Inspirational Christmas Interiors

I realized that lately I’ve been sharing alot of my own DIY creations (which I hope you’ve been enjoying) and less inspirational interior spaces by others.  With the internet, magazines, and books, I’m never at a loss for finding spaces that WOW me (and I hope you as well).

With the Holidays approaching, the typical everyday decor is replaced with seasonal favorites, and once again my jaw has dropped at some of the interior rooms that fellow designers have created.  Let’s take a look at some of my favorite spaces decorated for the Christmas.

Where do I begin?  This interior fully decked out for Christmas was actually what inspired me to write this post.  Designed by Jill Brinson, this space has traditional Christmas favorites paired with modern, everyday elements like the ever-so-popular chevron pattern seen on the bold tablecloth.  With the hewn beams, lantern pendants, and chicken wire screening, this interior has a classic rustic aesthetic,  splashed throughout with modern sophistication.

Who said Christmas colors are only red and green?  This setting showcased in the Daily Mail shows a beautiful combination of purple and gold hues, sprinkled throughout with pinks and whites.  Paired with a traditional tree, this interior is a great twist on “the norm”.  I love that wallpaper too – it looks like snowflakes!

When decorating with traditional red and green colors for Christmas, go all the way!  This living room portrays an elegant, yet whimsical quality.  It’s simple, neutral furniture is the backdrop to deep red accents and textural elements like the wallpaper, rug, and pillows.  The diy paper snowflakes give this room such a personal touch and I like how there are two shelves above the mantel – what great use of space that can be updated with the Holidays and/or seasons.

You’ve got to hold me back!  My goodness, this is to die for!  Let’s just analyze every element  – where to begin?  Okay, the mantel…  The rich antiqued gold accessories and mirror are beautifully embellished with soft peach candles against the crisp, white walls.  A whimsical silvery/gold garland is hung by the fireplace which is filled with logs, giving the space a rustic and unusual touch amongst the other heavier, more traditional elements.  Comfortable, “lived-in” side chairs sit close to the fireplace and directly in front is a cute reindeer ready to fly up into the sky.

Another beautiful interior decorated for the Christmas season.  I told you this post would be inspirational!  This vignette is a favorite because the modern style table can easily be updated with the changing seasons and / or holidays.  Right now it’s filled with 3 charming nutcrackers, candy jars, and feathered Christmas trees.  Decorating with accessories in odd numbers (there are 3  of each element on the table) and varying heights always makes for a beautiful display.  With the chevron patterned picture behind, classic Christmas elements are displayed in contemporary way.  And the disco ball?  LOVE!  This space is all ready for the arrival of New Years!!

Soft and Sparkle is what comes to mind for this beautifully decorated Holiday table.  Elegant hues of white and silver don this cheerful table, set for a delicious feast.  Tall candles are the focal center piece for the setting and twinkling Christmas lights are simply hung on the mirror which add a sophisticated and soft ambiance.

Let’s talk COLOR! The bright and bold hues, paired with textural elements seen in the pillows and accessories, makes for a very cheery Christmas setting seen in this setting by Real Simple.  The tree elegantly displays green circular, tissue paper-like ornaments filled with colorfully wrapped presents below.  Fun colors and textures are also seen on the mantel and pillows.

What an elegant dining room ready for Christmas dinner.  Filled with gold ornaments and accessories, this eclectic dining space decorated for the festive Holiday has a combination of traditional and modern elements.  The black furniture is a bold accent to the gold and white wallpapered wall, and sunburst-style round mirror.  It’s enjoyable having the tree and the fireplace so close to the dining room table, where you can sit for hours surrounded by family. And the sparkly gold pillows add such a fun and surprising touch!

This living room seen in Southern Living screams texture and warmth. The fresh Christmas tree sits in a natural raffia style basket base and is surrounded by presents in different neutral-colored wrappings.  Burlap stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and a rustic circular wall art is the focal point of the fireplace wrapped with greenery and pinecones.  The textural wallpaper makes this space so warm, and I just love the striped rug – it lengthens the room making it feel larger than it is.

This crisp white interior showcased in Country Living has a few added touches to make it decked for the Holidays.  With the festive elements on the fireplace, this space doesn’t scream Christmas, but has subtle accessories that creates a warm and cozy space.  The stockings which are different sizes and shapes are unusual and unexpected amongst the more traditional elements – the seasonal decor adds for a surprising touch.

Another Christmas interior using red to make a statement for the Holidays. The beautiful hue is included “just right” in this space as accents in the rug, ornaments, and on the mantel.  The cozy fireplace space creates for an intimate and relaxing setting.  I could just curl up here and read a book for hours…

The other traditional Christmas color… GREEN!  And this interior, decorated for the Holiday truly brings the outdoors in.  The entire space from the wicker sofas to the large lanterns to the greenery, brings the outdoors in.  This space is inviting and perfectly set for the coming Holiday.

Have you been inspired by the showcase of amazing spaces decorated for Christmas?  What elements do you bring in for the season?  Have you started decorating yet?

* Photos that I had sources for were given appropriate credit.  Other unidentified images are by unknown sources.

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    Gorgeous, Jenna. TFS. While I love all the link parties this time of year, it’s also great to see designer rooms. Both give inspiration. I strive for the decorator look, but somehow don’t always achieve it. Still, it’s always fun to try!