Happenings on the Homestead: 2 Big Projects Comin’ Up

It’s been a while since the last happenings on the homestead, and even though I share alot of personal DIY projects from around my home, I don’t often share with you what’s happening and what’s ahead.  So let’s recap a bit… June was filled with my big staircase makeover, July was bustling with tons of painting projects, and August was crazy with finishing the bookcase and the mouldings.  With open arms, I cheerfully welcomed September because it was finally time to get back into a routine of working, blogging, and DIYing!  For me, September is like a new year  – same for you?

Let’s take a step back though…

If you recall, I shared this frightening picture on the SAS FB page (which received the most comments ever) in late August.  If you didn’t see it, can you tell what it is?  Take a guess…

Well if you haven’t figured it out, those are shelves and clothes all over the floor of a closet.  MY CLOSET!  I can gladly say that my closet doesn’t usually look like this, but one night (around 4 a.m.), our home was shaken, not by an earthquake, but by the sound of ALL THOSE SHELVES & CLOTHES FALLING TO THE FLOOR (sorry for the caps, but it was frightening).  So anyway, it was a mess and still is.  After racking our brains on what to do (a temporary fix or something good & big), my friends from ClosetMaid came to my rescue.  Yes, the closet fairies from above heard my cries (ok, that’s a bit exagerant) and came to my help.

My closet is soon going to look like this…

Okay, well, maybe not completely like that.  BUT, I will have those beautiful wood-like shelves and drawers, and lots of hanging space. {Pinch Me}

So here’s the design concept for the new space…

Pretty sweet, right?!  Unfortunately since this closet makeover wasn’t foreseen, I don’t have any before pictures, but it was a basic builder-style set up with 1-wire shelf set 5′ high with a hanging bar below…  Pretty blah and so much unused space.

So what else is on the radar for this space, you ask??

From walls to the ceiling to lighting (my idea evolved from this project), this space will be transformed!

Of course, I wouldn’t be sharing this project with you, if you couldn’t do it as well.  This ClosetMaid line of cabinetry which is called the Impressions Collection is completely DIY (do it yourself) and is available at Home Depot.  And O NO, it’s not just for closets…  You could also use their cabinetry for a family room built-in, laundry organization, a pantry, or even a home office – pretty neat, right?!  Check out more ideas here.

O and BTW, if you like my pretty plans above, you can design your own too or have a pro help you out.  My Master Closet is about 8′ x 7′, so there were lots of design variations before I was ready to move forward with the order.  I just found out that my closet is almost ready and once it’s here, I’ll be sure to share all the details.

Now onto Project #2

My kids are growing so fast and since I gave my son’s room a mini-makeover earlier this year, it’s now my daughter’s turn.  Her room is beautiful, but since she is more than ready to transition from a crib to a big girl bed, it was time for a revamp.

Here’s her space now

(sadly to say, it doesn’t really look like that – even on a good day.  We are a real family and this is totally staged #keepingitreal)

Most of the larger pieces in the space, as well as the wall colors, are staying and a nice new double bed is goin’ in!  Much of the wall decor will be repurposed throughout the room in a few DIY projects that I have up my sleeve.  And one of the most exciting parts of the room has to do with alot of these!

In the new Big Girl Bedroom, I’ll be introducing some new fabrics for pillows and window treatments, as well as bedding.  Here’s a peak at the palette…

And remember when I shared this photo with you last week, that’s a new headboard and it looks amazing against the vibrant Royal Fuchsia Wall.  O, I can’t wait to show you the final room.  Boy, I have a lot to do!  Well I’m off to finish up these spaces.  Lots more to come soon.

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Happenings on the Homestead: 2 Big Projects Comin’ Up

What projects have you been working on around your homestead?

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