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Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Pamela of Welcome Pamela…


I am SO excited to be on SAS Interiors today and welcoming you all into my home with Jenna’s amazing series of Creating a Meaningful Home.  If we haven’t been introduced before, let me take a moment to share who I am with you.  My name is Pamela, I  blog at which is a place I share my DIY projects that help transform our house into our home.  We bought our first house as a new young family three years ago and it was a new construction home so we got really lucky with great bones for a home.  But it was essentially a cookie cutter home and we really wanted to make it our own.

My husband is in the Navy and not too long after we moved into our home he deployed on an 8 month venture, so I really got the first year of our home on my own and took the time to decorate each space little by little. I realized that I wanted a home that felt comfortable, felt inspiring, and felt beautiful.  I wanted a home we could live in easily with a young child (and now a baby too).  A home that while looking beautiful, my son was also able to run free and feel he can live comfortably too.

Comfort. Inspirational. Beautiful.

Let me show you around a little!

As you walk in, you’re greeted with an entryway that holds some of my favorite “in season” décor pieces that I change out whenever a new “style” hits me.  I also always try to have at least one inspirational piece in each area that I have personally made.  Here it’s the reclaimed wood vase.  It’s a reminder that in each space I have helped transform it’s beauty.


family picture

The other big piece of décor I always use are family pictures.  This one is also in our entryway and is one of my favorite family pictures from when J was little.

Moving into our kitchen area which we recently just updated in a weekend.  With a few minor changes, we really transformed this space to be unique to our home.  As I mentioned our home is cookie-cutter, and our next door neighbors literally have the exact same floor plan, furnishings, everything.  However, the two homes feel completely different because we’ve made this house – into our own.


The kitchen opens right up into our living room space.  It’s an open floor plan which leaves little to the imagination when things get messy lived in.  This is one of our most comfortable areas in our home.  There are things I would change about this space if I was decorating our house fashion over function.  However, as I mentioned beauty, inspiration, and comfort are what I always keep in mind.

>Our oversized big comfy couches are perfect for family snuggle sessions.  That big table is PERFECT for Jackson’s race tracks and showing off his airplanes he builds from blocks.  The big square ottoman stores all our blankets and movies so they’re easy to get to. The piece above the couch is something I made that’s unique to our home and is the frame that holds more meaningful pictures of our family.

pbjstories living room

Since our living room is where we spend almost all day every day, it’s not just our space either.  It wouldn’t be possible without losing our sanity to have our children’s toys always out of sight.  So instead of fighting the image of  “beauty” I made a space where he has somewhere to put all his toys.  Spots to park his trucks, bookshelf for his books, big toy chest for all his toys.  A home for everything.  He’s able to get toys whenever he wants and he has his own space within our living space.  I think it’s important for kids to have that and not feel their things are not as welcome as our things are.

pbjstories kid space

pbjstories kid storage

As it can easily happen with kids, once we ran out of storage space for his toys I turned one of our old black bookshelves into a piece that would better fit our living space décor.  A quick paint job, and a durable wood top and some fabric bins.  Now he has more storage space, and I have another piece in our home that I have personally made to better transform our house into our home.

As you walk up the stairs a gallery wall shelf of more family pictures, and personal song lyrics from the Beatles that we adore are used as décor pieces.  It’s a nice touch to use personal items that have meaning in your home décor.  They’re unique and make your home more special to you and your family.

DIY Picture Shelf Display

Over the past three years I slowly have transformed each space in our home to fit the purpose of that room while incorporating everything I have mentioned.  I try to DIY whenever I can, I use family pictures and special mementos for accessories and I keep the function and purpose of the room in mind when designing so it never loses its function over fashion.

One of my biggest inspirations for designing in our home is the purpose if the item.  I DIY a lot of projects that are just fun accessories and pretty things to look at.  But more often than not, it has a meaning behind it that’s personal to us like our lyrics wall art in our master bedroom.  Or I’m recreating a piece to bring in more function into the space like my son’s locker I made.

kids locker storage

You can see more of how I’ve continued to decorate our home by seeing our master bedroom, our baby girls nursery,  and the kids bathroom.  Each room comfortable, inspirational, and beautiful.



Thank you SO much Jenna for having me, and I would LOVE it if you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about me here that you continue to follow me on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!  I’m always going on about something on one of them hehe!


Thank you so much Pamela for opening up your home to us.  What a fabulous tour.  It truly shows that a typical builder-box home (where the neighboring homes are identical) can be brought to the next level with unique elements that have real meaning.  How simply, yet true is it that comfort, inspiration, and beauty is what turned a house into a home.

Create a Meaningful Home: Pamela of PB&JStories gives us a tour of how she has thoughtfully created a meaningful home. See the entire series at

Pamela and I have been friends for a few years and she is the kindest, sweetest gal I know.  She has created so many amazing DIY projects and has a flourishing sign business. Choosing a favorite project to share was difficult, but I’d have to say the most unique and creative (plus simple) was when she turned a typical chest into a filing cabinet.

Chest turned fil cabinet

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