Organize, Protect, and Maintain Your Home + Giveaway

Do you remember the yellow paint color you used in the kitchen… three years ago?

Or the last time you cleaned out the debris in your central vac system?

What about replacing the batteries in the smoke detectors?

Owning a home is a wonderful thing.  It’s an experimental playground to create a space you love and that reflects your personal style.  Yet, home ownership isn’t always easily – there’s alot that goes into maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your family.  Thanks to HomeZada for making it really easy!

HomeZada, my newest latest and greatest sponsor, is the perfect online (and FREE) solution to organizing, maintaining, and protecting your home. Their easy-to-navigate dashboard allows you to manage your home inventory (furniture and decor), schedule home improvements (on a handy to-do calendar), and plan future projects with a budget spending spreadsheet.

Can you imagine life without scraps of paper lying around with future to-do lists?  Or scattered notebooks filled with random paint color codes?  I sure can – I’d love to be more organized!

How about imagining life with an organized maintenance calendar so you (or the mister) knows exactly what needs to be done, when, and how much it’s going to cost.  Imagine wanting to renovate your bathroom, update the kitchen countertops, AND install a new foyer floor, only to think it’s ALL way to expensive?

Well, with the charts, calendars, and graphs through HomeZada, everything is easily revealed in front of you… no guessing games, no questions asked.


With all the DIY projects that we work on, creating a wish list really keeps us on track with time and budget.  And again, no more random to-do lists scattered around the house.

And most importantly, maintenance projects around the home (which I’m horrible at) are scheduled in a convenient and easy-to-read calendar so you have no excuses.  My hubby loves this part!

On a serious note, HomeZada is a wonderful resource for documenting all of your personal belongings from furniture to family heirlooms.  You can upload photos, receipts, and even owner’s manuals to have a thorough inventory of everything you own in case of a flood, fire, or other damage.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have the security of knowing everything is set if something horrible were to happen?

In need of inspiration for some of your future projects?  HomeZada is a great resource.

One of the really cool features about HomeZada is their mobile app.  Many of us have smartphones and for me, I often think of things while on the go, so it’s perfect.  And you know what, it’s all FREE (there is a premium package with even more features if you’re interestedcheck out the giveaway below).

If you love where you live, I encourage you to visit HomeZada.

Now onto the Giveaway!

HomeZada is offering one lucky winner a year’s subscription for their Premium Package (valued at $99/year).

Here’s how…
(leave a separate comment for each)

  1. Visit HomeZada and share your #1 reason on why you need to use this software for your home
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The giveaway will end 9/2 and the winner will be announced on 9/3 via the SAS Interiors Facebook page, so be sure to “like”.

Disclaimer: This post and giveaway is sponsored by HomeZada and I have been compensated for my time. Thanks to HomeZada and other companies featured on SAS Interiors, I am able to continue blogging and inspire you through my creative ideas. My opinions and thoughts about HomeZada are 100% my own – I really think it’s a great resource for any homeowner.

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    My fiance and I are about to close on our first house – after years of stalking design blogs (like this one!) I have these delightfully unrealistic fantasies of moving in and magically updating/DIYing the whole place into a cohesive, fabulous, crafty, elegant dream home. Somehow I think I’m going to need some help organizing, planning and [ugh] budgeting for all these projects I’m going to do – I think HomeZada’s multiple project feature might be a good place to start…!