which took forever), I decided to use the Rust-Oleum Transformations Kit in the oynx color for the countertops.  This was the first step taken in transforming the space and that alone made a huge difference!

Then I moved on to painting the cabinets.  Again, it took quite awhile to decide on this color and I love it!  I’m not usually one who likes change and sometimes things have to grow on me, but NOT this color.  As soon as the cabinets were complete, I was in L-O-V-E!  The color is Benjamin Moore Berkshire Beige and the overall tone is a taupe / gray color.  Depending on the time of day though, other hues of blue and green can also be seen.  It’s just so unique and complements the many other colors throughout my home.

Next step? Adding a custom tile backsplash.  I wasn’t sure how tiling over laminate would be, but it worked and the look is fabulous!  The small 1″ x 1″ natural travertine tile has the same hues as the cabinet color and they complement each other beautifully.

Another detail that I added to the kitchen, are faux supported brackets underneath the upper cabinets.  I’ve always loved the look of brackets and chose a profile that was fairly simple and in keeping with the modern sophistication I was trying to achieve for the kitchen.

And there is one more change that I made…I took off the door to the side cabinet to create open shelving.  This space now holds baskets (for my kids plates & cups), as well as some of my cookbooks.

Lastly, to make this kitchen complete, I removed the ugly vinyl toekick (that was falling off anyway) and vent cover.  I replaced the toekick with new ceramic tile (leftover from the fireplace surround) and spray painted the old vent instead of buying a replacement.

You know my love for tiling… it was easy and if you need a step-by-step tutorial to tiling, check out {this} post.

And there you go… that’s it, in a nutshell!  (O, and obviously you saw that we got new appliances as well ~ those old white ones weren’t cutting it anymore).

This is the overall space NOW!

And some little details…

Do you recognize the vase, creamer, and scale?  If you’re a Facebook fan you would ~ check out how much I paid for those and more!

Now we’re ready to get down and finally enjoy this space (and the summer)!

And one more time (I can’t resist) ~



So what do you think?

What projects, transformations, and/or DIY projects have you been up to this summer?

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  1. says

    The yellow and orange accents really spruced it up! And the stainless steel appliances really look nice. Great job. I still have not started painting my cabinets, but as soon as I get enough PTO built back up so I can take off a couple of weeks, I am going to paint mine….and maybe even try the countertop restoration kit. You are inspiring!

  2. says

    What a wonderful job! I love the color of the cabinets – it really transforms the kitchen completely! It’s a very updated neutral that I know will be so nice! Your appliances look awesome . . . love that kind of bling! Congrats on the big reveal!!

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Pamela…you are so sweet! I have to say, I’m really happy with how it came out. Thanks for the kind comment! xo Jenna

  3. says

    I LOVE it Jenna! Looks like a whole new kitchen. You guys did an awesome job. Bet you’re soo happy to have it all done. Are you cooking all the time now, just to spend time in there? I know I would be. Just beautiful. : ) Oh, and I still can’t get over how cheap that scale was. Not to mention the teapot and sugar bowl for free! Great finds.

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Catie! I am spending about the same amount of time in the kitchen (which is alot with two kids), but I am MUCH happier doing so now! Thanks for the kind comments!! Jenna

  4. says

    it’s so beautiful – what a difference! The colors you selected look wonderful with the stainless and the original flooring and I adore the travertine tile backsplash and the pretty corbels beneath your cupboards. And I really like the curtain valance over your window too – very soft and pretty. It’s a wonderful room now – very current, fresh, serene. You did such a great job, an absolute inspiration! xo, Diane

  5. says

    I admire the way you play with natural light. Before the kitchen is gloomy and not enough natural light coming in. But after the make over the kitchen breathes a different life. Very genius make over.

    • Jenna says

      Thanks so much Carrie! So I saw you are going to Haven too? Aren’t you excited?? We’ll finally be able to meet! xo Jenna

  6. Shani says

    it is beautifully done! i painted my cabinets in my previous house, and found that if i hit the cabinets hard (with a pot handle etc) that the paint you find that to be the case? and what is the rustoleum kit you mentioned? specifically for painting laminate countertops?????? and does it hold up?
    great job!

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Elena for stopping by SAS Interiors and for leaving such a kind comment! The color of the cabinets is quite different, and I love how it is cohesive with the rest of the space! xo Jenna

  7. Aimee says

    Wow, what an absolutely beautiful transformation! How are the cabinets and countertop holding up? I so want to do this to our kitchen now! Love it!

    • Jenna says

      As long as the cabinets are in good condition, painting is a great solution and much less expensive than completely new cabinets. My cabinets have held up really well, especially since I used primer and the paint is semi-gloss (helps clean them off easily). The countertops have held up so-so… they weren’t the perfect solution, but much less expensive than new countertops.

  8. Amy Zander says

    Jenna, I love it so much. Thank you for putting the paint color down. We were all set to rip out the old kitchen and even had the cabinetmaker in the house taking measurements when the recession hit home. But your makeover is do-able! Now to talk my hubby into it. One question: have you had to do alot of touching up on the painted cupboards?

    Just found your blog. Thank you for so much great information.


  9. says

    I love it! Can you tell me how the paint is holding up so far? I want to paint mine, they are just like yours were, the yucky golden yellow color, but am afraid the paint will chip and not hold up. Can you give me some confidence? Do you have to touch up the paint, does it chip?

    • Jenna says

      Thank you so much for reaching out to me about this! I actually wrote a follow up post this past summer about how the kitchen has held up. You can read it here: Overall, it’s been amazing and the paint has done really well. There is one spot on the open cabinet where I have baskets that the paint has chipped slightly, but that’s because of the rough rubbing. If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to redoing your entire kitchen or having a professional redo your cabinets, this is the way to go! Good Luck!

      • collette says

        Hey Jenna
        I love your kitchen. Great job! What Color is on the wall?
        I am thinking about rddoinv Mg kitchen with gray cabinets and butter Colorado walls.

  10. Carolyn says

    I found your blog through the Decorologist. Love your affordable and impressive kitchen makeover. The final touch of tiling toekick made a big difference. The vent, however, is functional and should be painted to blend with tile. In the front-on picture it stands out and should disappear. Can’t wait to check out your other projects.

  11. says

    I love the cabinets!! I have a similar color cabinets at home and I was just talking this morning about painting. I didn’t realize you can paint it with any color. I thought it had to be specific. This looks great!! Thanks for the idea! Maybe I can do this next summer! Fellow Lowe’s Creative Ideas Blogger and love the inspiration you guys give me to fix up my house!

  12. anna says

    Hi I’ve just been looking at the fabulous transformation of your kitchen it is truly wonderful.
    I would like to do the same with mine I have medium oak and they look quite out dated.
    I’m inspired with what you have achieved can you give me idea’s of where to buy the oak t you used
    Perhaps near to where I live Blackburn Lancashire.
    Cant wait to get started. Unless you can recommend some whom can do the job for me.

    • Jenna says

      The existing oak cabinets were original, so I can’t point you in a direction on “where to buy”, sorry. Am I understanding your question incorrectly? Good luck with your kitchen remodel! Jenna

  13. amy says

    Greetings! What fun and is simply beautiful! The paint is perfect and if I am honest we have a kitchen with same colors and cabinets as your before. Can you please tell me how you prepped your cabinets to be painted? Thanks so much it is much appreciated ~

  14. Janelle says

    It looks fantastic! How did the paint on the cabinets hold up? Did it peel off, knick easily?


  15. Kymbra says

    The colors look great together – I think you pinched pennies too much by NOT taking the backsplash up to the Wall cabinets the way it is intended to be in the Kitchen. It is the jewelry of the room………Hurry back to the store before the product is discontinued!!!!
    Then you will have a FAB remodel!

  16. Pat says

    HI, found you through Pinterest and was interested in how your counters have held up since you refinished them with the Transformation? I am trying to get the courage to do mine.

    • Jenna says

      The counters held up well for about 5 years, but over time you started seeing the wear and the tops were getting dull. For a temporary fix, they were a great, affordable choice!