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I hope you had a nice weekend!  The Mister and I went away for the weekend to the Berkshires in Western Massachussets, sans kids.  It was so relaxing and a much needed break.  Anyway, I’m back today, totally refreshed and excited to give away something good!

Not a new car, sorry. 

But instead blinds.  And they aren’t just any ordinary blinds, but the same style I have in my home and truly adore.  Payless Decor, who I endorse 100% and have worked with for over a year now, thought it would be a fun idea to have one lucky winner win the same blinds for their home, that I have in mine. So get your room pictures ready and keep on reading…

WIN Bamboo Shades at

I really shouldn’t say blinds because that word reminds me of the old and cheap plastic versions from when I was a kid.  And what I have now (as seen in the picture above) is so NOT old and cheap!  So instead of blinds, let’s say gorgeous, high-quality bamboo shades.  And they really are gorgeous and high-quality!  That’s the reason I was drawn to and stand behind the Payless Decor brand.

If you want to see where I have these shades around my home (as seen most recently in my newly designed home office / family room), here are a few of the spaces…

WIN Bamboo Shades at

The selection of their bamboo shades (which is my favorite look for layering window treatments) is vast.

There’s even a ton more on their site, but here are a few…

WIN Bamboo Shades at

In my home I have the tibet finish and that’s the color/finish you’ll enter to win.  The shade has thin lines of bamboo with great texture, and the color is a brown with darker brown accents.  It would be the perfect compliment in any space, with any other window treatments!

WIN Bamboo Shades at

By the way, Payless Decor also has a wide selection of other shades, blinds, and shutters as well.  Their cellular shades are ideal for this chilly time of year to keep the heat in, while their wood blinds bring the natural beauty of wood into your home.  Any choice, you won’t go wrong.

So now onto the giveaway… this is going to be good!

I want someone to win these blinds that really wants and needs them!  It would be fun to follow along to see a ‘before’ and ‘after’ of your space (before the shades are installed and after).

Please Note:

  • For the 10pt entry on sharing a picture, please email it to me –, or upload it to the SAS Interiors facebook page
  • If you’re the winner, you will receive the Tibet roman shades that fit the custom size of your window, up to $150 value.

Good Luck!

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  1. Kathy Menaguale says

    Perfect timing!We’re beginning a large renovation in @2 wks—would LOVE these blinds in all the new rooms but specifically for my 3 kitchen windows!

  2. Theresa Sea says

    I would use them in my kitchen! I have a HUGE window, which lets in great light but is a major bummer mid-day when everything on my counter top melts. :/

  3. Nancy P. says

    In my Living Room bay window. They’ll keep the hot sun out in the summer and the winter chill out in the colder season.

  4. Ann Dyson Baker says

    I need one of these for my kitchen! I have one little window and it currently has a grimy old vertical blind that is country blue on one side and gold on the other where the sun has faded it out. Help me out of the 80’s! :)

  5. Wendy says

    I bought my first house last April and still don’t have window treatments in my living room. These are exactly what I’m looking for and what I need! Thank you!

  6. says

    These would be perfect for our remodel job in this old house~and would make my family so happy to get sheets and blankets off the windows!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such fabuloud blinds/shades!

  7. Talina says

    I would love to put these in our family room, the blinds we have now aren’t cutting it and these would look great!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Nicole says

    I could use these in my living room. I just started redoing it (a slow work in progress) and these would be perfect.

  9. says

    I’ve been looking at these and drooling since you first posted the link back in the day! I’d love to win some of these for our tired old master bedroom. The big window has blinds that don’t work (I have to manually flip the slats any time I want, you know, daylight, in the room), and we have two 2’x2′ square windows high on another wall. Plus the master bath. I’d feel so spoiled to have blinds that actually function!

  10. says

    I really could use some new blinds. I have the oddest 72″ WIDE and 28″ high windows. So expensive to outfit, even if I use two blinds per window. Help SAS Interiors and Payless Decor, you are my only hope. I am tired to perusing Craigslist for the ‘perfect roman shades’.

    • says

      Whoops, forgot to mention, I would use the roman shades/blinds for my master bedroom. Currently, I have hideous and poorly functioning roller shades, ugh!

  11. Melisande says

    Just bought a little house after a tornado destroyed my last house … My poor living room windows have those awful plastic blinds. I can’t wait to cover them with something pretty!

  12. Senia F says

    I just begrudgingly took down bamboo blinds in my bedroom (the ones the previous owners had installed, likely 8 years ago) because the cords were broken and I couldn’t open and close them. I was so sad to do it though, because both my husband and I loved the look of them. We haven’t replaced them because, as a stay-at-home mom, we are on a tight budget. I would love to dress our naked windows with these beautiful blinds again :) Will email a photo tonight!

  13. says

    These are gorgeous! I would use these in my living room. We have a HUGE picture window that right now only has these dingy, pretty gross sheers. I would love to replace the sheers with these blinds :)

  14. Ruth L says

    Hi Jenna!
    What a fabulous giveaway – thanks! My home is outdated with windows that are not energy efficient here in the hot Florida sun. I would love Bamboo blinds for our master bedroom… Ooooo how nice and cozy it would be and I would be forever in your debt if I could actually replace the “old lady” lace panels that came with the house! Come visit me in Florida!
    Ruth L

  15. Amber says

    What an excellent giveaway! The Tibet finish would look SO much nicer than my black, faux leather blinds I somehow ended up with! ♥

  16. Desiree says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! Moved into a new house a few months ago and still have no blinds so it would be awesome to win!

  17. says

    hope you enjoyed the berkshires! i grew up not far from there and would take little day trips out there- love it!!!
    i would use the blinds in my master bedroom!

  18. says

    How did you know???? I am renovating and refurbing the whole main floor I have 1 kitchen, 1 dining room and 1 large livingroom window that I’ve been spec’ing roman bamboo blinds for. If I won I would be thrilled beyond :) Great giveaway girly. Oh….and I promise to blog the before and afters when I win ;)

  19. megan says

    I just got a quote for bamboo blind for my living room, but they were way out of my price range. Would love to WIN! some…:)

  20. Nicole says

    I would use these in multiple rooms – my kitchen and bathroom. Both have boring plantation style blinds in there now and I’ve been wanting to use another material. Bamboo shades would look amazing.

  21. Kelli B says

    My breakfast room would look great with these pretty blinds. Now that spring’s coming, the sun is really blasting through our windows!

  22. says

    I absolutely live these blinds and have them in a couple of windows. I would love to have then in the sitting room at the front of my house.currently I have only curtains. I am hoping to post a pic but I am having trouble with it. Anyway, it will be great to finish the room with new blinds!

  23. Danielle says

    Need, need, need! Moving into our first home and lots of windows to fill. Thanks for the opportunity .

  24. says

    Perfect timing! I need some shades and was just on fb cruising and see your post! I’m headed over to check them out, thanks for sharing!

  25. Amber E. says

    I think I’d love them in my bedroom but I’m thinking they’d be better off in the kitchen. I can’t decide!