The Nitty Gritty Details of the Home Office / Family Room

What a week – it’s flown by for me.  How about you?  I can’t believe it’s Thursday already (and Valentine’s Day – Happy Vday).  I’ve probably been too consumed with reading all of your sweet, kind, and awesome comments from Tuesday’s reveal post to even look up and see what day it is – hehe.

Honestly though, you all are so nice and your heartfelt words meant alot.  My newly created home office / family room is such a special spot and I’m thrilled you think so too (other than the few people who wrote and thought I was crazy for covering up a window with a bookcase.  I live here and the room is plenty bright for me. Case closed. Oops, did I just say that?).

Many of you emailed me, messaged me on FB, tweeted me, and/or commented about specific elements in the room, so today I’m going to give you the 411 scoop on where things came from and/or how they were made.


Let’s dish…

Here are the nitty gritty, but O SO GOOD details for my newly created home office / family room.

Resources for Products in my Home Office / Family Room space by @Jenna_Burger,

1. The tiered side table is from West Elm.  They don’t have this specific style anymore, but you might find something you like {here}.  I’ve styled the table by adding pictures, accessories (candle, vase, plant, & books), and a glass lamp with white shade.

2. The sofa is from Crate and Barrel circa 2003.  It’s the Cameron style, which C&B still has today, but the design and fabrics are different.

3. The rug is new and is a cowhide that I purchased from Joss and Main at the end of last year.  I didn’t realize it was going to be so dark, but it actually is nice against the lighter stained floors (which I would love to darken – someday).

4. The wall decor is a mix of new and old.  The larger print to the left is a color-rendered sketch of the Guggenheim Museum in NYC.  My husband is an Architecture-buff and I had this pro-framed for him a few years ago.  Above is a horse carrier that we found at a local flea market – it’s neat and unexpected.  The two black and white photos to the left are images taken by a friend and were gifts for our wedding (the frames were black, but I spray painted them white – better contrast against the dark blue wall).  Lastly, the round captain’s mirror in the center is new.  That was a steal find from Target.

5. Pillows galore!  I like pillows.  They’re annoying for some and an obsession for others (like me).  The pillows on this sofa are a mix of old, new, and recently created.
Brown Velvet pillows: Crate and Barrel
Blue Ikat pillow: I made it and the fabric is from Duralee
Brown Chevron Pillow: I made it and the fabric .  It was purchased from
Orange Patterned pillow: I made it and the fabric is from a window panel from Target and it’s the same fabric I used for my reupholstered desk chair
Yellow Pillow: Nate Berkus Collection, Target

6. The coffee table is from Crate and Barrel and another item purchased well over 10 years ago (there stuff really holds up!).  I did a little revamp to this lil’ ole’ coffee table, which I’ll be sharing soon.  It went from modern to industrial for little $.

7. The hanging light fixture: Shades of Light (I’m sad to say, i just went on to their site and I don’t see the fixture anymore.  Sorry.  They do have some other fab fixtures though, plus the new YHL collection)

8. The painted laminated bookcases: DIY tutorial {here}

Here’s some more of the space…

Resources for Products in my Home Office / Family Room space by @Jenna_Burger,

9. Styled Bookcases: The bookcases hold books – alot of books, but they still look pretty.  I strategically positioned the books to make them interesting, and added in photos and accessories to create a well-styled vignette. Styling Tips {here}

10.  The window treatments: They look gorgeous and totally professional, right?  NOT!  Those are total DIY, which I’ll be sharing a tutorial on soon.

11. The bamboo roman shades are from my favorite and fabulous place, Payless Decor.  They add beautiful texture to the room and are the perfect compliment to the layered window.

12. Navy blue desk lamp: Target

13. Desk: DIY project using (2) 3′ wide X 12″ deep laminate bookcases.  The work surface is a 3/4″ piece of plywood, covered with fabric (stapled underneath).  A piece of 70″ long x 30″ wide piece of 1/4″ glass cut to size, sits on top.

14. Reupholstered side chair (one of my favorite projects ever): DIY tutorial {here}

15. New white mouldings: DIY tutorial on going from wood to white {here}

16. Humungous, Giant, Awesome inspiration board with nail head detail: DIY tutorial to come.

17. Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue

Resources for Products in my Home Office / Family Room space by @Jenna_Burger,

18: (a glimpse of my) Staircase Makeover: DIY tutorial {here}

19. Travel Subway Art: DIY tutorial {here}

20. Pillows: by Caitlin Wilson

21. Side Table: West Elm (but they don’t have this style available anymore); White Vases: Ikea; Brown Vase: Homegoods

22. White microsuede chairs: Homegoods

23. Yellow garden stool: Homegoods

There you have it.  All the details to create your own similar space, lol – not like ya would…

What’s your favorite part / piece of my new space?

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  1. says

    I LOVE the blue wall color. I have recently been obsessed with blue. I use chandiliers frequently when I design sets for photo shoots. I painted one a few months ago blue, it turned out fabulous! I’m going to have to paint a wall blue now.

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Sheila! This room is definitely a favorite of mine now and the blue is such a dramatic change which I’m surely loving.

  2. Lynn says

    I couldn’t pick just one thing in this room that I like because I love it all! You did an amazing job of putting together this room. I could see myself spending lots of time in it.

  3. says

    Love it! I’ve been thinking of decorating my home office (it’s just plain white now) and I’ve been searching for room ideas that use blue, yellow and chevron, so I am so glad I found your post! Beautiful! Will have to pin it to my Blue and Yellow Room Pinterest board!