Powder Room Remodel: The Plan of Action

Happy Hump Day, y’all!

You may have noticed a lack of DIY creations around here lately.  To be honest, I have been knee deep in so many other projects that my personal projects have had to take a back burner.  From E-Design clients, to local clients, to getting the house ready for the BHG crew to come soon, I have been non-stop on the go.  Plus I was away last week on a little vacay, so getting back into the groove of things has been a bit rough.

Powder Room Renovation_SASinteriors.netANYWAY, enough of the chit-chat, I am psyched to share with you that I have decided to spice-up one of my bathrooms.  The powder room to be exact.

It’s pretty.

It’s fine.

But I want it to be dynamite!  So a new (hopefully quick) reno is in store.

Before that, a ‘before‘ shot is a must.

The current space has an orange focal wall – same paint color (glidden crisp autumn leaves) as the family room.  The toilet, pedestal sink, and faucet are original to the house (about 15 years old), but the light and door hardware got a switch-aroo since we’ve lived here…  hence why they are oil rubbed bronze and the faucet is chrome.  The tile floor is new – used to be blue ceramic  – so that will be staying.

I’m pretty psyched about what I have planned for the new space.  After much thinking about how to create a WOW impact in a  4′ x 4′ box, I think I’ve come up with a pretty awesome solution.

So on to the plan of action

The fixture placement will remain – there’s no need to move them, the cost would be way too much, and I couldn’t even think of a better configuration than the existing.  So basically, the fixtures will be replaced, a new vibrant wallpaper will be introduced, and some major awesome accessories will complete the look.

The concept for the powder room reno started with this beautiful wallpaper by Amy Butler.

Amy Butler Graham & Brown Wallpaper _ Powder Room Reno _ SASinteriors.net

Continuing my love for navy, it will be the perfect addition to the powder room which can be seen from my home office / family room that dons deep blue walls.

The repeat is fairly large, so this space is going to be dynamic. Here’s a picture of the wallpaper used in a foyer setting.


Once I found the wallpaper, I started to become really excited about the rest of the space, but was still at a loss on what style sink would be ideal.  Pedestal? Cabinet?  And then I found this wash sink at Lowe’s and literally gasped when I saw it.

Powder Room Remodel_SASinteriors.net

I’ll be honest, I think it looks better in person than in this picture.  And I think it’ll look even more fabulous against that hot modern floral Amy Butler wallpaper.  Don’t you think?

To complete the bathroom, a few new other details will be added. Here is a quick Creative Vision Board I put together.

Powder Room

Major gorgeousness, don’t you think?  It will absolutely be epic, and continue the classic eclectic style of my home.

So here is the bummer part.  I have the wallpaper.  I have the wash basin (sink).  But I have not started any of the actual remodel yet.  Like I said, I’ve been super busy over the past few weeks, but by mid-April I hope to start tackling all of this DIY goodness.  I hope you’ll follow along for the before-and-after.

Stay Tuned…

Have you tackled a DIY bathroom makeover?  How did you make it WOW and dynamic?

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  1. Lynn says

    I love your choices for your powder room! The wallpaper is going to look fantastic and the sink is perfect. It’s not everyday that you see something and gasp, that only happens occasionally. Lol. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. says

    I LOVE that wallpaper. I used it on some bookshelves in my craft room. I just finished wallpapering my entryway this week and it went a lot better than I expected too. I had the hardest time finding a professional wallpaperer!

  3. Renee says


    I almost choked when I saw your sink choice! After scouring Big Orange and Big Blue for months, I JUST broke down and built the carbon copy of this vanity from modifying one of Ana White’s plans. I didn’t even know this was AT Lowe’s, but I definitely built it for a fraction of the Lowe’s price. My first building project too!

    I’m sure you have a ton of projects lined up, so I totally understand that it’s sometimes easier to buy vs. DIY, but just thought I’d throw the link out there for you!


    • Jenna says

      Really Renee? I actually haven’t seen that Ana White plan before – thanks for sharing it. Congrats on completing your first big building project, how exciting. I still haven’t tackled something BIG like that yet, but I have some ideas when the warmer weather arrives. Thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    Oh I love all of it! The wallpaper is beautiful. Is the plan to wallpaper all the walls or just the one behind the sink? I’m planning a powder room redo as well and can’t decide if a pattern on all four walls will make the room feel smaller.

    • Jenna says

      Thanks Nicolette. Yes, the plan is to wallpaper the back wall only and then have the other 3 walls painted. I think 4 close walls in that paper would be a bit too much. Stay Tuned!

  5. says

    I love your ideas! I’ve been majorly into navy lately too. I’m digging your retro wallpaper with the kinda industrial wood on the sink stand. So inspiring! Glad I found you (on TT&J! :)) Good luck with the execution!