Giving New Life to an Old Lamp: Part 2 of the Lamp Makeover

Earlier this week, I shared my project-fail-turned-success story with the lampshade I made-over using spray paint and sandpaper.  Yes, an interesting combination, I know, but I was desperate – head over to read that post where I was simply keepin’ it real!  Anyway, the lamp base for what the lampshade sat on got a little makeover as well and this went much more according to plan (thankfully)!

Again, armed with spray paint – this time it was Rust-Oleum’s Hammered Dark Bronze, I was ready to makeover this lamp that was once white and was purchased for my son’s nursery before he was born.  When his room transformed into a toddler space, and now a “big-boy” Star Wars oasis, the lamp went downstairs into the basement.  I didn’t have the heart to throw it away since nothing was wrong with it, but there was no purpose for it at the time – so to “the dungeon” it went.

I’m a huge fan of dark bronze and have a few other lamps and acccessories around the house with a similar finish.  With the hammered texture and this classic color, I thought it would be perfect for transforming this lamp. I taped off the light switch at the top, along with the cord at the bottom, and I was off and spray painting.  In no time, this dainty and cute nursery lamp base was changed into a sophisticated and stylish living room element.

Doesn’t the background look beautiful?  You would think I lived in Florida or someplace down South.  But no!  I have to admit, I worked on this project a while ago (mid-summer), but haven’t had a chance to share it till now, sorry.  I have a new goal when DIYing, and that is to share the results within the week of the transformation, otherwise it’s not as exciting for me and not as “real” for you!

Moving on – If you look at the “before” lamp, there is a missing chunk of wood from the area at the top.  Thankfully I had the loose piece and used one of my secret go-to fixers: Liquid Nails adhesive!  This is a life saver for me on so many projects.  It takes little time to dry and is a very strong glue. (no one paid me to say that – I just truly believe it) :)

I dabbed a small amount of the adhesive on each surface – the lamp and the loose piece.  Then put them together.  And that’s about it.  I waited about 30 minutes for the connection to bond, and then I was ready to spray paint.

And here is the result…  A new dark bronze lamp and shade, perfectly fit for a living room.

This spray paint was a dream to use and I think it’s because of the hammered finish that gives a raised texture.  Additionally, unlike typical spray paints that are one color and flat, the dark bronze is made up of a combination of brown, bronze, and gray hues, resulting in an interesting 3-dimensional feel.

I loved it so much, that I also spray painted a garage sale tray AND my TJ Maxx red lanterns.

I originally tried to stencil on the tray top which is why the top has some brown paint on it.  Once again though, it was a PROJECT FAIL (see, I keep it real – there is no project that goes completely smooth).  So instead, I spray painted it.  Thankfully, using these tips, I was on the track to spray painting success.

Here’s the result~

And do you remember the bright red lanterns I purchased at TJ’s?  Those got made over with this Dark Bronze color too.  Now they sat beautifully on my porch, decorated for Fall.

I’m sure I will find more things to transform and more surfaces to cover using this “magic maker”, but for now, I’m quite thrilled with the result of my lamp (and other decor)! What do you think?

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  1. says

    Loving this hammered metal look! I saw this spray at the hardware store but was reluctant to use it because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I totally need to use it because it is gorgeous!! Love what you did with these three things!! – Angie

    • Jenna says

      It is a really nice spray paint to use Angie and I truly recommend it. Like I said in the post, it has a texture quality to it and has a mix of numerous colors – browns, bronzes, blacks. Because of this, I feel like you can “mess up” a bit, and it would go unnoticed.