Colorful Washi Tape Initial

This is the first DIY project that I’m sharing having to do with my daughter’s room makeover.

The makeover has been takin’ a wee-bit longer than anticipated, not because of design challenges (thankfully) but because of her actually using the room (to sleep, to play, etc.), lol.  I tackle many of my projects while the kids are fast asleep and dreaming, so to actually work in her room has been challenging.

Thankfully I had some time this past weekend to get my hands dirty and this is a project that I just finished up and couldn’t wait to share… Washi Tape Initial Wall Decor.

Have you heard of washi tape (don’t be embarrassed to say no)? Until recently, I didn’t. I had seen this crafty goodness all over the web but didn’t actually know what it was or how to use it.  So what did I have to do? Buy it, of course!

Here’s the DL on washi tape  It’s basically pretty patterned tape.  Imagine typical tape with a pattern.  So it’s easy to add to anything to dress it up a bit -paper, a present, anything…

I recently was asked to check out the new online craft  store, Consumer Crafts.  While searching the site I found a huge selection of washi tape, plus this awesome large initial letter that I had been searching for, for a while.  Since not using washi tape before, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into it, but in the end, I….  well you’ll just have to keep reading to see what I thought.

Once my package arrived (within a day or two – it was amazing how fast my supplies came), I laid everything out – Large initial letter, washi tape, and mod podge (I was initially thinking of using duct tape, but opted not to) – and got to work.

The most difficult part of using the Consumer Crafts website was stopping myself from filling my basket with $100s of dollars of stuff – they really have everything pertaining to crafting!  Once I narrowed down my list, and got started on my project, I was good as gold.  The colors in my daughters room are vibrant and strong, so the colors of the washi tapes were perfect.

I began at the edge of the “A” with a fun pink and white striped tape,  wrapping it around at the top and bottom.

I continued with different washi tape styles and added them edge to edge on the diagonal parts of the “A”, and then continued taping the inner and outer edges.

Lastly, I tackled the connector of the “A”.  Washi tape is fairly thin, so it’s easy to cut.  I lightly laid out the tape, then using an X-acto blade, trimmed the edge.

Within about 10-15 minutes, the washi tape was done. YAY!  To seal it all, I added 2 coats of Mod Podge in Matte – another goodie I ordered from Consumer Crafts.

A few hours later it was dry and DONE!

So my thoughts on washi tape is that it’s GREAT!  It’s just like tape with added color and cuteness. I might never use ordinary tape again.

Such a fun and easy project.

Here’s the result…

My daughter’s New Big Girl Bedroom

Big Girl Bedroom

Have you ever used washi tape before?  If so, what have you created with this crafty goodness?

Disclaimer: I was given a gift card to order product and test-out the online craft store, Consumer Crafts.  I was also compensated for my time to use the products.  No one told me what to create, what to buy, how to use the product, or what to write.  All opinions are 100% mine!

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  1. says

    Jenna, it is such an addiction that is overwhelming! I have become a hoarder of washi! Your project turned out so cute!! I really need to venture out for our family letter– although I need to figure out a way to hang it as the letter J doesn’t hang near as well as an A… LOVE it!! Great job!

  2. says

    Hi Jenna, I hadn’t heard of washi tape I read your post. In the photo it looks like it’s sticky on one side, I assume it’s like a pretty masking tape? I might have to order some with Christmas just around the corner. It would be great for DIY cards.

  3. says

    Love the “A” you made – and I love how it looks among the wall decor items in your daughter’s room! (Can’t wait to see the entire room on your blog!) I’m one of those who is a washi tape newbie, so I appreciated this project!

  4. says

    This turned out super cute. I feel ya on not getting stuff done in kids rooms. I’ve been meaning to do a project in my son’s room for weeks but he’s usually only quiet when he’s sleeping….in his room!

    • Jenna says

      Thanks so much Carissa. Yes naptimes are perfect for getting things done, but not when it’s the space that they’re actually napping, lol. Glad to have the room complete! xo Jenna