SAS Interiors Turns One

I can not believe that I’ve had my Interior Design business and have been blogging for a year now.  In one aspect it seems like I started “this whole thing” yesterday, and in another, I feel like I’ve never not been doing it – it’s a strange feeling!  Well, all I can say is, what a year it’s been.  Last year, my first post title was making Lemonade Out of Lemons, and I still feel that is the best way to sum up how my new venture began.

The last few years have been quite a roller coaster ride (I’ll spare you the up and down details), and I never could have imagined that a year ago this is the path that I’d be on.  Thankfully I can say that I haven’t regretted one moment of it.  My Design business and blog started from my deciding to become a Design Consultant with Willow House. In the beginning, my Willow House business was thriving, but after a few months it took a backseat to my growing Interior Design and blogging endevour. With the year anniversary upon me, I’ve decided to not renew my contract with Willow House and instead focus my efforts on continuing the growth of my brand and business.  Fingers crossed, I’m hoping it goes up, up, up from here!!!

The best part of this whole year has been the amazing people that I have met. Through heartfelt comments, Facebook chats, Twitter conversations, and back-and-forth emails, I can sincerely say that I have some awesome friends.  Even though most of them,  I have never met in person, I’ve had the opportunity to build some wonderful relationships that I know will continue growing with time! Especially when we all meet at Haven in June (I can not wait!).

The most surprising part of the year has been how much I’ve changed.  I’ve become more creative, and less apprehensive. More experimental, and less timid. And much more cheap frugal since I’d rather buy than DIY!

So on this day, my one year anniversary, I don’t have an amazing giveaway or announcement to give you. I just have me!  Me saying to you, thank you.

Thank you for visiting SAS interiors.  Thank you for returning each and every day.  Thank you for the motivation and your amazingly thoughtful, kind, and sincere comments. Those words are what keep me going each and everyday day. As it’s been said in the past, you can make more at Mcdonalds than blogging, but I do this because I love it.  I love sharing my thoughts and ideas, and in turn I love hearing from you.  As I’ve said in the past, through one’s blog their first layer shines through.  With Facebook, another layer is peeled away and through twitter, you actually get to know a person and who they really are.  I encourage you to connect with me in other places, other than just my blog.  Visit me on Facebook and Twitter – share your projects and tell me what you’re up to.

Lastly, I want to share with you some of my plans for Year #2!  As I’m no longer a Design Consultant with Willow House, I am able to focus my efforts on continuing the growth of my Interior Design business locally in Saratoga, NY, as well as my E-Decorating services worldwide. I also have a second blog “in the works” and am going to be a regular blog contributor on BuildDirect, an online retailer and design blog pertaining to design inspiration, trends, and anything to do with the home.  That’s what I have planned for right now, but I am hopeful that there will be more amazing opportunities along the way.  Who knows what the future has to hold – That’s for God to know and for me to find out!!

So here’s to another YEAR ahead…please celebrate with me and Thank You so much again!!

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  1. says

    So awesome! Happy Anniversary! I’m sure you will do great on your new adventure! You are passionate about your business and if you love what you do you will shine! Best of luck!

  2. says

    Hi Jenna-

    Congrats on one year of blogging under your belt! It is nice to hear how it has let you carve out a living doing what you are passionate about. Looking forward to meeting you at Haven.

    Best wishes on continued happiness and success.

    My best- Diane

  3. says

    Congrats on being one yr old! I have been away for the summer….kids, etc! So glad to be back and I had to come check you out! Looks like I have alot to enjoy reading over here!

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Lisa. It’s been so long – I hope you are doing well. I’m sure your summer hiatus was great, but glad to have you back in the blogging world! xo Jenna

  4. says

    Wow. Congrats on 1 year. I’m new to blogging myself and am taking classes on interior design. It’s good to know that others are able to make it in the industry. I’m new to your blog, but so far I’m loving it. Thanks for all the great info. I hope that year two is just as successful.

    • Jenna says

      Thank you so much Lisa for your kinds words. I’ve found if you are passionate about something and believe in yourself, you never know where the future will take you. I swear I never thought a year ago I’d be doing what I am today. Blogging last let me down a path that I’d never believe. Stick with it and you never know where your path will go! xo Jenna

  5. says

    Happy Blogiversary! :) Can’t wait to see what the next year brings for you!!! Love reading your blog and I don’t comment often but just know I enjoy your posts.

    • Jenna says

      Thanks so much Ange, you are too sweet! I’m thrilled to have you as a regular reader and can’t thank you enough for returning day after day!! xo Jenna

  6. says

    CONGRATS!!!! I can’t believe it has been a year already – I seriously time completely flies by! At a minimum I am coming up to ATL in June so that we can meet in person, even if I don’t go to Haven. I can’t have you only 1.5 hours away and not come meet you! :)

    • Jenna says

      You are so sweet – Thanks Angie! It’s been wonderful to meet so many amazing people, including you and Carrie. I can not wait till we actually meet FACE to FACE! xo Jenna