How Color Affects Our Life and World

The colors that surround us directly and indirectly affect the way we think, the way we respond, and the mood that we’re in.  As red hues can evoke a strong and striking response, yellows can be calming and cheerful.

I found this Infograph on Pinterest and thought it was so interesting and helpful to understand how color affects our everyday life, and sometimes without us even realizing.

Now Sourcing

It’s so interesting to me how businesses choice specific colors to evoke a certain mood or feeling?  Here is another very thought provoking Infograph about how colors affect our everyday purchases.

Daily Infographic

Color surrounds us.  Color is everywhere.  Without color, what would our world be?  In many cases, businesses take a long time to choice the “right” color for their brand.  They want to attract the “right” consumer and they want to deliver the “right” message, and it’s all based on color choice.  This is how color is so important on a grand scale, but the same rules and thoughts apply to the colors we choice for our homes.

How do you think color affects you?

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