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Paint Color Palette for the Whole House by @Jenna_Burger of

This is a blog post that I’ve wanted and needed to write for a looong time.  One of the most frequent questions I get asked on a daily basis is about the paint colors in my home. Let’s get right into it.


Let’s start with the front door…
Probably my most favorite color in the house is the apple green hue that welcomes me home every time and gives a great backdrop to my many seasonal wreaths.

Front Door Color with seasonal wreaths by @Jenna_Burger.  Paint Color is Valspar Olive Tree WV34010

Valspar Olive Tree WV34010Valspar Olive Tree

Come on in…

My foyer space is one of the most recent spaces in my home to get a remodel.  I use to have a beige hue on the walls, but decided to go in a more greige direction (find my favorite greige hues by clicking here)

Foyer - Striped Walls

In the revamped foyer space, I chose a light mix of gray + beige for the base and a deep mix of chocolate + gray for the contrast stripe.

Benjamin Moore Gallery Buff and Coachman's CapeBenjamin Moore Gallery Buff (light greige)
Benjamin Moore Coachman’s Cape (dark greige)

Off of the foyer is the recently remodeled powder room.  What a spectacular space it is.  Even if I don’t need to “use the bathroom”, it’s a space that I love looking at.  It’s dynamic and bold.

Paint Color Palette for the Whole House by @Jenna_Burger of

The paint color in this space is a deep blue with a purple undertone.  I chose the color to match the background hue of the wallpaper.

Valspar Blue MysteryValspar Blue Mystery

Amy Butler Lacework Wallpaper in MidnightWallpaper: Amy Butler Lacework, Midnight

To the right of the foyer is my home office.  Another room that I chose to use a blue hue (can you tell I love blue), but it’s a completely different tone.  This blue is straight blue with very little undertone.  If you remember from this post, it took me a while to find the perfect blue, but after much searching I think I found it.

Paint Color Palette for the Whole House by @Jenna_Burger of

Benjamin Moore Van Deusen BlueBenjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue

As we continue through the house, the foyer and office lead to the large open space of the kitchen and dining room.  Since it’s one open space and the ‘hub’ that all the rooms lead off of, I chose a fairly light and neutral yellow hue.

Dining Room with Sherwin Williams Sequin

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams SequinSherwin Williams Sequin

This same color continues into the kitchen space.  The kitchen cabinets were originally oak when we moved in, but 2 years ago I painted them a deep taupe hue, which resulted in a beautiful contrast to the lighter wall color.

Sherwin Williams Sequin on the walls with Benjamin Moore Texas Leather on the cabinets

Benjamin Moore Texas LeatherBenjamin Moore Texas Leather

Off of the kitchen and dining room is the family room. This space has higher ceilings, so I chose slightly darker hues with a burnt orange color as the fireplace accent wall.

Benjamin Moore Mystic Gold and Glidden Crisp Autumn Leaves on fireplace accent wall

Benjamin Moore Mystic Gold and Glidden Crisp Autumn LeavesBenjamin Moore Mystic Gold
Glidden Crisp Autumn Leaves

And that’s it for the first floor.

As we head up the stairs, the hallway is a neutral – Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan – as you head into each bedroom.

First up, the master…

The master bedroom space got a great refresh the beginning of this year and I love the update.  The bed wall always had a contrasting, darker hue, but it needed to be even darker.  Now the light fabric on the bed really stands out! Come on in and take a look.

Master Bedroom

The darker color is only on the bed wall, whereas the other walls are a lighter griege.

Master Bedroom

Master Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Berkshire Beige (lighter hue)
Benjamin Moore Brownstone (darker hue)

The color for the master bathroom is somewhat similar to the bedroom walls.  I was really wanting a soothing, calming palette for this space, and these colors were the perfect choice (especially since the bathroom walls were SO BRIGHT before).

Master Bathroom: Benjamin Moore Kid Gloves

Benjamin Moore Kid GlovesBenjamin Moore Kid Gloves

As you head into the kids rooms, the walls get a bit more vibrant and interesting.  My daughters room has a vibrant honeysuckle accent wall where the bed sits and a more neutral hue on the other walls.

Girls Room: Benjamin Moore Royal Fuchsia and Lenox Tan

Girls Room: Benjamin Moore Royal Fuchsia and Lenox TanBenjamin Moore Royal Fuchsia
Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan

My son’s room is actually in transition right now with a makeover that I’ve been doing for the past few months.  So many of you have loved + commented on the stripes, so I will share details on the ‘before’ and the current.

His room before was definitely equal part fun and playful with a muted blue/gray hue as the main wall color and colorful stripes on the bed wall.

Boys Room: Benjamin Moore Puritan Gray

Benjamin Moore Puritan GrayBenjamin Moore Puritan Gray (main wall color)

Accent stripes: Behr Distance (dark blue)
Behr Red Red Wine (deep red)
white (plain ole’ white)

His wall color now is much lighter and looks great paired with an accent wall of fun wallpaper.

Boy Bedroom

Boy Bedroom

boy bedroom

boy bedroom

Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies (light gray)
Graham and Brown Frames Wallpaper
Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue (on door – same color as in home office)

Last space to share is the kids bathroom.  Another room with a vibrant hue. This time the color is a soft yellow/green mix.  Accents of green and turquoise were then layered in for the stenciled shower curtain and the vanity.

Bathroom: Valspar Olive Marinade on the walls

Valspar Olive MarinadeValspar Olive Marinade
Benjamin Moore Deep Ocean (cabinet)
Valspar Emerald (shower curtain)

And there you have it.

One House.  19 different colors.  A balanced combination of neutrals and bolds.  All hues that work together.

Whole House Paint Palette by @Jenna_Burger,

If you want to see more of my home and all the DIY projects that have gone into making our fabulous space, come crash my pad.

House Tour

I plan to forever update this post as new colors are painted on the walls of my home.  If you know me, I’ve always got a paint brush in hand.  You truly never know when on a whim, I’ll be up to something.

Creating a Color Palette for Your Home

I hope you have been inspired by the colors that I’ve incorporated into my home.  With an open concept floor plan, many homeowners are intimidated by using color or don’t know where to start or how to combine multiple colors to achieve a cohesive look.  Start by creating a color palette to build each space around.  Choose colors that you love and then add more eye-popping hues around them that will give the home depth.  Bolder colors can be used as layers and accents (ie: front door, main feature wall, accent wall).  Choosing a neutral / lighter color for the ‘hub’ and/or the one space that the others lead off of is a great place to create a color palette that works together.  Lastly, choose one color that will be used in small doses in each room.  It will be the common thread that unifies all the space.  In my home that color is orange.  In the living room it’s used as an accent wall, in the kitchen on the plates, and in the office in picture frames and pillow.

Of all the colors in my home, what’s your favorite?  In your home, do you prefer neutral, colors, or a combo of both?

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  1. Linda says

    Love all the vibrant colours. I especially love that front door colour. Now I’m wanting that for my own! Great job.

  2. says

    I absolutely love that all your rooms are different colors! When I joined the blog world I felt a little insecure at first when I noticed everyone’s houses were all the same color. I have always had each room a different wall color. But I got over it quick because I could never imagine all my walls being the same :) Your house is beautiful!

    • Jenna says

      That’s so sweet – thank you Stacy! I love color and I think it’s so important to incorporate a mix of neutral and bold hues into a home to give it balance. I couldn’t imagine living in a white space. xo Jenna

  3. Holly@homestyletips says

    I really love how you used color everywhere. I live with my mother so I can’t do as much as I would like, but I have talked her into using more color to brighten up some of our rooms. She’s really having fun with it. I’ll have to show her this post and see if it will help me talk her into a bit more!

  4. Laura hall says

    That’s beautiful! how are you not on HGTV? I’d recommend laying a coat of clear Draw It paint Whiteboard paint in the child’s room so that they can design to fit without leaving a mess after. It’ll help them harness their inner creative spirit.

  5. says

    This is really random, but I was so happy to see the picture of the Dancing House in your home office! I took an almost identical picture when I was in Prague several years ago. The paint color you chose is really gorgeous – makes me want to paint a room that color! Thanks for this great post.

  6. Stacie says

    Thanks so much for including the names of the paint! I used your boys’ room paints to redo my boys’ room and it turned out awesome! Instead of doing the border stripe like you did, we did one wide (3 feet) red stripe with a one foot blue stripe on each side. It looks great!