Plans for a Shared Kids Bedroom Space

Another Monday.  It was a tough one to get up for, but since the kids + hubby were home and I had a few meetings to get ready for, it was a must to roll out of bed after 3 snoozes.  I hope you also had a great weekend!  I definitely got my DIY-on with a few new projects (one I shared a peak of on IG) + I started some painting in the kids room.  And that’s the space that I’m going to share more about today.

As I mentioned last week, our family is welcoming baby #3 in mid-June and since our house has 3 bedroom and 5 people, some sharing of spaces is going to need to happen.  The hubby + I already share a space (obviously), but the kids right now each have their own rooms (you’ve seen them here & here), but after much thought, when the baby arrives they are going to share a room.

It took me quite a long time to make the decision so ALL would be comfortable + happy (which is not always easy & sometimes never seems possible).  2 kids.  Boy + Girl. 7 & 4.  Sharing one space…  Not So Easy!

So here’s the plan.  Little lady’s room will stay as is (whether it’s a boy or girl) with a double bed and we’ll bring in a crib.  But this doesn’t have to be day one.  Then both kids will be in, what is currently, my boys room, but the entire space will be revamped.  Here’s the design for the space…

Stylish Shared Boy + Girl Mood Board created by @Jenna_Burger,

sources: ikea miche desk, ikea jules swivel chair, cutting edge birch stencil, land of nod pink shelf (and blue), serena and lily red/pink quilt (and blue/green), serena and lily pink sheet set (and blue), land of nod metal bookshelf + honeycomb wall shelves, ikea honeycomb rug + sheepskin, land of nod acrylic book cart, land of nod ABC pillow + flower pillow, ikea black + white pillow

Wouldn’t you love a room like that? I sure would!

I feel I will definitely be able to achieve a direction for the new room that reflects both of their likes and styles.  As with any space, especially kids rooms, it’s important to have a neutral (in theme, not color), non-descript base with layers of elements that reflect them.  A space designed in this way will surely take them a lot longer through the years than an all-princess or all-batman room.  After a while, they will eventually get tired of it, and once again you (the parents) are repainting and buying new. For this room, I see it being this way for many years, whether the kids continue sharing the space or we have to do some shifts again.

I’ll be sharing more ideas + thoughts later this week on how to create a stylish space for multiple kids, whether 2, 3 or even 4.

In the meantime, as I said I would for the year ahead, here is my progress (so far) for the space.  Remember you are dealing with a prego girl who isn’t quite fast as she used to be…

My boys room was one of the only rooms in the house who’s mouldings did not get painted from wood to white, so that is what I got busy with this past weekend.

Shared kids room progress pictures

The entire room will be repainted a new color, so it was great to be able to paint the mouldings without worrying about the wall color.  Plus it is a lot easier to paint mouldings THEN the wall.  You can “cut in” with the brush a lot easier.  Read all about going from wood to white mouldings here.

Moving the furniture also allowed me to do a little cleaning and you never know what you will find in a 7 year old boys room (or any boys room for that matter…).  It certainly got worse before it got better.

Shared kids room progress pictures

But after 1 coat of primer (Zinsser 123) + 2 coats of paint (Valspar Ultra Latex with zero VOCs in snowfall white by Benjamin Moore), the mouldings were done.  It’s not the fastest or most rewarding DIY painting project, but the before and after (once the paint is up to) is worth it!

Shared kids room progress pictures

And then about a day later, the room looked somewhat back to normal again (for the moment).

Shared kids room progress pictures

So that’s where I’m at with the space.  It’s taking shape slowly but surely.  Some of the furniture will be staying, other pieces will be going.  And of course, I will keep you posted every step along the way.  Also check back later this week if you’re in need of ideas and suggestions for shared kids spaces.  In the meantime, I better get back to painting…

Do you have children that share one space? Has it been a success or a nightmare?  What ideas do you have to achieving a successful kids room that they can grow in for years to come?

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  1. says

    Congratulations on the news of your 3rd baby! What an exciting time for the family.

    I had 3 boys sharing a 11×12 space and then I had a 4th boy. He stayed with my girl for several years but then we knew something had to be done. We came up with a solution of putting stairs in their room and expanding into the attic. My 4 boys all shared that space (so roomy, closet was large, worked really nice) until 1 son married. My husband thinks it’s good for kids to share, that it teaches them to share and work better together as a family. (he comes from a family of 7.)

    By the way, I love how you did the horizontal stripes.

    • Jenna says

      Thank you so much for sharing how a space for 4 boys worked in your home! I agree with your husband, I think learning to share a space teaches valuable lessons and it’s good for kids to share a space. I’m still a little nervous about my 2 little ones coming together, but I think it’ll work well. I can’t imagine how your boys room looks – it must be so cool with stairs and all – how fun! xo Jenna

  2. says

    My stepdaughters, who are 13 and 9, share a large bedroom at our house. The key to making it work has been giving each their own space. Initially we had both their beds at one end of the room, and both dressers at the other, but this led to a lot of bickering. Eventually we split the room so that each girl has her bed and dresser on “her” side of the room. They still share a small closet, but overall the system works well.

    • Jenna says

      Love this idea Windy – thank you for your great insight into how a shared bedroom can truly work for more than one child. Separate space for each is the key – I will surely remember that! Thanks so much. xo Jenna

  3. Julie says

    My two younger boys (almost 7 and 4), share a room, while my oldest, who is 9, hogs a whole one to himself.

    The rooms in our home are pretty small, but we have huge ceilings. Bunk Beds for those two have made life easier, though the division of space is pretty non-existent.

    I’d love to eventually do built-ins along the wall opposite their beds, with desks for two and lots of storage up the wall (storage is most definitely an issue!). I’m mulling over adding some sconces on the wall with the beds, since the bottom bunk resembles a cave, and the top bunk gets the brunt of the ceiling light. I’m also going to build some rolling bins for under the bunks this summer – so many toys end up under there anyway, it would be great to have an actual place to put them!

    • Jenna says

      Julie, Thanks so much for your insight about how your boys are sharing a bedroom space. Some of the ideas you have for their room are also similar to what I envison doing – rolling bins under the bunks, sconces for each bed, and of course LOTS OF STORAGE. And your boys are the same age as my two, only mine are a boy and a girl. Great feedback – at least I know I’m headed in the right direction!

      Thanks! xo Jenna

  4. Denice@ King Size Bed says

    Congratulation Jenna! I bet all of you guys are excited to meet the new member of your family soon. Sharing a room can be harder for everyone, it depends of their ages and temperaments. My daughters who are 5 and 8 years old recently started sharing a room also, and I think they also enjoy being together. It was really sweet to hear them chat before bed. By the way the new design of their room is so tidy and fresh in to my eyes, great work!