Inspiring + Vibrant Craft Room Reveal

It’s been a while since I gave you an update on the mega craft room & office space that I’ve been working on for a local client.  The room is 98% complete minus a few wall decor pieces.  Aside from that, the space is looking dynamite, so I thought I’d give you a tour.

If you remember way-way back around March, I first shared the details of the space, along with the ‘before’ pics & the Creative Vision Board.


Before picture of Craft Room Reveal

The creative vision board for the proposed space…

Creative Vision Board for Craft Room


Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

The space will be used for the clients new business, Creative Nest, a new informational craft blog that will be launching later this year.  I asked my client to share a few thoughts about the space and here is what she shared:

The development of an arts and crafts room in my home has, for years, been one of my goals. I envisioned a very special place where my son could make messy discoveries and be free to make his own place in the world with glitter, glue, and paint.

I had the perfect location: Our living room. In most houses, they’re big, stuffy rooms filled with nice things that kids aren’t allowed to enjoy—not typically a welcoming environment for a child. Instead, I wanted to fill the space with shelves, bins, and drawers, all overflowing with materials. I wanted a room that inspire my son’s imagination, a nurturing environment that would be as attractive to him as TV or video games. And that’s all true in this creative nest we’ve developed.

Fittingly, this art room is also the heart of another Creative Nest—which is the name of an informative craft blog I’m launching later this year. The blog will provide parents with plenty of ideas and craft projects to do with their children, and will feature tips and resources from art teachers and other experts. I hope Creative Nest becomes a resource that makes it easy for parents to share art time with their kids and show them that there’s more to life than precut shapes and step-by-step directions. As all parents know, great art often comes from happy accidents and the full exploration of the imaginative process. Having this wonderful space—this creative nest—in which to play and share has been an amazing experience. I am so happy with the results.

Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

The work large desk gives ample space for creating.  At about 5′ long, quite a few artists can work at the same time.  The ghost chairs are the perfect seat by allowing the architectural millwork to “speak” and having the ability to easily wipe away mistaken spills.

Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

Cubbies are the ideal way to stay organized.  There is a place for everything & everything in it’s place.

Crayons.  Markers. Paints. All put away in their own containers.

Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

The storage zone is the ideal spot all the crafting supplies.

Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

I didn’t take a picture looking from the craft space to the office, but here’s a progress pic during construction…

Progress Picture during construction

This is what the desk space looks like now.  Beautiful and functional.

Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

On the other side is a comfy, cozy lounge space with a humungo built-in bench with a lot of storage below and an awesome built-in shelf at the end.  The owner’s son is an amazing 6 year old artist and mom loves to display his creations in each of the recessed panels.  I’ll tell you, the panels were not created for the pictures, but it just so happened that they were the perfect fit and they bring gorgeous color and meaning to the space.

Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

Craft Room & Office Reveal - Creative Nest

Refreshing.  Energizing.  Inspiring. Creative. Fun.

All words that, to me, describe this incredible new craft room space.

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  1. Joan says

    I love the valances in this room and would love to know how they are installed. The pleats on the return are very nice as well. Thanks!

  2. Linda says

    Wow! This is fantastic. We are working on our basement and I want to have a craft corner. Right now I have the table and mish mash of furniture serving as my supply holders. But once we get things moving along down there, I can see how I may be able to re-position things and make it work better. I also love the colours. Very bright and airy. What a great space you have created.

  3. says

    Wow. This is such an inspirational makeover. I love it and love that you shared it with us. What are the doors that you have up? I love that idea and would love to do that in my office. Thank you for that. :)

  4. Amberlynn says

    I absolutely love your before and afters! Beautiful design! Did you do the construction yourselves or hire someone?