10 Great Ideas for Around the House

A new year, a new month, a new day has begun!

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday season and a very happy new years eve and day.  I just can not believe it’s already 2012.  Each year goes faster and faster – don’t you feel that same way as you get older?  In my looking-at-everything-in-a-glass-is-half-full-attitude, I’m trying to stay positive and not feel bummed that the Holidays went so fast. Even though January is often known for it’s long drear days, it’s also a great time to purge out the old allowing for a new clean palette to live.  As I mentioned last week, I put away all of my Christmas decor and am ready to finish up some of the projects that had been put on the back burner and start many new projects that I’ve had brewing in my head (for way too long).

To begin this year off with a-bang, I thought I’d showcase 10 really cool projects.  These are ten ideas that I said to myself, “wow, that’s neat”…and I hope you’ll do the same!

1. How-To Stain Brick

I really like the look of brick and it’s warm colors and textural elements.  I’m not often a fan of covering brick with paint (unless it works in the setting), but sometimes with age and/or natural staining, a brick surface needs a little refresher.  Anna of Ask Anna had a friend who was an artist and used semi-transparent concrete stain to give her corner fireplace nook a transformation resulting in a more monotone look.  There are different color stains to choose from and it’s a fairly easy and inexpensive project with a real WOW-RESULT!

2. How-To Create Wall Art with Shoe Boxes

Chevron was HOT-HOT-HOT in 2011 and this chevron wall art made by Halsey of Spunky Junky is super cool AND easy because it was created using shoe box tops.  Shoe boxes are sturdy, durable, and FREE, so why not create something with them?!  Not only can the boxes be recovered with scrap paper to create a storage box, but the tops can also be used to create wall art similar to this DIY creation.

Instead of painting the shoe box tops like Halsey, another idea is to cover them in fabric scraps like this space showcased on Houzz.  Using a combination of like fabrics, a wall of art can instantly be created on a dime.

3. How-To Make Wine Bottle Storage using PVC Pipe

Some creative solutions can be made using the most non-thought of products like this wine rack by Martha Stewart.  I’m sure when you were in Home Depot last and saw PVC piping, you didn’t think a wine rack could be made with it.  Design options are limitless and you can make this for any spot in your kitchen.  Add a splash of color with spray paint to instantly make it a piece of art. So creative and inexpensive (it could also make a unique and personal gift).

4. How-To Make a No-Slip Dish Towel

Another creative solution by Martha Stewart is to add a piece of velcro to the bottom of a dish towel, so it can easily hang and stay in place while hanging on the oven. So simple and easy, and what a great solution so the towel is always ready for use.

5. How to Build a Magazine Rack

Using wood brackets that can be found at any home improvement store, an attractive and stylish magazine rack can be created like this one by This Old House – make one of your own and add a splash of color!

 6. How-To Make a Ribbon Holder

This is such a creative solution for a ribbon holder using a slotted tupperware bin, put together by Halsey of Spunky Junky. What a great way to keep all your supplies in one place.  Another solution for keeping all of your gift supplies together, is to use a clear garment bag that has large compartments where everything inside can easily be seen.

7. How-To Hang a Picture

Your picture hanging troubles are over.  With this simple diy creation using a clothespin and a nail, Michele of The Scrap Shoppe Blog, shows us how we will never have another difficult moment when laying out a photo montage wall.

8. How-To Make Painting Easier

Painting a room makes a HUGE difference, but sometimes it really is a pain to paint, so helpful tips and tricks really make the process go faster and easier!  I love this idea of putting a rubberband around the edge of a paint can, so you can wipe your brush without it getting into the can edge.  Check out some more Paint Tricks {here}.

9. How-To Store Pot Lids

Using simple towel racks on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door is a great way to maximize the use of space to hold the difficult-to-store pot lids – Idea by Martha Stewart.

10. How-To Paint Ceramic Tile

Update ceramic tile with a coat of fresh paint in a color of your choice.  Enamel craft paints available at many craft stores give great coverage – Idea by BHG.

I’m always looking for new ideas or tricks to make things in my life easier.  These are just a few cool ideas that I thought were neat and wanted to pass on to you. I’m always on the hunt for new ideas, so if you have one, I’d love to hear about it.  Please Share!

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    • Jenna says

      I know! I’ve been hunting around my home for shoe boxes so I can create a wall like that – what a great idea. Happy 2012 xo Jenna

    • Jenna says

      I know, isn’t that SO genius – love that too and I’m going to have to do that someplace in my home for 2012!! xo Jenna

  1. Michelle Rieber says

    I love the shoebox idea. This would be an easy and cheap way to decorate for the holidays. Love it!!!

  2. Kaylee Powers says

    So does the enamel craft paint stay on bathroom/shower tiles pretty well? Do you need any primer, gloss, or prep at all? Other than cleaning the tiles of course.

    • Jenna says

      I wouldn’t use enamel paint on tile that is in the shower/tub or other wet areas. If you want to change the color of your tile in a shower, you should think of having it re-glazed.