Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series: Year Two

Great quote on Creating a Meaningful HomePhoto Credit: home of Hanni Liliedahl and Jesse Silacci, featured on Design Sponge

“We love that our belongings honor where we are from and where we have been.  Our home houses our story.”

I’m overwhelmed with joy and excitement for so many reasons right now.  Not only am I days away from delivering baby 3, but I am so happy to be hosting Year 2 of the blog series Creating a Meaningful Home.  Decorating, designing, creating, living (whatever you want to call it) in a home that reflects YOU and your family, is one of the most important parts of life.  As the quote above states so perfectly, “belongings honor where we are from and where we have been”.  A home should tell the story of who you are and what’s in the home should have purpose.  Whether a thrift store treasure or an awesome ‘something’ that caught your eye at Target, a home should reflect what you love and tell the story of where you’ve been.

Last year I had over 30 inspiring Bloggers open their homes to share their story of how they’ve created a meaningful home.  While I’ll be enjoying some quiet time at home with my family over the coming weeks, I thought it would be a great opportunity to have even more of my blogging friends share & inspire through telling their story of the home they’ve created.

To kick off this fantastic series (kind of like the foreword of a book) for Year 2, I have asked the amazingly talented Melissa of The Inspired Room to share some thoughts.  When I started blogging almost 4 years ago, Melissa’s blog was one of the first I laid eyes on and I haven’t stopped gawking ever since.  She has such an incredible, mindful way of decorating and her style is so tailored, yet unexpected.  She has been featured in countless places and was most recently voted 2014 Readers’ Favorite Decorating Blog by Better Homes & Garden’s magazine. 

Creating a Meaningful Home Blog Series featuring Melissa of The Inspired Room.  She's kicking off the series with her inspiring story on how she has created a meaningful home!

Here is Melissa’s story…

Creating a Meaningful Home- The Inspired Room KitchenThe Inspired Room

Hello! I’m Melissa of The Inspired Room and I am so honored and excited to be here to kick off this series on a topic I am personally very passionate about! I’m happy to be joining kindred spirits.

Long before I started blogging, I was head over heels in love with creating meaningful homes. My passion for the home inspired me over the years to transform a half dozen houses into meaningful places for our family, to eventually to turn my passion into a service helping others to create meaningful homes and then I turned that business into a blog in 2007, which in turn transformed my life and home in more ways than I can count. Creating meaningful homes has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. It’s a topic I never grow tired of.

A meaningful home - map wall The Inspired RoomA map wall

Pinterest may tempt us to click on all the beautifully finished before and after room makeovers, but on any given day you’ll find the state of my own home lingering somewhere in the middle of progress. That is why I call my blog “The Inspired Room” … because it’s not just about decorating a house, doing projects or keeping up with trends, it’s about creating a home that is inspired by who you are and one that is meaningful to your family.

To me, a meaningful home involves embracing the tensionbetween the state of daily chaos (a.k.a. living a full and meaningful life!) and the beauty of an evolving style. There is no shortcut to a meaningful home, it is a lifelong process of creating memories and refining your style to reflect what stirs your emotions and fuels your passion for life along the way.

A Meaningful Home Quirky-Gallery-Wall by The Inspired RoomQuirky animal gallery wall

I recently wrote a post about the slow process to a home you’ll love. I love to add meaning through simple things we collect over the years like family photos, books we love, art, collections, memories in mementos and furnishings acquired over a time, but I also create a meaningful home by setting up a comfortable and inspiring place for my family to live life. The organizational systems we set up to improve the way our family functions at home, the projects we do ourselves, textures we add to make us feel alive, the colors we love and even the scents that inspire us transform our home with meaning one layer at a time.

A meaningful Home living a grateful life the inspired room

I also believe our homes are more meaningful to us when we sense the intangible beauty and blessing around us and live a more grateful life. You may or may not see those things in a photo but a meaningful home isn’t designed for Pinterest, anyway. It’s an emotional experience that doesn’t always translate to a pinnable graphic.

Vacation Art Gallery for a Meaningful Home The Inspired Room

We all find a different level of comfort and inspiration in design, chaos, order and beauty. Those elements all add to our personal style and meaning of our home, too. There is definitely not a one size fits all way to create a meaningful home, but that’s exactly what I love about the process. Your home is meaningful when it is personal, unique and authentic and that is what makes it more beautiful to us.

A meaningful home philosophy The Inspired Room Dining Room

I hope you all enjoy this series and are inspired to add more meaning to your own little corners of the world!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room

From her beliefs on what a home should be to how she’s executed it in a creative, unique, and personal way, I’m simply in awe of Melissa!   I am over-the-moon excited + ready to start Year 2 of the Creating a Meaningful Home series.

Starting next Monday, 6/16, and continuing over the next few months, I have an amazing lineup of inspirational friends / Bloggers who will be opening up their homes to share ideas and show you how they’ve created a meaningful home.

Same as last year, once a Blogger has shared their story, a snippet to the post will be added below.  I encourage you to check back often to find new Bloggers and to learn about their story…

Let’s get started!



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    • Jenna says

      I couldn’t agree more Danielle. And the map wall… amazing. So excited for the coming series + that you are apart of it! xo Jenna

    • Jenna says

      Absolutely Shannon! I knew Melissa was the perfect ‘opener’ for the series. Thanks so much for your kind words. xo Jenna

  1. says

    I am so excited for this series! I love how she talks about how our home is also an emotional experience that doesn’t necessarily translate into a pinnable graphic. Most days my house is not “pinnable” but that’s ok!

    • Jenna says

      I couldn’t agree more Heidi. It’s amazing what goes into making a room/space actually pinnable. But it certainly isn’t reality! Thanks for following along with the series. xo Jenna

  2. Louise says

    To echo the previous writer, Melissa expresses her philosophy beautifully. Her words “personal, unique, and authentic” sum it up for me. (But would be better with the addition of, as in Chinese cookie fortunes, “with two hilarious dogs.” Good luck to you Jenna, and enjoy, and I plan to put SAS Interiors Meaningful Home Series #2 on my reading list.

  3. says

    We have been trying to figure out how to add this meaningful vibe to our home for awhile, turning it into “our” place. And renting makes it hard, but this gives good insight that we can add, not just pictures, to make our rented apartment our home. I look forward to the rest of the series!

    • Jenna says

      You will love this series Amber! I also suggest you take a look at the Bloggers who contributed last year. Everyone has a different thought and perspective on what makes a home meaningful, and this series will absolutely help you with thoughts + direction! xo Jenna

  4. Pamela says

    As a Senior Move Manager, I help people relocate into retirement communities, sometimes into what may be their last home. Talk about wanting to create a meaningful home! I want their new space to be as personal and great looking as the one they are leaving behind. The effect must often be created within a matter of a few days and use the items on hand, so I’ve found that it’s more important than ever to choose wisely and not just insert meaningless ‘things’ into the space. My job brings a new and usually wonderful challenge each week, but the goal is always the same: to create a personal, comfortable space that my client loves.

  5. says

    This is a beautifully written post. Melissa knows how to capture the heart of a home. She makes a HOME not just a pretty house. That takes true talent and understanding of real life and making beauty and function work well together. Looking forward to more post in this series,

  6. says

    Melissa is certainly the perfect person to kick off this series for you! Thank you for paying attention to the topic of creating a meaningful home. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make our homes beautiful and to forget that the way things LOOK is not the most important thing! Of course, Melissa manages to make her home look quite beautiful, but it’s her devotion to making her house a home of love and grace that really shines through.

    Hope your series is really successful!

    • Jenna says

      Thanks so much Richella for sharing your thoughts & support for Melissa’s post. I hope you enjoy the remainder of the Creating a Meaningful Home series!

  7. Heidi says

    I love how Melissa wrote, “lingering somewhere in the middle of progress.” I have a few projects that are not completed…they are on their way. I will finish soon, but now I am more interested in liking something rather than finishing it to finish it. Thanks for changing my focus!