Updating Interior Door Hardware

Simple and inexpensive updates often make a world of difference.

Thanks to the kind folks at Schlage, I was able to update a few of my interior doors over the weekend, and what a change!  Not only has the new door hardware completely changed the look of the space, the ease and feel of the new knobs when the door is opened / closed, is wonderful – I was thrilled to be able to make this easy, but high-impact update.

Duration of Project: 20 minutes
Project Difficulty: Easy
How Many People Needed: 1

All the before hardware (on the doors, faucets, etc) throughout my house are brass – not really my style or “cup of tea”.  As we’ve been slowly making updates over the last two years, oil rubbed bronze has been my finish of choice and for this new door hardware, I chose to use the Schlage Andover style in the ORB finish.

The door hardware set came with all the parts needed to make the switch.

1. To begin, I removed the existing interior door hardware so that only the hole of the door was left.

2. Before installing the new hardware, it’s important to look at the edge of the door to determine if there is a ‘notched out’ section for a plate to sit in OR if there is simply a circle for the “guts”.

Schlage offers a universal door set to accommodate for both conditions, whereas many other door sets don’t come with hardware for both conditions. (In our previous house, we also changed the door hardware and used a lesser quality door set, which did not come with universal hardware to fit both conditions).

Here is an image with the plate for the “notched out”, recessed condition –

Here is the condition with the plate removed –

FYI: My door is the later condition.

3. Put the “guts” of the hardware into the center hole.

4. Before installing the door knob, you will need to remove the escutcheon (backplate) from the knob – check out the next three pictures.

those are the Misters hands…  I was the pho-tog for this part

5. Then, put the one knob on the backside of the door (which will go through the “guts”).

6. Then attach the other door knob (which will fit in nicely).

6. Lastly, I  removed the existing strike plate on the door jamb and changed it with the ORB style.

And the door hardware is complete…

After the hardware was taken off, it was the perfect time to slap a coat of fresh white paint on the door.  Since this is the door to the basement and is in the kitchen space, it gets “beaten up” alot.  Again, something so easy (painting the door) made such a huge change!  I’m lovin’ how clean it looks (which probably won’t last long – ha).

What a refreshing update!  The door hardware by Schlage is really well-made, durable, and is a great classic style.

Now I just need to change all the other doors in the house… that’s left for another weekend…

What finish is the door hardware in your home? Have you updated your hardware or thought of changing it?

Disclosure:I have a material connection because I received an item of nominal value from a company affiliated with a brand, topic and/or product that is mentioned herein, but all the content and opinions in this post are 100% mine!

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  1. Ingrid says

    I did this! I am so proud of myself. Waiting on hinges I ordered to finish the project. Yay!
    Thanks Jenna, you rock!

  2. says

    Hi Jenna,

    Great article. You provide so much detail on your project. I think this will be very helpful to others who want to replace and upgrade their door hardware. We have a site http://www.doorhardware.com and would love it if you could write a blog post for our site when you get ready for your next door related project.