Amazing Moments

Moments happen every day.  Many are great, but when an amazing moment occurs, you have to just sit back and reflect (at least for a moment).

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind.  I’ve felt every emotion possible – excitement, happiness, nervousness… all wrapped into one.

I’m still pinching myself at the thought that my home, my work, will be in a magazine (actually 4 magazines).  It feels amazing that my time and creativity have been recognized by others.  It’s a validating feeling like, “I did it”!  Simply put, the entire week was just surreal.  

BHG Photoshoot Sneak Peak

So here is the honest part of me coming out…  It’s thrilling to talk about, but awkward at the same time.  If you know me in real life, I rarely talk about myself and my work.  I’m the type who feels much more comfortable talking about things that are happening in others lives, not my own. But I guess since it’s a blog about me and my work, then I feel slightly more at ease.  That being said, let’s move on…

Anyway, the spaces that were photographed – my kitchen, master bathroom, and home office / family room – won’t be seen on the pretty glossy pages of Better, Homes, and Gardens for a very long time.  The entire process from scouting to prepping to photographing to print is crazy long.  I have no clue when the kit and bath will be out (hopefully later this year), but the home office probably won’t be seen until this time next year – yes, 2014!

BHG Photoshoot Sneak Peak

I wish I could give you more sneak peaks (I shared a few on instagram throughout the week), but I’d of course get in major trouble.  The pics above were just enough to get you wanting more once in print.  I also have to give HUGE THANKS to the amazing scout/stylist and the photographer (I’ll share their names & more pics once I get the A-Okay).  They were a dynamite team who enhanced the beauty of my foundation work.  They truly created magical shots that will pop off of the magazine pages.  I was in awe at each shot and kept saying, “This isn’t my home”. I knew it was, of course, but the styling and composition of the shooting was incredible.

All in all, the week was amazing. Prepping beforehand took alot of time and the photoshoot days were long, but to me every minute was worth it.  I’m behind on everything, but some major goodness is coming up soon.  I promise.  With prepping for the photoshoot, client projects, and my regular daily life of being a mom and wife, DIYing has taken a backburner.  But I have BIG plans coming up.

Last but not least, I continually turn to my readers to thank!   Your following of my blog and your kind, thoughtful words, are what make my creative juices flow.  Not only do I strive to inspire, but I also thrive on being inspired. So once again, thank you – you all play a huge role in my successes.

Cheers to a great week to come and creating amazing moments!

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  1. Joyce Layton says

    Besides your helpfulness and inspiration, Jenna, it is your genuineness that draws me to your blog and website. So happy for you. It’s nice to see good things happen to good people.

    • Jenna says

      That is so kind Joyce. I can not thank you enough for your sweet words. I will keep striving to inspire.


  2. Terry Faseler says

    Hi Jenna,when I first saw your pictures for above the kichen cabinets I knew you had awesome taste!!i live in Texas and we Texans love our homes!! It’s an honor to be a part of your blog and are so proud of your hard work!!