Big Girl Bedroom {Reveal}

There’s been a whole lotta room tours around here lately, and the latest space I’m {revealing} is my daughter’s newly revamped big girl bedroom.

Honestly, I’m not sure who’s more excited about this space – me or Big Girl “A”.

So here it is…

For a little reminder, this is what “A’s” room looked like before.

It was a beautiful space, but since turning 3, she was in need of a big girl room with a big girl bed.  Many of the elements in her room stayed, while others got “jazzed up” a bit.

Here was the room concept…

and, here’s the result…

My favorite element in the room is definitely the new tufted headboard – and I have to confess, I didn’t make it, but instead bought it.  It’s an off-white scalloped headboard and pops against the strong and vibrant fuschia focal wall. When I chose the color for the space, which was painted before honeysuckle was named Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2010, I was hoping it would “live” through my daughter’s growing ages and stages.  Thankfully I can stay it has.  It sure was nice to start the work in her room without having to repaint.

My other love in this room is the new kids play tent that I created in the corner of the room to the right as you walk in. It was the ideal little nook to add height, drama, and a little secret hideaway.

The corner cabinet was in the nursery space before, but I revamped it by adding fabric and ribbon within the 4 panels. By measuring and cutting pieces of drop cloth, I added ribbon trim surround and then secured it with a pretty thumbtack in each corner. Then to finish the look, I reused the bird wall appliques from the nursery and added them to the drop cloth panels.  It was a fairly easy update and softens the look of the cabinet.

The leaning book rack is part of “A’s” old crib.  I love this idea, but can’t take credit for it.  I saw it on Lindsay’s blog a few months ago and filed it away (in my head) for this new room.  I love for Miss A to see the actual book covers and similar to the pallet shelves I made for my son’s room, I love how the book covers bring so much color into the space.

And lastly above, I mounted “A’s” baptismal dress and hat into two different sized white framed shadow boxes.  (I gotta give the mister credit for this one – it was his idea)

I have a soft spot for quotes and inspirational words.

I often share special sayings on my FB page and my Great Quote board is a favorite on Pinterest.  For a while, I’ve been wanting to create an inspiration wall.

When the ideas started to flow for this room, I knew “A’s” room was the best opportunity to display all the wise words said by wise people.  There’s no symmetry to the wall (which allows the possibility for the wall to grow), and I mostly stuck with simple white frames while adding in a a few pictures and fabric wrapped canvases.

The “before” room was a combo of fuschia with soft greens, but for this new space I wanted it to be even more pow and decided a bright yellow would be the perfect addition.  And just a little goes a long way.

For the windows, they got a slight update as well.  First of all, I took the curtain rods and spray painted them a glossy white finish.  They were silver with clear ball finials purchased from Ikea about 5 years ago for my son’s first room.  Since I took them off the wall for the update, I also thought raising them higher was a must.  To reuse, but change the curtains / drapery panels, I added a 3″ decorative trim band to the top, side, and front of the curtain. This gave them a designer, custom look for pennies.  A tutorial on how to do this is coming soon!

Lastly, I painted all the mouldings – window trim and base trim – in the room to white and what a BIG difference that made.

I also needed another spot for more books.  I upcycled an old wood bookcase from the basement, sanded it down and painted it white.  Then to add a little pizazz to the top, I purchased this pretty decorative paper from a store in my home town.  I then added a few coats of mod podge to protect it, and it was completely revamped!

To sum up all the details, here’s a breakdown…

1. Thrift Store Nightstand – was previously used as a sidetable in the nursery and is now a nightstand
2. NON-DIYed headboard, but I love it – Wayfair tufted high arch headboard
3. Quilt and shams – Joss and Main (sale expired) – I added a large fabric band at the edge of each sham; Yellow pillow – Homegoods; Sheets – Target on sale for $12
4. Washi Tape Initial (click here for tutorial)
5. Birdhouses – hung from ceiling and added a fabric cover to the chain
6. Inspiration Wall – white frames from AC Moore; Square fabric covered canvases from nursery
7. Pillows on side chair – plum colored pillow from Crate and Barrel; Ikat pillow made by me with fabric from Duralee
8. Window Panels – fuschia panels purchased for nursery from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I added a 3″ decorative trim band at the top, side, and bottom (click here for tutorial) + used white spray painted on the old silver rod and raised it to be higher.
9. Bench with hinged top – found at a garage sale last year.  It was wood which I primed and painted white on the sides and yellow on the top

10. Corner Cabinet – Added fabric & decorative ribbon in panels
11. Reused crib mobile – DIY created crib mobile using a stick and fabric birds
12. Framed baptismal dress – Shadow box purchased from AC Moore to display baptismal dress and hat
13. Crib Railing Book Display
14. DIY: Kids Play Tent (click here for tutorial)

I have to say, I just love spending time in this new totally girly room with my big girl…  and she loves it too!  Thank you for checking out the reveal of this room makeover.  I’ve got a few DIY tutorials coming up for this space, plus my first Lowe’s Creative Team challenge project later this week.

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  1. says

    I absolutely adore this bedroom! I love the color palette and I love that it will grow with her! You’ve created some awesome usable spaces. Wow. This looks better than my master bedroom… a room I may be hiring you to help me with soon!!

  2. says

    Wow! Congratulations on finishing this makeover! I appreciate seeing all the pictures and your describing what you did too – very helpful! But my favorite picture is the shot you took from inside the play tent… just because I think it is cute that you got inside there to see what it will be like for your little girl! :)

    • Jenna says

      Thank you so much Laura! So glad you like the play tent- it really is a magical place and super easy to create. I actually have more to share on it later this week if you’re interested in coming back to take a look. xo Jenna

  3. says

    I love how you put numbers for all the projects and items you put in the room, smart. The crib book holder is really special, I know you borrowed the idea, but it is really a neat idea. The pops of yellow really make the room, and I still love that deep pink on the walls, especially against the white tufted headboard, really breaks it up. Great job!

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Stephanie! I’ve done the number thing for a few rooms reveals and it’s nice to give a small description of the DIY project or where something was purchased. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. xo Jenna

  4. says

    Love, love, love it!! Great job Jenna! Big girl A must love it, I would. I like how you reused pieces you already had and just updated them to the new look. That’s my kind of makeover. Anyone can go out and buy everything new. It takes a good eye and creativity to use what you already have. =)

    ~ Catie

    • Jenna says

      Thank you so much Catie! With time and budget, I definitely wanted to repurpose alot of the pieces in her room. There’s no reason to throw things away if it’s not needed – upcycling is a much better solution. xo Jenna

  5. Cyndia Montgomery says

    That is a dream come true room for any little girl! You did a beautiful job! The only thing is I wish you’d left in that little table and chairs for crafting.
    Now I want a granddaughter so I can decorate for her!

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Cyndia! We actually still have the table and chairs set. It’s in the kitchen now, so we use it for eating and crafting alot more than when it was in her room. xo Jenna

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Luci! Welcome to SAS Interiors and I hope you’ve found some inspiration through my many DIY projects and decorating ideas. xo Jenna

  6. says

    LOVE the pink walls! It’s so smart that you thought ahead to her “big girl” room when choosing the paint colors. They work perfectly!

      • says

        Hehe, it’s always fun to run into another Jenna. There was one other girl in my high school with my name, but before that, I never knew another one! It seems to be more common now, though. Were you named after the character on Dallas? Yeah, my grandmother totally found my name in the TV Guide. :)

  7. says

    Wow what a beautiful space! I especially love the gallery wall above the headboard and the fushia and yellow. What a fun color combination for a girl.

    • Jenna says

      It is my 3 year olds room and I have every intention for her to be in this room through her teen years ;). Tanks for the kind thought! xo Jenna

  8. Amber says

    Love the room! Would you mind telling me where you got the chandelier? I would like to get one for my little girl’s room.

    • Jenna says

      Hmmm… it’s been a long time, but I know it’s a Laura Ashley chandelier and I think I purchased it from Lamps Plus. Good Luck

      • Tessa says

        It is Laura Ashley. I have the same one that I ordered online, but I can’t remember exactly where. I’m sure it can be found through a Google search. :)

  9. Tessa says

    I love, love, love this! My daughters are grown, but we always made sure that their bedrooms were uniquely theirs. My husband tore out a closet and built a bed in the wall for our youngest and it’s always been the envy of her friends. I was especially attracted to this room because my husband and I have nearly the same headboard and the exact same chandelier in our master bedroom. Our colors are peridot, black and white. The area above our headboard is also very similar with lovely black and white photos of our kids in eclectic frames, and inspirational words. Your daughter’s room is gorgeous!

  10. says

    I’m totally copying so I hope you don’t mind – after all – imitation is best form of flattery! where is chandy from? I have one form land of nod with light green leaves and pale pink flowers and i was wondering if i could mix with bright pink wall – your chandelier looks similar so I was curious.

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Kristina! The chandelier is by Laura Ashley and honestly, I forget where I got it. Try Lamps Plus. The LoN chandy seems like it would go fine with the brighter pink wall!
      Have fun decorating.


  11. sydney says

    wow this looks great! i see all these little kids with their own bedroom and i still share a bedroom with my sister, and im 14! well anyways im still redoing my half of the room (x and i got a lot of inspiration for “big girl rooms” ginny phillips also gave me some inspiration.

  12. Michelle M says

    GORGEOUS! My daughter is loving this room, do you know where I can purchase the pink paint color? I tried googling the paint color but am not having any luck. Thank you!

  13. Macilla says

    This is beautiful! Very similar to what my 12 year old wants – what is the name of the fuchsia paint you used? It’s perfect!!

  14. Christina b says

    The room looks great … What color did u use on the wall ?? Would love to paint my daughters room that color … Thanx

  15. Rachel says

    Love the paint color! Maybe you addressed it in another post, but what is the name/ brand of the pink paint? Thanks!

  16. says

    Lovely dominance of pink with white and yellow colors. This combination adds more class and elegance than a typical girly palette with shades of pink alone. Your choice of furniture is also very chic. I’d like to try out the baby dress framing idea. Maybe I’ll create a little series with three dresses from different ages framed side by side :)