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Today’s guest post for the Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series is Amy of The Idea Room. Welcome Amy…


Hello there! My name is Amy and I can normally be found blogging and sharing some of my DIY home décor and crafting ideas over at The Idea Room.

Have you ever spent time searching for the perfect rug to go with your décor?  Or item of furniture to fit your needs and space?  If you have a specific idea in your head about what you want, this can be really frustrating.  Many times I will find a perfect item, only to have heart palpitations looking at the sticker price.

Most of the time, there is a way to create something that will be the perfect addition to your home.  An addition that fits your needs and your style perfectly.  Don’t be afraid to dream up ways to make your house…a home.  With a little creativity and some elbow grease, you can find ways to customize your home in ways that you will enjoy.

For example, I was having trouble finding a rug that I liked in a color that I wanted to use in my Master Bathroom.  So I decided to paint one.  I have had this rug in that bathroom for almost two years now and I am still LOVING it!  The paint is really soft (which I was a bit worried about) and it has held up great!!  I share how I painted the rug here: Paint A Rug Tutorial.


In the same bathroom, we had a super ugly towel rack for my husband and I.  I wanted something cute AND multi-functional…so I designed at towel rack with some hidden storage space.  I just modified a typical hall coat tree design, and added a storage compartment for my hair tools.

Now I can keep my bathroom counter clutter free and hang our bathroom towels in style.  And…it fits my space PERFECTLY…almost like it was made for it…oh wait…it was!  For the full tutorial you can go here: Towel Rack Storage Piece.

In keeping with my despise of towel bars…I have three girls sharing a bathroom (I know…they will all be teenagers at the same time…heaven help us!)  We had a traditional towel bar that holds only two towels and was not going to work for our situation.


I could already foresee the arguments unfolding between the girls about who gets to hang up their towel and who doesn’t (which is fairly ludicrous to me, knowing full well that NONE of those towels would actually GET hung up 80% of the time).


Anyways, I came up with a towel rack design that would “technically” solve that problem.  I designed it out and my husband and I built it with some lumbar and molding.  I share the tutorial for it here: DIY Bathroom Towel Rack/Shelf.

With 5 children, it can be VERY difficult to keep track of each child’s school and athletic schedules, homework and individual activities.  I am not a super mom and needed a way to stay organized, so I took a entry way wall and turned it into our family organizational board.  This is where we keep all our important invitations, homework and schedules.  It also serves as a way to keep the “drop zone” in your home organized.  Not that my kids remember that the hooks are supposed to be used… ;)! To learn more about that you can go here: Kids Organization Boards.

And finally, I had a small spot in my office that was too small for traditional pieces of furniture, but I wanted to utilize the space.  I have always LOVED apothecary cabinets and wanted one in my office, but the traditional ones would not fit.  So…we made one.  We modified one of Ana Whites plans and made it to fit our needs.  And…we we wanted shelves instead of drawers.  Now I have the perfect storage spot for some of my crafting tools.  You can find more about this here: Apothecary Cabinet.

Be creative.  If you have a specific need find ways to incorporate that into your DIY projects so you can create beautiful and meaningful ways to customize your home to your families style and needs.

Thank you so much Jenna for allowing me to share some ways that I have created a meaningful home.  As always, I would love for you to stop by! xo

What a beautiful home Amy, thank you for sharing it with us.  Amy’s style to creating a meaningful home is fantastic because she approaches it with a DIY eye.  When she has the desire for something specific and can’t find it, what does she do?  Thinks outside the box and creates her own version.  This is very similar to what I often do as well in my home. As Amy puts it best, “With a little creativity and some elbow grease, you can find ways to customize your home in ways that you will enjoy.”

Create a Meaningful Home: Amy of The Idea Room gives us a tour of how she has thoughtfully created a meaningful home. See the entire series at

The Idea Room is filled with amazing ideas {of course}.  Amy has been blogging for quite a few years and has a plethora of awesome DIY projects, printables, photography tips, seasonal / holiday ideas, and much more.  Perfect for the Summer, one of Amy’s awesome DIY projects was this Flower Pot Birdhouse she created.  As a fellow Lowe’s Creator, she used a typical flower pot and vamped it up to make something so unique for her Summer deck.

Creating a Meaningful Home: The Idea Room - Flower Pot Birdhouse

Head on over to The Idea Room, and give Amy a BIG HELLO!

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