Your Home. Your Story. Creating a Meaningful Home

Happy New Year!  I hope you had an enjoyable and safe end of 2012 & beginning of 2013. I’m really excited about this year to come.  I have so many personal and business goals that I hope to accomplish. Over the next few weeks and months, I will also have fun news to share and hope that you’ll continue to follow along on this forever-changing and crazy adventure. 

For some reason, I always find the first post of the year the most difficult to write.  I feel like it has to be  profound and awe-inspiring.  After some thought, I decided to hold off on sharing the many DIY projects that I’ve been working on and instead write about something near and dear to my heart – what a home truly means.

Your Home. Your Story.

Your Home. Your Story. Creating a Meaningful Home via sasinteriors.netA home is a place you should feel safe.

A home should be a place you love and enjoy living in.

A home should reflect who you are.

A home should tell your story.

A home is everything.

When I walk into someone’s home for the first time, I can immediately learn more about them by the things I see.  Their story is finally complete. It’s like the last piece of a puzzle.  When a puzzle is just about done, you see the overall picture, but not until the last piece is added does the puzzle fully come together.

The things in a home tell a story of where you’ve been and what you love.  The contents that fill the walls and shelves should have meaning.  They should tell your story.

Your Home. Your Story. Creating a Meaningful Home via

Years ago when the Mister and I had our first apartment, I’ll admit, we were like many others who were on a budget, had full-time jobs, and were plain ole’ busy.  Wanting to fill our walls as soon as we moved in, we purchased generic store-bought, run of the mill, artwork, furniture, and accessories.  It was basically meaningless.  The pieces were pretty, but had no depth.  When months / years followed and I’d look at the pictures on our walls, I thought nothing more than “O, it was bought at Target or Ikea”.  As we started traveling and focusing on introducing meaningful artwork, pictures, and accessories, our house became a home, thus our story began.

Adding things that are important allows you to appreciate and reflect on a past moment.  As you live each day in your home, your mind can wonder to the place in time where the accessory was purchased or the picture was snapped.  Important treasures add character and hold value.

Your Home. Your Story. Creating a Meaningful Home via sasinteriors.netA favorite quote of mine by Nate Berkus in Decorate by Holly Becker.

So how do you create a story; a meaningful home?

1. Think about your hobbies, interests, passions, or simply what makes you happy.  Whether you enjoy photography, traveling, movies, fashion, etc., introduce elements that reflect what you love.  It might take some inner soul searching, but when you find the real you, your home will translate the story.

2. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your home. Embrace that a home is ever-evolving.  It will continue to change as you grow and as your collection(s) and passion(s) change.

3. Age and Time.  A meaningful home has to take time and age to create.  It’s understandable that we bought meaningless art when we were first starting out.  We were young and had nothing of real meaning yet.  That’s okay.  I still have some meaningless things.  But as I get older and my home changes, it reflects more of us and the story that we’ve created.

4. Store-bought items are okay.  Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE to scour the shelves of Target, Ikea, and Homegoods, but the things I buy, I truly love and reflect my style amongst my DIY creations, thrift store finds, and personal momentos. I don’t just buy, to buy – that’s meaningless.

5. Find your inner DIYer.  I’ll be honest, until I started blogging, I was not at all as creative as I am now.  The more I create, the more creative I’ve become.  The many projects that I’ve tackled give me and my family great pride.  It allows us to appreciate the home we’ve created. Our home celebrates who we truly are.

6. Forget the rules.  You can absolutely be inspired, influenced, or acquire help to create your home, but there are no rules or specific trends that HAVE TO BE FOLLOWED.  A home should be created the way you want.  When working with clients, I often say, “I like XYZ , but at the end of the day you have to love it since this is your home”.

Some of the many meaningful things throughout my home are pieces from our travels, hand-me-downs from family, and things that I’ve created…

Your Home. Your Story. Creating a Meaningful Home via

Just as your life, is ever changing, so should your home.  Never let the designing of your home stop.  Never stop making updates or changes, as the story of your life will then stop being told.  Let the walls of your home speak of who you are and what you love.

It’s me. This is my home. This is my story.

How does your home tell your story?  What are the most meaningful elements in your home?

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  1. says

    I love this post Jenna. I am a firm believer in our homes being about so much more than what we fill it with!

    Did I see that you are going to Haven Conference? I will be there, and look forward to meeting you! : )

    • Jenna says

      Thank you so much Denise. I just saw that your back to blogging since taking a holiday hiatus – can’t wait to read more of your inspiring posts! Yes, I will be at Haven – can’t wait to meet you as well. Best, Jenna

  2. says

    Wonderful post, Jenna. I agree with everything you said! I think that sometimes, truly doing what we love and breaking out of the box can be so difficult. Too often I gotten caught up in the “will everyone like it” trap. It has taken me lots of years to begin to break free of that. That thought still runs around it my head (especially seeing what seems to be the latest “in” thing in blogland), so I have to keep reminding myself that my home needs to reflect me and my family – not the rest of the world. :) I look forward to spending 2013 with you. I’ll be at Haven too, so I hope to be able to meet you!

    • Jenna says

      Absolutely Suzy. I feel and do the same thing sometimes, especially as a Designer. I feel like my home has to be perfect, but instead of for others, it needs to be for myself and family. Thanks so much for your kind input and I can’t wait to meet in person at Haven! xo Jenna

  3. says

    That was pretty profound!

    I think my favorite home-inspiration quote is from William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

  4. says

    I love this post and I totally agree with it all. We have been in our home for almost two years now (our first home I might add!) and I have yet to buy ONE piece of furniture. Well, we bought a mattress if that counts? We have been given some hand-me-down furniture to hold us over and I’m very grateful for it, but I would like to get my own. We have been on extreme budget so I haven’t really had a chance to buy much for the home – furniture or decor wise. I want what I buy to be something I love and not something just to fill space. Yes, all of our furniture are hand-me-downs and no, not all of my walls have things hanging on them. I have one picture frame up and that’s it. I don’t want to go buy something just to cover my walls and make it LOOK like a home. I want to wait and buy things I truly love and that represent us to make it FEEL like a home.

    • Jenna says

      Thank you so much Runt! I really wrote the post from my heart and I thought it was a nice way to start off the new year. Home is so important and to have meaningless “things” doesn’t make sense. It makes much more sense to decorate slowly and add things with true value! Happy New Year. xo Jenna