22 Creative + Clever Shared Bedroom Ideas for Kids

I hope you’re having a fabulous + fun week so far.  Some of your got blasted with the “polar vortex” (a little dramatic I think), but bizarrely where we live in upstate NY, we got skunked.  Anyway, no complaints here since we are dealing with -10 temps.  When is Spring coming???  Anyway, earlier this week I shared my plan for the bedroom space that I am designing for my kids since the news of baby#3.  The shift of spaces is pretty big news (in our house) and even though I got some grumbles from the peanut gallery, I think (overall) both of them are happy with the direction.

Also in my plan of action post, quite a few of you awesome readers chimed in with your own experiences of how it’s been with “bunking up” multiple kids in a room.  More on that in just a bit.

As promised though, I’ve rounded up some really creative, uniquely designed bedroom spaces for multiple siblings.  Some parents (like us) have no choice but to have 2 or more kids share a space, while others think “bunking up” actually teaches valuable lessons and fosters their children’s relationship (now or in the future).  Whether it’s a must or not, creating a space fit for two (or more) that is stylish, comfortable, and functional is possible.

Check out a few (well 22 to be exact) of my favorite bedroom spaces that showcase clever + creative ideas for siblings.

22 Creative _ Clever Shared Bedroom Ideas for Kids by @Jenna_Burger, www.sasinteriors.net

When siblings share a room, it’s typically for 2.  One great way to maximize space when more than 1 child shares a room is to use bunkbeds.  I am sure you’ve seen bunkbeds and you either like the look or don’t.  I’ve never been a huge fan, but bunkbeds are actually going to be used in my kids new space.  They are a smart solution to use the height of the room instead of the precious floor space. There are an array of different style + color bunkbeds and in just as many different style configurations.

Let’s dive in and take a look at some unique + fun ideas for bunkbeds…


This style bunkbed has a double bed on the bottom and a perpendicular positioned twin bed above.  The need for a typical stair has been eliminated and has actually cleverly been incorporated into the side of the bed.  The minimalist design, black metal bunkbed, is gender neutral and non-age specific.  The pop of color gives the room depth and interest.  Definitely a win-win for 2.

Shared Kids' Room Design Ideas via Kids Space Stuff

Slightly more rustic (and permanent) is this floor to ceiling bunkbed creation using wood planks.  It not only uses very little floor space, but gives each child their own hide-out space and provides a huge amount of storage for books and keepsakes – a must for any kids rooms. Quite a unique design!

Shared Kids' Room Design Ideas via Apartment Therapy

Reader Windy says: My stepdaughters, who are 13 and 9, share a large bedroom at our house. The key to making it work has been giving each their own space. Initially we had both their beds at one end of the room, and both dressers at the other, but this led to a lot of bickering. Eventually we split the room so that each girl has her bed and dresser on “her” side of the room. They still share a small closet, but overall the system works well.

Another unique + fun bunkbed is this configuration with a modern aesthetic. Again the stair to the top bunk is creatively incorporated into the bed design allowing more floor area.  A sconce is added to the top bunk to give additional light + a pop of yellow is added as an accent wall to tie together all the colors in the space.   What a dynamic space!

Shared Kids' Room Design Ideas Resource Unknown

Two Beds for 2

Alternatively for a space shared by 2 would be to have 2 beds on the floor.  Yes, it would take up more floor area, but depending on the size of the space an how it’s configured it can certainly work very nicely.  Let’s take a look at some ideas + examples…

Sisterly Love…

This soft and serene sister space is simply elegant.  Upholstered wall, upholstered bed, fluffy down comforter.  The sister duo may never get up.  And who would blame them.  This space for 2 is magical no matter the ages or personalities.

Shared Kids' Room Design Ideas via Decoist

Shared room ideas for multiple siblingsvia Design Dazzle

Shared room ideas for multiple siblingsvia Kidsomania

Brotherly Bonding…

A perfect room fit for two growing boys.  This space with a bit of modern + a touch of traditional, makes a unique and interesting hang out spot for 2.  The layers of color and texture seen in the fabrics and rug, give the room a fun flair.   A unique raingutter bookshelf around the perimeter of the room is the ideal place for displaying the boys favorite books + accessories.

Shared Kids' Room Design Ideas via Home Stories A to Z

I’m not huge on themed spaces because I feel they can be dated in a short amount of time, but it can help to create a cohesive space.  I have to say, this room for 2 is quite adorable with the Pirate / Travel ‘theme’ and it could be updated to easily when the boys grow a bit older.  So when planning out a kids room, think of a common thread versus a ‘theme’.  All-princess or All-batman could have you repainting in too short of a time.

Shared Kids' Room Design Ideas via Batchelors Way

Reader Julie says: The rooms in our home are pretty small, but we have huge ceilings. Bunk Beds for those two have made life easier, though the division of space is pretty non-existent.  I’d love to eventually do built-ins along the wall opposite their beds, with desks for two and lots of storage up the wall (storage is most definitely an issue!). I’m mulling over adding some sconces on the wall with the beds, since the bottom bunk resembles a cave, and the top bunk gets the brunt of the ceiling light. I’m also going to build some rolling bins for under the bunks this summer – so many toys end up under there anyway, it would be great to have an actual place to put them!

Shared Space for Boy + Girl

This is me.  This is my situation.  1 room.  2 kids. boy + girl.  Definitely a challenge, but all possible!

Differing genders can share a room.  It happens and there are creative ways that the personalities and interests of BOTH kids can be reflected.  My first thought, ditch the idea of blue for boy, pink for girl.  Instead use colors that each child likes and that ‘speak’ who they are.  A space suited for a boy and girl can be unified using the same bed and dressers, then with different colors + patterns for bedding, storage, etc.

These spaces were inspiring when I started putting my shared room plan together…

Shared Kids' Room Design Ideas via Domino Magazine

Shared Kids' Room Design Ideas via Tip Junkie

Shared room ideas for mulitple siblingsimage via tumblr

Shared room ideas for multiple siblingsvia Project Nursery

Gender neutral

And sometimes, color just doesn’t need to be a factor and a neutral space – not for boy or girl – can be created.  These are a few great ideas that keep it non-specific, but are still O, so dynamic + fun!

Whether as a kids room or as a guest room, this space is so different and 100% unexpected.  From it’s elegant elements to the unique beds, this room is pretty awesome!

Shared room ideas for multiple siblingsvia Calypso Bed

Girl?  Boy?  Doesn’t matter in this gender neutral shared bedroom.

Shared room ideas for multiple siblingsvia Amanda Nisbet

Rooms for Different Ages

Creating a space for siblings of different ages can sometimes be a difficult – another challenge I am up against.  When one child is in a bed and the other is in a crib or toddler bed, there are ways to make the space work for both. And always remember, it’s typically for a short amount of time.

This space is a great example of how differing aged siblings can work in 1 room.   It’s a darling designed room fit for an older child and a baby.  Creating a space and with similar decor for both kids allows the differing bed styles (crib + twin bed) to essentially disappear.  The common use of color throughout the room also creates a cohesive design.

Shared Kids' Room Design Ideas via Melissa Esplin

Bunkbeds for 3 (or more)

Bunkbeds again.  Yes, bunkbeds are really the best solution to use the height of the room instead of the floor – especially when you are “bunking up” more than 2.

This bunkbed configuration is an interesting one which provides sleeping space for 3, plus plenty of storage with built-in shelves for knick-knacks and drawers for clothes.   Obviously something like this would need to be custom built, but it might be worth the expense to save on moving or needing to expand the home.  I really like the clean white painted look of this space and the neutral, non-descript bedding.  It keeps the space open and airy.

Shared Kids' Room Design Ideas via Apartment Therapy

Have 4 kids?  No problem with this creative solution! It surely is the ultimate configuration for multiple kids! Everyone has a bed + there is still floor space to walk and play.  Keeping it clean with 4 might be a problem, but at least sleeping for 4 is covered.  Individual lighting + a shelf for each bed also makes “lights out” for one, but not for another easier.

Shared Kids' Room Design Ideas via Houzz

Reader Elisabeth says: I had 3 boys sharing a 11×12 space and then I had a 4th boy. He stayed with my girl for several years but then we knew something had to be done. We came up with a solution of putting stairs in their room and expanding into the attic. My 4 boys all shared that space (so roomy, closet was large, worked really nice) until 1 son married. My husband thinks it’s good for kids to share, that it teaches them to share and work better together as a family. (he comes from a family of 7.)

Yes, this is an over-the-top space, but isn’t it dreamy.  A must share…

Shared room ideas for multiple siblingsdesigned by Tracy Bross

Bunkbeds in a whole different way…

Shared room ideas for multiple siblingsvia Pottery Barn Kids

Beds for All

Yes, a bit cramped, but o so fun for 3 girls.  All I can imagine is hopping from bed to bed and chitter-chatter all night.  Great for siblings, not so much for the parents. Such a sweet space for 3.

Shared Kids' Room Design Ideas via Munger Interiors

One element of a kids room that I really like, and I am going to incorporate in my kids new room, is neutral walls.  I’m a huge fan of color, but from toys to books, there is typically so much in a kids room already that white or neutral walls makes a great backdrop.  I think this space is beautiful for 3 kids and is completely gender neutral.

Shared room ideas for multiple siblingsvia Desire to Inspire

No room for the kids?  Convert the attic (if you have the space). With some creativity, you can make it feel like a treehouse and since many attic spaces are the size of the entire house, you can surely make a large room for all.

Shared room ideas for multiple siblingsvia Coastal Living

So there you go.  Have multiple kids sharing a space?  There are 22 creative + clever ideas for you.  Whether you have (or will have in the future) 2, 3, or 4 kids that need to share a room, creating a functional space that reflects their personality and will grow with your child, will surely make them (and you) very happy!

If you’d like to see the space I am working on for me little 2, here’s a peak and the rest can been seen in this post.

My vision for a shared kids bedroom

Do you have children that share one space? Has it been a blessing or a nightmare?  What ideas do you have to achieving a successful kids room that they can grow in for years to come?

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  1. says

    Congratulations on baby #3! My childhood home was a 3 bedroom home and we were a family of 4 kids…3 girls and one boy. For a while, my little brother and sister shared a room. Then when Mom thought they were too old to be sharing a room…all three of us girls shared a room. Great bonding time and fond memories!

  2. Julie says

    I love all of your inspiration photos Jenna! I was particularly struck by the room with the gold dots and stripes on the walls to deliniate each occupants’ space. Between that, and the Ikea sconce hack I saw earlier today, I think a plan may be forming! Just need to paint out those horrid Bumble-Bee yellow walls first. And, now that little is older (4), I think I can safely fly a few options in front of each of them with regard to bedding and such, so that they can choose for themselves and personalize with pre-approved choices that all play nicely together. Even when the kids don’t!

  3. says

    Great inspiration here! I never shared a room growing up and my boys always had their own rooms – but these pictures look so cozy and adorable! I love the built in bunk beds! Looks like a perfect spot for a Mama to read her book with a cup of tea! ;)

  4. Evangeline says

    Thanks for the tips! I have 3 boys and a girl on the way. My husband and I are thinking of having all the boys share a very large room. They are ages 5, 4, and 3. I’m having a lot of trouble with a “theme”. They like trains, planes, cars, dinosaurs, construction stuff…etc. I wouldn’t mind picking just one, but I want them to have individuality. Should I pick a common interest, or just use colors/patterns?

    • Jenna says

      Great question! I would absolutely have space carved out for each that display what they love. To tie it all together, I feel it would be best to choose a common color for the walls (maybe a striking color on the bed wall, with neutral on the other walls OR maybe stripes on the main bed wall), then over each of their beds create a photo collage using simple white frames and in then add pictures / images that reflect that child. The common backdrop will pull it all together, but over each bed, their personality + interests will shine! If you need more direction + specifics, I offer E-Design services which would be helpful to get you pointed in the right direction. Good Luck! xo Jenna