The Evolution of the Home Office / Family Room : The Backstory

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  For the past few weeks, we were surprisingly teased with seeing lots of exposed grass, but then got hit with ‘Nemo’ this past weekend.  Thankfully we were spared with only about 6″ (nothing out of the ordinary for us), while others not too far away got hammered.  While shoveling out and spending some time indoors over the weekend, I finally had the chance to put the finishing touches on my combination home office / family room space.  With it not being too sunny or too overcast, it thankfully was the perfect time to photograph.

I haven’t shared much about this space because it’s been in transition ever since we moved in almost 3 years ago.  Much of the room was filled with furniture that was meaningful to us, but just didn’t fit.  It was difficult to part with (more for the Mister than I), because many of the pieces were our first purchases when we got married almost 10 years ago.  The room itself is also awkward with very little wall space, resulting in a space that has taken awhile to fully pull together.

I first shared details about the space (actually 1 year ago yesterday), which I had called The Front Room at the time, back when I made the decision to move a bookcase in front of the window (and guess what, it’s still like that today).

The room had started off like this when we 1st moved in…

Home Office / Family Room Evolutionpretty, plain, good (but not great)

And then the bookcase got moved to cover the window…

Home Office / Family Room Evolution

Strange you may think, but it completely changed the layout of the room.  For the BETTER!

So then last Summer, I still wasn’t satisfied and had to do something.

After changing the window treatments in the dining room and adding accents of navy, I had a need… a real desire, to paint the walls in this space a similar Royal Blue color.

Home Office / Family Room Evolution

Thus my Royal Blue Revelation.

Then I chose the perfect blue after sharing my favorites…

Home Office / Family Room Evolution

Home Office / Family Room Evolution

After the room was finally painted last Summer, the faux-wood bookcases had to go.  Having a difficult time parting with them, I decided to paint them – Yes, I painted the laminate bookcases.  After they were beautifully styled, the result was wonderful…

Home Office / Family Room Evolution

Yet, the room still wasn’t right!

After finally convincing the Mister that a few changes were a must, the room transformed and looks so completely different, and so completely amazing!  I’m thrilled with the space and it’s truly me.  It communicates my classic eclectic style and is now a beautiful home office and family room.

This room totally needed it’s own post instead of bogging down the fun and exciting REVEAL post coming tomorrow.  Yup, I said it – tomorrow you will finally see this spectacular space (well at least I think so).  What an evolution this room has taken, don’t ya think?!

Here’s the inspiration I hope you take away…  Never be done, until you are completely satisfied.  Even if a change / transformation can’t happen in a day, that’s fine.  With a vision, it will happen – next week, next month, next year – it’ll happen.

Ok, to have you wanting more, I’ll share a peak of the room, but promise to come back tomorrow to see the entire {reveal}

Home Office / Family Room Evolution

Stay Tuned…

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  1. says

    Based upon the sneak peek, it looks wonderful. I had navy walls in my home office at my previous house. I really miss having a navy room, since I am drawn to all things nautical. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Kelly. The main window is huge, which is why putting the bookcase in front of the other window didn’t matter – I knew we’d still get ample light.


  2. says

    I can’t wait to see the full reveal tomorrow! I love the color you picked for the wall. I have a “front room” that I want to turn into an office and it’s been going for almost a year now. So, it’s good to know I’m not the only one that goes through this. I just keep moving things around until I feel like it’s the perfect fit. One day, it will all come together.

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Ellora! Absolutely, it’s a must to keep moving things until it’s just right. One day it will be and you’ll be so happy!
      Check back tomorrow for the entire room reveal!