Powder Room Remodel Reveal

The powder room remodel is finally complete!

I hope you weren’t holding your breathe because it’s been 2 + months since my last progress postBoy, did I surely leave you hangin’…

BUT (and it’s a big but), it’s all worth it because this is the result >

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

Big Time Awesome!

And just to remind you where we started, here is the before >

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

And before that (when we moved in to the house), this is what the space looked like >

Before Powder Room Remodel

A bit scary, don’t ya think?!

Back to the progress…

Since the last post when I shared the steps of fixing the wall from the previous tile and hanging the wallpaper, we were busy with >

  • Hanging crown moulding (1st time ever, wow it was tough)
  • Hanging the new light (twice because the 1st one that I thought I loved, I really didn’t)
  • Painting the crown moulding
  • Putting together and installing the vanity
  • Installing the toilet
  • Hanging the mirror
  • Choosing and changing the pictures
  • Designing and installing the custom roman shade
  • Touch ups!

O, well now I know why it took me 2 months to show you the reveal.  That was alot.  Here are some progress pictures along the way…

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

Alot happened to this small space.  The most challenging was absolutely the installation of the crown moulding.  It was the first time that the Mister and I ever tackled installing moulding and it was tough.  We made lots of mistakes day after day, and in the end called in a friend who has major talent for woodworking.  He’s not a professional woodworker, but someone who does it as a hobby and is quite knowledgeable and maticulous.  Anyway, he really made the bathroom what it is because without, the space wouldn’t have the same depth and pizazz.

If you’re familiar with installing moulding, our crafty guy used the coping method, which results in really tight corner joints.  Once the moulding was installed, there was very little need for wood filler.  With the time it took to do this simple bathroom (about 3-4 hours), I couldn’t imagine doing a large room or an overall house.  I’ve been drawing mouldings for client homes for years, but now I have the appreciation of how difficult it is to actually install.  Not sure I’ll be doing that again any time soon…

Want to learn more on the coping technique for crown moulding? Check out this post I found.

Anyway, it’s complete and I’m in love with the overall space.  Want to see more of the reveal?  I bet you do.  Go…

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

The vibrant and eye-popping Amy Butler wallpaper sets the tone for the room.  It’s surely the statement of the space and the one element that started the design.  From the mirror to the vanity to the framed pictures on the wall, everything is very simple so the wallpaper can ‘speak’.

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

Pretty white accessories fill the space, along with black and white framed images from my travels.  Both are beautifully set against the deep blue walls.

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

The new roman shade is another amazing element in the room.  I designed it and the creative folks at Tonic Living fabricated it.  They are amazing. They offer an array of services for creating window treatments, pillows, futon covers, and more.  Their offering of fabrics is huge and very much in-trend.

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

This was the sketch I sent them and you see the result…Window Treatment sketch

The top of the shade sits right under the bottom of the crown moulding and when fully lowered, you see the full border design.  The fabric is a heavy white linen and the border detail is a 2″ thick navy ribbon.

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

The mirror was definitely the most difficult selection to choose.  I wanted something that was interesting, but minimal so the wallpaper behind would still shine through.  I finally decided on this mirror from Lowe’s and am thrilled with the overall look.  I like it’s round shape that emulates the flowers in the wallpaper, as well as it’s frameless design.

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

The vanity and faucet are another element of the room that I adore.  The Moen faucet is the same style and finish that I used in my master bathroom.  It has great lines and works beautifully in the space. Plus the major awesome part is the finish doesn’t leave spots.  Read more about it here!

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

More details…

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

The light fixture is a $17 steal from Lowe’s (on their website it’s more $$$).   I had previously chosen another light, but wasn’t thrilled with the look once home.  Actually this fixture is also hung upside down.  When I held it in place before install, the junction box was very high on the wall and a fixture hanging down was more appropriate.  My genius husband came to the rescue and said, “Why don’t we install it upside down?”  And that’s what we did.  You would never know and it looks great!

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

And I think my most favorite part of the new space is how I can enjoy it from so many other parts of my home…

This is my view from the office / family room looking through the foyer and into the new powder room.

Powder Room Remodel {REVEAL} #powderroomremodel

Here is a recap of all the elements in the newly created powder room:

Thank you for taking the tour of my new powder room.  What a refreshing new space to see and enjoy when you enter our home.  It’s not just a simple, blah space to go to the bathroom in anymore, hehe.

What’s up next?  I’m not sure.  I’m waiting for a sign.  In the meantime, I am getting ready for the Haven Conference next week.  Can’t wait to finally meet so many of my awesome Blogger friends.

Disclosure: I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with some awesome companies to put this powder room remodel together.  Thanks to Lowe’s, Graham and Brown, Moen, and Tonic Living  for sponsoring this project.  No one told me what to create, what to buy, how to use the product, or what to write.  All opinions are 100% mine!

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  1. Linda says

    I think it looks beautiful. I love the blue. The before was nice for the time, but the after is fresh and updated. Love the wallpaper and all the accessories. Great job!

  2. says

    I love the way it came out! That wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous and I love love love the mirror! It’s a perfect match. I actually really liked the way the bathroom was before too. =]

  3. says

    Love, love, love it Jenna! All of the color is just beautiful. I love the wallpaper that you chose as your accent too. Great advice to keep the decor simple when the wallpaper design is complex. Looking forward to seeing you at Haven!

  4. says

    Awesome remodel design indeed!! I truly pleased to view such beautiful blessings. I like the color combination and for home remodeling inspiration this type of sharing is absolutely motivating. Happy to learn this article….

  5. says

    That blue with the light blue flowers is so stunning! The little touches you put in there absolutely made it look phenomenal. Great post!

  6. says

    hey there, my name is Jenna too! Anyhoo, we are adding a small powder room as part of a remodel and our space is 5×5 so I have been looking for cute ideas and yours is perfect! I love the wash stand and the one patterned wall and the bold palette! Looks grand! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. says

    I am in love with this re-do! I wouldn’t change a thing!! I upgraded our builders grade bathroom light to the same one you have! 1 year later I’m still loving it and it looks fabulous here as well!!’

  8. says

    I am in love with this re-do! I wouldn’t change a thing!! I upgraded our builders grade bathroom light to the same one you have! 1 year later I’m still loving it and it looks fabulous here as well!!’

  9. Kellie says

    This is an incredible space. I want to replicate it in my own powder room. I have been trying to decide about wallpaper, and I think you have given me a great after pic to imagine. Thanks!