15 Creative Ways to Display Christmas Cards

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  I felt that the 4 days flew by so quickly, and even though I tried taking a break to have some “down time” for myself and spend time with my family, I was still busy, busy, busy.  After my belly was stuffed with some delicious food on Thanksgiving day, I ended up venturing out late in the morning on Friday to “score” some HOT deals.  Then Saturday we transformed the house into Christmas mode, and I finished out the weekend with a Holiday party at a friend’s house yesterday.  How was your Thanksgiving weekend?

Well now that we’re in full-on Christmas mode for the next 4 weeks, I am positive that you will be receiving lots of christmas cards, if you haven’t already.  Our first Christmas card arrived the day after Thanksgiving, like it ALWAYS does by the same person each year.  And it begins….  Have you received your first Holiday card yet?

Every year I display the many beautiful cards that we receive in different ways, and this year I was alittle at a lose.  In search of some inspiration, I scoured the blogosphere and found some really great ways to display those gorgeous cards instead of taping them to the wall.  Let’s take a look~

Kate, Centsational Girl, created this darling Holiday Card Holder with a cork board, festive green ribbon, and push pins.  I love the simplistic style of this creation, yet it’s so darn cute!

Similar to what I created with my old shutters for hanging photos, these shutters made by Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour, make the perfect backdrop to display those beautiful Holiday cards.  And of course, red is the perfect color for the season.  These shutters pop against the neutral wall!

Christmas Card Holder and Garland all-in-one!  So cute and festive for the season, created by Little Birdie Secrets

 This is an adorable way to display your Holiday cards and/or countdown to Christmas!  Jen of Tatertots and Jello made this beautiful creation and what’s great is it can be used throughout the year for so many things.  How about hanging magazines or using it as a backdrop in your decor?  So creative!

These two ideas are quite cute!  Arrange your Holiday cards into a tree shape (using blue painters tape so your wall doesn’t get ruined) or maybe a snowflake.  Or use them within your table setting decor.  Great ideas by homelife.

With the non-Holiday look of this card holder,  it can be used throughout the entire year to display cards to grocery lists to invitations.  What a beautiful idea!

This card holder reminds me of my organic centerpiece, but instead of hanging ornaments, this tree has hanging cards.  What a beautiful idea created by Martha Stewart and could make for a wonderful focal point amongst your other Holiday decor.

This card holder brings many Christmas Blessings created by Karli of Rocky Bella.  A simple sign with ribbons hanging down, makes for a smart solution to hang those pretty cards.

I am very intrigued by this card holder…  It’s one of my favorites and such an easy and creative way to hold those many Christmas cards.  This log card holder was created by Welcoming Design.

Similar to the card holder above, this sign and ribbon holder dons a Merry Christmas sign, which was created by Emily of The Anderson Crew.

A wreath card holder created by Martha Stewart.  Such a simple and cute idea to display your many Christmas cards.

I really like this darling idea by Craftily Ever After.  Photo cards are so popular and this photo frame display is a wonderful way to see those smiling faces!

This is a unique and fun way to display your cards!  Ellie of Craft Sew Create made this adorable tree shaped card holder with some of her favorite holiday fabrics!

A very simple solution to hanging those favorite Holiday cards is to tape ribbon to the top of the door, and let it hang down.  Then tape or tie on the cards to the ribbon.  What a cute and easy idea by Yum Sugar.

These are just a few simple, inexpensive, and creative ways to display your Holiday cards using everyday items!  How do you usually display the cards you receive?

Now I’m filled with ideas on how to display my Christmas Cards this year…  I’m off and creating!

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  1. says

    Sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous weekend! Hooray for that! Thanks so much for the shout out, too kind my friend, and a fantastic roundup of inspriration for all those lovely cards!


  2. says

    I tried out the Martha Stewart embroidery hoop idea last year hung with a wide ribbon, it really worked out awesome! So many fun ideas you’ve listed!

  3. Claudia Bell says

    I simply magnetize all of my cards to our double car garage door. We have turned our garage into a 2 fold room tv and or garage. I can hang the cards in Ny order or design and last year Lone I hung over 400 hundred cards after 40 yrs of marriage. It’s beautiful and easy to see inside and out