Seven Series: Industrial Style Barstools

I’m on the hunt…

…for industrial style barstools.  This time it’s not for a client, but instead for moi :)

I’ve started a few blog series here & there throughout my blogging career, but sad to say that none lasted too long.  But, I’m starting a new one called Seven Series, were I’ll showcase a collection of 7 items having to do with one interior topic.  This first one is Industrial Style Barstools.

Check out my roundup…

Sources: 1 – Crate and Barrel Turner Barstool / 2 – Neiman Marcus Industrial Stools / 3 – West Elm Industrial Stool / 4 – Wisteria Liberty Tavern Stool / 5 – Wisteria Smart and Sleek Stool / 6 – Sundance Mid-Century Studio Stool / 7 – Horchow Arteriors Wooden Barstool

Do you like and/or appreciate the look of industrial style?  Personally, I wouldn’t enjoy living in an entire home that is so minimalistic and “hard”, but I do like to include elements of this style throughout my decor – alittle goes a long way.  Adding pieces, like barstools for example, introduces a little touch of the design style, yet still allows you to achieve a warm and cozy aesthestic.

Industrial Barstools; Image via

Industrial Barstools; Image by Sarah of Albaworks seen on Apartment Therapy

Unique Industrial Barstools; Image via Kitchen Building

This is an entire space that my eye was immediately drawn to.  It’s Bar Agricole in San Francisco and this image was taken by Remodelista.  As I just mentioned that I wouldn’t want to have an entire home in the industrial style, I do think that this look is great for a restaurant, or even a hotel!  Check it out…

Yes? No?  Would you enjoy hanging out here with the guys or a couple of your girlfriends?

Do you like the industrial aesthetic?  Would you like this look for your entire home? Or do you think alittle goes a long way?

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  1. says

    I’m with you, a little goes a looooong way. But that’s true for pretty much any design style. Which is why combinations of things make for such interesting, unique spaces. I think my inner DIYer would shrivel up and hide in a dark corner if I ever just stuck to ONE single style. I’m all over the place, and that’s how I like it. :)