Inspirational Teen Bedrooms: Roundup

With a plethora of interests, hobbies, and sometimes messy habits, a teens bedroom can often be a challenge to design. Some parents (and their kids) would rather just close the door to the often unsightly views, but many want to leave the door open to show a well-designed room that reflects their childs unique interests and personality.

After finishing up my son’s bedroom makeover (even though he’s not a teen – thank goodness) a few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to put together some inspirational ideas and solutions for a well-designed, functional, and Totally Rad Teen Room.

Personalize the Space

The most important piece-of-the-puzzle when designing a teen’s room is to include them and let the space reflect who they are and their interests. It’s of course, easier said than done, but it’s important to allow their space to showoff their hobbies and collections.  This teen room was designed by Aaron Christensen of Embellishments Studio for the son of Kim from Today’s Creative Blog.  The space has a great combo of colors – orange, blue, and green, which are introduced throughout the room in different ways.  Aaron and Kim added LOTS of shelf space for books, trophies, DVDs, magazines, etc. so everything has a place.  Without enough storage, it’ll just end up on the floor  – as mom’s, we all know that for sure!

Additionally Aaron and Kim nixed the idea of typically having two nightstands on each side of the bed and instead added a computer desk with a comfy, cool chair.

These honeycomb shelves play a dual purpose as Art + Storage – great idea!  Love the bold, fun colors.

Transitioning from Child to Teen

Our kids grow so fast and sometimes it can be difficult to design a room for them depending on their age and stage.  Introducing  a color combination (in the room below – orange, charcoal, and light blue) that can ‘live’ with a child from their early school-aged years through their teens, can help with the age shift.  This room designed by Kirsten Krason Interiors isn’t actually a teen room, but could easily transition into one.  If you took off the baby pictures and nixed the toddler rainboots, you would have no idea that this was a little boys bedroom and not a teen.  Artwork and decor could easily be updated with this fun space.

Be Bold

Kids and teen rooms should be dramatic, fun, and bold – ditch the ordinary and be daring.  This bedroom designed by Annsley Interiors could be for teen or someone who is older.  The turquoise and orange combination against a white backdrop makes for an inviting, yet unexpected, bold statement.  Can I move in?!

Introducing a desk so it duals as a nightstand + place to work is a great idea for a teen room. Isn’t that desk chair eye-catching?! And I love the mirror hung from a strap.

Stripes are a favorite of mine and this teen bedroom by Linda of It All Started with Paint is a sure bold winner!  Color is the #1 way to update a space and choosing a fun color combination like orange, blue, and black are a sure fire-way to spruce it up. Continuing the chosen colors throughout the room for the bedding and accessories allows for a cohesive oasis.

You probably wouldn’t do something like this in your living, but in a teen room it’s perfect!

Add Color

Teen + Color go hand-in-hand!  This bedroom (probably meant for a younger child, but would be awesome as a teen space) by Amie Corley speaks COLOR. The right touch and amount of color has been added in the window treatments, nightstand, and side chairs, while the other furniture is crisp and quieter.  When incorporating lots of color like in this space, I love the idea of using lots of white elements and accessories (ie: lamp, ottomans, bookcase, coffee table) to add layers and dimension.

No more grumpy mornings – any child would love waking up in this room (maybe…).

Be Unique

Whether choosing to go basic or making your teen’s space a specific theme, let it stand out and be unique. Jen of Tatertots and Jello created this cool room for her teen.  By adding a unique treatment to the walls – vertical planks and board-and-batten – this space is fun, but so not ordinary.  It’s also not a total “theme”, but a room that can grow with a child and/or turn into another function (guest room or craft room) once your child leaves the roost.

What a fun teen room, right?!  Again not too “theme-like”, this space designed by Ronda of Batchelors Way is engaging and unique – perfect for a child of any age!  There’s lots of texture and a definite unique style.

Sophisticated Teen

One of my all-time favorite bedrooms is this serene and sophisticated teen room designed by Kate of Centsational Girl!  Gorgeous, right?!  Using a soft and calming palette, no teen will ever want to leave (that could be good or bad, lol).  If a sophisticated space like this is what your teen is begging you for, take a look at the furniture you already have throughout your home.  You never know what you can transform through some do-it-yourself projects.  You’ve gotta check out what Kate did.

Another beautiful room that any teen would love to have!  Janell of House of Fifty created this space for her daughter and it just speaks sophistication. Using a combination of traditional pieces with modern accents, this room is a real jewel.  (And then it could transition right into your guest room)

Two in a Room

Sometimes teens have to share a room and even though that may be a decorating challenge, it’s best to try and incorporate both of their wants and ideas to create a cohesive space. This room for two was designed by Darlene of Fieldstone Hill Design and is a perfect setting for two growing teens.

Again, using a combination of classic, traditional elements with modern touches makes for an eclectic space that any teen would love.

This patriotic palette for two teens is dramatic and exciting.  The white backdrop allows for the blue and red to pop, giving dimension and depth.  White is probably not the best color for messy fingers, so if this is the space for you, your teens should probably stay in the kitchen.

You’ve gotta admit, this is such a fresh and fun room!

Tips for designing a Teen’s Bedroom

  • Incorporate their ideas, hobbies, and collections into the design
  • Offer lots of storage options – shelves, baskets, cubbies, etc.
  • Introduce fun colors
  • Be bold and unique
  • Design a space that can grow with your child

Want to see a few more Teen Rooms? Check em’ out!

original source unknown

Liz Caan Interiors

Featured at BHG

original source unknown, Featured on Dwellers Without Decorators

Lastly,  if you missed my son’s room makeover, I’d love for you to take a look.  Here’s a peak:

Thanks for checking out my Teen Room Roundup! 

Do you have a teen?  What does their bedroom look like?  Are you the parent that would rather just close the door or do you want them to have a space that is well-designed?

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  1. says

    There were some gorgeous rooms in that roundup, Jenna. I wouldn’t mind my room looking like a few of those. ; ) We’ll be giving my 13, close to 14, year old daughter’s room a bit of a revamp this spring or summer – new paint, etc. Thanks for sharing. I love post like these! Have a great weekend.

    ~ Catie

  2. says


    Such a great round-up and I’m not just saying that because you included my son’s room!


    Seriously, I’m truly honored to be included among the company of so many talented women. And I adore the room you created for your son too. So many great little details throughout. Those skateboard shelves are darling!


  3. says

    Thanks for including my daughter’s room, she still loves it and actually transforming it into a guest room for the weekend…it’s good to have a queen bed in here! Janell

  4. says

    This is an amazing post! I love all the ideas shown! They are inventive and striking. I especially love the bedroom by Annsley Interiors. Love the desk/nightstand!
    Thanks for sharing!