Repurposed Shutter Decor

I get so much enjoyment when repurposing something that was minutes away from being dumped into the garbage. Making treasure out of trash is my “thang” and each time I transform something which could have been mistaken for garbage, I’m always amazed at the new life it’s taken on.

Yesterday I shared my shutter makeover, where I transformed and repurposed FREE shutters and made them into wall art to display family photos and memories.  After I wrote the post, I wanted to see what other people have created by repurposing old shutters.  Boy, was I amazed…

 Country Living

No. 1

No matter the style of your space, old shutters can create such an interesting focal point and conversation piece. These repurposed shutters were converted and used for framing a cork message board. What a fun way to stay organized.  At 5:00, you can close the shutters and be done for the day.  Then the next day, open them, and work can begin.  The turquoise color gives such a pop to the other neutral tones in the space.


Martha Stewart

No. 2

Similar to my Shutter Photo Display, these repurposed shutters are being used to hold things.  Instead of pictures though, they are holding mail, invitations, announcements, etc.  This would be great for a central command center, in the kitchen, or any place in the home where your family stays organized.  It would go great alongside with a personalized calendar too!


Olive and Love

No. 3

Very few things amaze me, but this shutter installation, blew me out of the water.  It’s breathtaking… showstopping… and simply gorgeous!  Don’t you think?  And honestly, for someone to get the courage to set forth to create this Shutter Wall is extraordinary in itself!  I can just imagine me saying to my husband, “Let’s take this focal wall in the dining room and put shutters all over it”… ah, I don’t think that would go over well, even as a Designer.  One of the major reasons why this wall works so well is the variety of color.  Even though there are 6-8 different colors used, the overall composition is so cohesive.  By layering the shutters, taking account their different depths, the wall is so intriguing and engaging.


White Oak Attic

No. 4

What’s old is new again!  Finding shutters that can be repurposed as a headboard makes for an interesting architectural element in any space, especially in a bedroom on the focal wall.  By scouring salvage yards, flea markets, and/or garage sales, you never know what you can find.  Shutters make great headboards because you can paint them any color and there essentially is no installation – simply put them behind any bed or if you want them to be more secure, join them by using a 1 x 4 behind and fasten them to the wall with a few screws.

Good Housekeeping

No. 5

This is a great one-day DIY project.  Most shutters already have hinges on their edges, so it would take little time to form this box into a table.  Once you’ve got the cube in position, you can finish it off with a wood top to match or a glass top.  This weathered shutter end table would complement any shabby chic interior or could also be great for the outdoors either on a porch or screened-in space.


221 Vision


My Bloggy BF, Carrie, of 221 Vision transformed these almost-thrown-in-the-garbage shutters into a beautiful way to showcase family photos.  Different than my shutter photo display, I like how she added the picture frames on top of the shutter slats, then finished the look with a few accessories like hardware and their name initial. So beautiful and creative!

Isn’t it fun to see what others do to ordinary things?

I used my shutters one way, and here are 6 other ideas using essentially the same item.   Have you used shutters to create any decor for your home? 

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  1. says

    #3 is indeed amazing! The palette reminds me of a 1960’s illustrated children’s book…

    It looks like there are some washes over the main colors (which might lend to the congruent look). Do you think so, or is it just my eyes?

    • Jenna says

      You’re right Heidi, it does look like there is a wash over the shutters and is very apparent on the darker colored one. Beautiful, right?! Thanks for the comment. xo Jenna

    • Jenna says

      You’re welcome Carrie and thanks for the compliment too! I’ll send some cold weather to you as long as you send some warm back to me – thanks ;)

    • Jenna says

      Thanks so much Abi for the kind comment! You can really do so much with shutters. Isn’t that shutter wall amazing?! xo Jenna

  2. Bridget says

    I was wondering what ideas are floating around for accordion doors taken off a closet. I was thinking of a trellis in the garden.
    Other ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!

    • Jenna says

      So much you can do with accordian doors and a trellis for the garden is one great idea. I’ll have to see what I can compile – stay tuned! xo Jenna