The Best Tip to Hang a Picture

Yesterday I shared my newly updated two toned mirror with silver leaf detail and today I’m sharing the 411 on how I hung it on the wall.  I’ve been using this tip for years (well maybe not that long, but it’s been a while), yet never shared it – forgive me please.  This easy-peasy -picture-hanging-tip will knock your socks off make your life so much easier, plus you’ll get to ditch the typical results (and headaches) of having too many holes in the wall.

Are you ready??

Let’s break it down…

1. Lay the picture / mirror face down on it’s front. Using painters tape (it’s better than masking tape because it’s not too sticky), cut a piece long enough and align each end so it’s centered on the hooks.

2. Then lift the piece of tape off of the picture and position it on the wall at the desired height.  Then to make sure the picture / mirror is hung straight, place a level on the tape, so you know your screw positioning is just right.


3.  If you’re not screwing into a stud (which seems impossible for me 99% of the time), an anchor (or other picture screw/nail) is a must unless you want a broken picture on the floor within 5 minutes – anchors always give a secure base for screws.

Once both screws are in, the picture, mirror, or wall decor is ready to hang!

And this is what I hung on the wall…

This tip can be used for anything you need to hang – a picture, mirror, wall decor, a shelf, hmmm – what else??

Will you use this tip for hanging pictures?  Do you have another favorite picture hanging tip?

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    • Jenna says

      Thanks Gina! This tip with absolutely make life a lot easier when hanging anything on the wall. xo Jenna

  1. Susan says

    Great tip Jenna! Thanks! My challenge is wall accessories that come with built-in “keyhole” attachments for hanging. Inevitably, if more than one keyhole, they will not be level. I’ve started creating templates of the pieces, marking location of the hole–then taping template to wall to position nails/screws. I wonder if there is a better way?

  2. says

    Great tip Jenna! I am moving this week, so this post comes at a perfect time for me since I will soon be rehanging all our pictures and mirrors! Pinning this and just added you to my Google+ circles to follow you! Swing by my blog sometime if you get a chance to say hello! Have a fabulous week :) Heather

    • Jenna says

      So glad to hear that you find this tip useful. Good luck with your move and thanks for sharing with your followers. xo Jenna

  3. says

    I love this tip, but also love the product I use. Its easy as pie and simplest way ever! Its Simply Hang it, they say One step hang it right, and its true! Jenna, send me a link and I can send you some!

  4. says

    This is a great tip! Thank you for sharing this idea! One thing I would add is to always check (measure) the hardware on the back of your art. I have learned the hard way that sometimes those “D rings” on the back of the art are attached at two slightly different (uneven) points!


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