Boy Bedroom Makeover {Reveal}

I’ve talked about it enough and now I am finally delivering… my son’s bedroom is complete and I’m making the reveal {squeal}.  It’s been enjoyable and fun to work on some new do-it-yourself projects and make some design updates in his room, but I’m also happy to say, it’s DONE.  And what a coincidence that the reveal is today because it’s also his 6th birthday – wow the time has gone fast.

Let’s stop the chattin’ and get to the room reveal.

If you happen to remember way back when before painting the stripes, I created this quick sketch of what I wanted the space to look like once we took apart the bunkbeds (yes, the two twin beds used to be a bunkbed).

And here is the actual space…

A year ago he loved the bunkbeds, a year later he’s much happier with two separate beds (he’s definitely my child who loves to change furniture around).

Adding a few bold stripes on the bed wall really make a huge difference for the overall look of the space.  They are a great focal point when you enter the room.  The red dresser is an Ikea purchase from a few years ago and even though it’s a strong hue, it blends well with many colors, especially the various shades of blue and the crisp white. The bedding is also from Ikea and the vintage “flying” planes are from Homegoods.  And the sign?  Cute, right?  Well I made that and I can’t even share a tutorial because it took SOOO long and I would never want you to experience the same agony as I did.

My little boys room is surely an eclectic style showcasing various hobbies and interests.  From superheros to sports to skateboarding, his loves surround him.  The skateboard shelves that we installed last year remained in place (I wouldn’t dare ask the Mister to move them, hehe) and next to them are 3 pennants of teams he likes.  The pallet shelves at the end of the bed were alot of fun to create and the book fronts add a beautiful splash of color in the space.

Pallet Shelf Tutorial

Onto the desk.  Yes, the desk.  THE DESK.  I’m thrilled to have it complete. Do you remember “the” desk?  The infamous desk that took forever to get a makeover, but thankfully went from this, to this?  Another project that I am so glad is complete and I love it ;)  Above the desk I added a photo / happy sayings gallery. Beautiful quotes & sayings are one of my favorite things to display around the house and even though I envisioned (and still want to do) a wall filled with sayings, I added a few that I felt were most appropriate for a growing boy.

Just a few of my favorites…

Painted Desk Tutorial

One fun part of the desk space is the pallet shelf that I turned around and instead of holding books, it’s oriented horizontal and holds pictures and accessories.  This pallet shelf is made exactly the same way as the other two, but was drilled into the wall on it’s bottom.

And that’s the room! 

What do you think? Not too different than before, but the few design updates have really made the space unique and personal for my little guy! Thanks so much for sticking around for the ride and enjoying all the parts and pieces of my son’s bedroom makeover.

Have you made any design updates to your kids rooms lately?

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Thanks Erin! Red is a bold color, but alot of other hues coordinate well with it, so it hasn’t been difficult to design around. Thanks for your kind thoughts and my little guy really does love his new space. xo Jenna

hi Jenna –

This room came out great. It is a labor of love to create and decorate a room perfect for our children. I think what I like best though is the book in the pallet shelf – I Love You Mommy! I bet your son is giving you lots of hugs for making his room so special.

My best- Diane

You’re so sweet, Diane, thank you for the kind words! Decorating any room is labor of love, especially this one. Thankfully he loves his room. xo Jenna

Oh Jenna! The room turned out so adorable! I absolutely love the hanging planes! The color choice for the room is masculine yet soothing with just the right about of a color punch! LOVE IT!!

Thank you so much Kim!! The space is definitely one that he can grow with, yet still has his favorite colors and collectibles. It was definitely a challenge to fit in everything he likes from sports to hobbies to legos to star wars, but I think it came out nice and most importantly, he’s happy! xo Jenna

He absolutely can transition in this space and that is one of the reasons I chose the colors that I did. Even though I love to change / move things alot, this is a space that he can “live” in for years. Thanks for the kind thoughts and comments, Shari – much appreciated! xo Jenna

I get you blog via email and I thought the pictures were great, but then I came to the actual blog and the pictures were much better than I thought! I think I’ll always come directly to the blog from now on. I love the room. Your taste were spot on with the stripe and those skateboard shelves are adorable. Let me pat you on the back for this project, and maybe rub your shoulders too!

Well I’m happy to hear that you receive my post via email, but I’m even happier that you headed over to the blog to take a look at more that I have to share. Thank you for the kind thoughts and keep on heading over whenever you can ;) -Jenna

No MORE SPAM – YAY!! Thanks for the kind thoughts Kelly and thankfully my little guy does approve ;) xo Jenna

Jenna, I really like that the space was designed with his loves in mind. I can tell you put a lot of thought into his room. Hope he enjoyed his birth anniversary!

Hi, can you tell us what paint brand you used for the stripes. I was to recreate this in my son’s room with a construction theme. The colors are perfect, but it would help to know the brand of paint. Thanks!

Hi Angie, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The paint I used for the stripes were actually a mix of numerous colors. Check Benjamin Moore though – they are my go-to paint! -Jenna

I screwed a hook into the ceiling with an anchor and then put the planes up with clear fishing line, which basically disappears in the white ceiling. -Jenna

This is sooo cute!! My boys room set up is similar. Question for you on the dresser placement…do your kids ever bump their heads on the dresser? LOL! I was thinking of putting my boys dresser in the same spot, but I’m always afraid that they will bonk their heads…

No, they’ve never bonked their heads – thankfully. There is still plenty of space of the floor to “wrestle”, so thankfully the corners of the desk have been avoided.

Love this room! I did a similar stripe pattern for my little boy’s room. Where did you get the contact paper and quotes? I’ve been wanting to frame some quotes but can’t seem to find anything like this.


Thanks so much Sarah! The contact paper I found at Target – they have some great wrapping paper and contact paper, but it’s totally random when + what they have. The quotes I found online. I don’t remember specifically where I got them, but try – they have a lot of cute quotes!